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Unpacking the Final State Budget Bill

Unpacking the Final State Budget Bill



The final budget bill will be signed by Governor Kasich by June 30. Join us for this brief webinar to learn what’s in, what’s out, and just how clean and green the final budget bill is.

The final budget bill will be signed by Governor Kasich by June 30. Join us for this brief webinar to learn what’s in, what’s out, and just how clean and green the final budget bill is.

Originally Aired: July 1, 2013 12:00 p.m. - 12:45 p.m.



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  • Melanie: Provide basic definition of TENORM, bit of background on what the bill is trying to do, why the bill falls far short (the problems) and explain how definition should be changed to capture more of the radioactive shale gas wastes (including drill cuttings)

Unpacking the Final State Budget Bill Unpacking the Final State Budget Bill Presentation Transcript

  • Unpacking the Green (+ Not So Green) new Ohio Budget Thank you for joining us. We will begin in a moment. Please check your speakers/phone connection. If you experience any problems, please let us know by typing in the chat box. Follow the OEC on Twitter: @OhioEnviro. The hashtag for this webinar is #OECwebinar
  • Jack Shaner Deputy Director Melanie Houston Director of Water Policy + Environmental Health Kristen Kubitza Director of Water Policy + Outreach Unpacking the Green (+ Not So Green) new Ohio Budget Trent Dougherty Managing Director of Legal Affairs Joe Logan Director of Agricultural Programs
  • Ohio Environmental Council The OEC is Ohio‘s most comprehensive, effective and respected environmental advocate for a healthier, more sustainable Ohio. Our experts work daily to restore, protect, and strengthen the quality of life for families and communities—from the air we breathe and the water we drink to the food we eat and natural resources we enjoy. Please join us! OEC members:  Receive great benefits  Become part of the community working to restore, protect, and strengthen the quality of life for families and communities in Ohio. Become a member today at www.theOEC.org.
  • THE BUDGET “BOX SCORE” 1. Clean Ohio Fund – GRAND SLAM 2. Lake Erie + Grand Lake St. Marys toxic algae clean up – BASES-CLEARING TRIPLE 3. ―Tread + Mow on Me‖ Amendment – CAUGHT STEALING 4. Oil+Gas Division funding+―Dump+Glow‖+―Brine Discharge Amnesty‖ Amendments – BUNT+BIG ERROR+WILD PITCH 5. Coal mining regulation + miner safety – BALK 6. Ohio EPA emergency response – STIKE OUT 7. Public transit + freight rail development – STIKE OUT + WALK + FOUL BALL CAUGHT IN FOUL TERRITORY 8. Green chemistry – THROWN OUT AT THE PLATE 9. Public records – SINGLE UP THE MIDDLE 10. Clean energy – EJECTED FROM THE GAME
  • 1. Clean Ohio Fund – GRAND SLAM  Objective: Get full $52MM. Result: House + Senate added $26MM each – BASES LOADED HOME RUN BY LAWMAKERS  House plan to share state park drilling $ - OUT  House plan for Clean Ohio + brownfield funding study commission – OUT Lawmakers got ‗er done, polishing off the final $52MM in voter-approved bonding.
  • 2. Lake Erie + Inland Lake Clean Up – BASES-CLEARING TRIPLE  Challenge: reduce nutrient loadings to stop harmful algal blooms - harmful to people, pets, sport fishing, tourism  Solution: ID nutrient sources + apply clean-up ―prescriptions‖  Actions taken:  House established Lake Facilities Authority to fund local lake clean up  House added $570k for Ohio Sea Grant + $500k for Heidelberg U. Water Quality Lab  Senate added $600,000 to Healthy Lake Erie fund for stepped-up water monitoring  Kasich Administration + G.A. making solid progress on their pledge to stop toxic algae
  • 3. “Tread + Mow on Me Amendment” – CAUGHT STEALING  Would have: Let private property owners mow grass + vegetation in city- owned buffer strip along reservoir or protected streams  Undercut efforts to protect drinking water reservoirs + targeted headwater streams from runoff + soil erosion  Wasted ratepayer dollars Public Reservoir + Water Quality Protection VETOED BY GOVERNOR KASICH *Photo Courtesy Columbus Public Utilities
  • 4. Oil+Gas Oversight Funding + Radioactive Waste and Brine Disposal: Bunt + Big Error + Wild Pitch  ODNR Division of Oil + Gas budget doubled  General Assembly adopted Gov.’s proposal for disposal of radioactive waste in solid-waste landfills  Narrow definition of TENORM will exempt bulk of radioactive-laced wastes—especially drill cuttings—from testing for regulatory threshold  USEPA, National Academy of Sciences, American National Standards Institute all recognize drill cuttings as TENORM  Ohio following Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, which recognizes drilling muds, sludge, waste water, filters, etc., as TENORM but exempts drill cuttings (+brine) the largest + most radioactive of drilling wastes. Also mixing or ―down-blending‖ of waste to dilute radioactivity. “Brine Discharge Amnesty” Amendment allows certain waste treatment operators to evade permitting
  • 5. Coal Mining Regulation + Miner Safety BALK  House + Senate adopted Gov.‘s proposal for $2.5MM/FY in GRF for combined regulatory oversight + miner safety  Mine safety previously was funded at $3M/year; now must share less funds with the Coal Regulatory program  Potential threat to environment + miner safety  Also puts more burden on taxpayers, instead of industry Gov. Taft shifted Ohio EPA off of GRF. Industry fees + Feds fund regulatory oversight for most industries. Gov. Kasich should follow suit, make coal industry pay its own way.
  • 6. Ohio EPA Emergency Response STRIKE OUT The Ohio EPA‘s Emergency Response Program and its 15 staff are on call 24/7/365 to respond, contain + investigate releases + spills to the environment. Yet their vehicles have no legal authority to use sirens or lights! This can slow the response and put OEPA emergency responders in harm‘s way. The solution: Amend ORC 4511.01(E) to define Ohio EPA Emergency Response vehicles ―public safety vehicles‖
  • 7. Public Transit + Freight Rail Development STRIKE OUT + WALK + FOUL BALL CAUGHT IN FOUL TERRITORY  3 “pitches” by OEC:  Boost funding for public transit + Ohio Rail Development Commission  Require ODOT to survey local transit agencies + MPOs for future operational + capital costs/benefits  Reject Senate ―Beavercreek Amendment‖ to require transit agency to get permission of local city before expanding service RESULT:  STRIKE OUT: No change in funding - public transportation + freight rail stuck at $7.3M/FY + $2M/FY, respectively  WALK: ODOT updating Ohio‘s long-range transportation plan, Access Ohio 2040  FOUL BALL CAUGHT IN FOUL TERRITORY: Gov. Kasich VETOED ―Beavercreek Amendment‖
  • 8. Green Chemistry THROWN OUT AT THE PLATE  Senate earmarked $500,000 for BioOhio to fund the Bioscience Workforce Development Initiative  Bioscience includes engineering products without toxic byproducts, such as making plastic from crops instead of oil Gov. Kasich VETOED this earmark
  • 9. Public Records SINGLE UP THE MIDDLE  Ohio Senate added provision to require the Ohio Department of Administrative Services to develop and propose standards for the posting of a public record on an agency website by a public office so that the information may be secured and downloaded in a uniform manner  Public needs ability to easily access public records to help hold agencies accountable for enforcing the law
  • 10. Clean Energy EJECTED FROM THE GAME  Senate considered, but did not include, an amendment to let utilities ask the PUCO for permission to change an already approved energy- efficiency plan OEC + partners continue to work to repel any weakening of Ohio‘s energy efficiency or renewable energy standards
  • July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2015 Going forward: - OEC will watchdog program implementation - OEC will be engaged in rule making To learn more: - www.theOEC.org - OEC testimony - OEC veto requests - OEC action alerts
  • Q & A - Feedback