OECs Vernal Pool Program  D. Celebrezze
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OECs Vernal Pool Program D. Celebrezze



Learn about the Ohio Environmental Council's Vernal Pool Program and how you can make a difference.

Learn about the Ohio Environmental Council's Vernal Pool Program and how you can make a difference.



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    OECs Vernal Pool Program  D. Celebrezze OECs Vernal Pool Program D. Celebrezze Presentation Transcript

    • Vernal Pool Monitoring W orkshop W est G eauga Middle School March 7,2009 D avid R. Celebrezze D irector ofAir & W ater Special Proj ects
    • The OEC The O hio Environm ental Council advocates for healthy air,land, and w ater to m ake O hio a better place in w hich to live,w ork,and play.
    • O verview » Registration/w elcom e » O EC’s Vernal Pool Program This is a space f a photo or or » Vernal pools in the age of graphic or m ore text. developm ent » Lunch » H ow to construct a vernal pool » State overview » Creature feature » H ow to m onitor » Field trip » Conclusion » Vernal pool stickers » Central O hio Vernal Pool Monitoring Team sign up f orm
    • The Joyce Foundation Thank you! » The Joyce Foundation » W est G eauga Middle School » W estern Reserve Land Conservancy » Friends ofW etlands » Cleveland Museum ofN atural H istory » G eagua Soil and W ater Conservation D istrict
    • O EC’s W ater Program » G reat Lakes Restoration » D itches » W etlands » O hio River » Statehouse
    • O EC’s W ater Program » Raise aw areness ofvernal pools and the links that m ake it an integral part ofa healthy ecosystem and im prove quality oflife. » O hio Vernal Pool Partnership (w /listserv) (w w w .ovpp.org)
    • W etlands- H istorical Aspect » O riginal around 5,000,000 acres » Acreage lost: 4, 200 517, » Less than .05% ofO hio is now w etlands 90+%
    • Main Culprits » Poorly planned developm ents »Ignorance: » Vernal pools are dry by sum m er’s end
    • Solutions:O hio EPA 401 proposed rules » Every 5 years the Agency review s the rules that govern how a perm it to im pact a w etland is issued/denied. » The O EC participated in the m any w etland and stream external advisory groups » The good: » Perf ance standards for m itigated orm w etlands » The bad: » N o avoidance language » The ugly: » Many w etlands are m itigated outside the w atershed
    • Solutions:O hio’s Vernal Pool Mitigation Program » Com pensatory m itigation program » D evelopers w ho destroy a w etland m ust replace them » Focused on vernal pools to increase their num bers
    • Vernal Pool Q uiz #1 » W hat anim al that relies on vernal pools is considered to be the “coldest” anim al on the planet (outside bacteria and crustaceans)? Photo: ODNR
    • W hat is a vernal pool? » Seasonal w etland that are separated from other bodies ofw ater » U sually dry up by sum m er’s end » N O FI ! SH ! » Meet hydric soil,hydrology,flora criteria
    • B etter definition A m ini ecosystem that plays out every spring. A sm all but dynam ic,w etland that f w ith w ater,blossom s w ith lif and ills e hosts a cacophony ofsounds and a plethora oflif f s every e orm spring,only to disappear into the forest floor every autum n.
    • Caddisf ly Am erican Bullfrog Predacious diving W ood f rog W ho lives in a vernal pool? beetle G reen frog Craw ling w ater N orthern Leopard f rog beetle Pickerel frog W ater scavenger G ray Treefrog beetle Spring Peeper W hirligig beetle Spadef toad oot Com m on green Am erican toad darner Fow ler’s toad W ater m ites Black-tipped Spotted salam ander Am phipod D ragonf ly Isopod Marbled salam ander Fairy shrim p Yellow -legged Blue-spotted Clam shrim p m eadow haw k salam ander O stracod Com m on Jf ef erson salam ander D aphnia baskettails Re-spotted new t Copepod Frosted w hitef ace Four-toed salam ander Am phibious snails Four-spotted Redback salam ander Fingernail clam Skim m er N orthern w ater snake H orsehair w orm Backsw im m ers Eastern garter snake Planaria W ater boatm an Ribbon snake Leech W ater scorpion Spotted turtle Aquatic G iant w ater bug W ood turtle oligochaete w orm s W ater strider Blanding’s turtle Photo: L. Lee Cerny Sw am p w hite oak Fishfly Snapping turtle Sw eet pepperbush Mayf ly Eastern painted turtle Three-w ay sedge Chironom id m idge Eastern box turtle Phantom m idge Mosquito Springtails
    • W ho lives in a vernal pool? Balsam f ir Tussock sedge Beggar’s-ticks,stick- Viburnum tights W ater lilies Birches W hite oak Black ash W hite pine Black w illow W hite spruce Black spruce W illow s Marsh f ern Bladderw ort W interberry N orthern w hite Bluej oint W ithered,w ild raisin cedar Box elder Yellow birch Pin oak Bulrushes Sedges Pitch pine Burreed Sensitive f ern Poison ivy Buttonbush Sheepberry Pondw eeds Cardinal f er low Sheep laurel Red m aple Catbriar Silver m aple Red spruce Cinnam on f ern Sm ooth alder Reed canary grass Eastern cottonw ood Stinging nettle River birch G reen ash Speckled alder Rushes H em lock Sw am p loosestrif e, Mallard D uck H ighbush blueberry w alter W illow W ood D uck Leatherleaf Alders Raccoon Maleberry Photo: Ray Stewart Am erican elm Canada G eese Manna grasses Arrow w ood Snow G eese Atlantic w hite cedar
    • Functions and B enefits » Flood control » Mosquito control » I proves w ater quality m » Educational opportunities » Recreational opportunities (photography) » H abitat to hundreds of species » I proves property values and quality oflif m e
    • H ow to f a vernal pool ind Team up w ith local w atershed group (w w w .ohiow atersheds.osu.edu/groups/) and/or county soil and w ater conservation district (w w w .dnr.state.oh.us/soilandw ater/default/sw cds/default/tabid/9093/D efault.aspx) Check out N ational W etland Inventory - w w w .fw s.goc/nw i/ - Click on “w etlands m apper” - N ext “G o to w etalnds m apper” - Click on m ap ofthe U S Photo: ODNR
    • H ow to f a property ow ner ind County Auditor’s of ice f Franklin County: w w w .co.franklin.oh.us/auditor search by “Property Maps G I S” Scroll to bottom and search by address, point on a m ap or intersection W rite property ow ner a letter
    • Vernal Pool Q uiz #2 W hat anim al that occasionally uses vernal pools is considered the sm elliest anim al on earth?
    • O EC’s Vernal Pool Program » Monitoring » O nline database » Curriculum » Land ow ner brochure » Educational D VD » Potential vernal pool m apping
    • Monitoring opportunities » Friends ofW etlands » Stratf Ecological Center ord » Tom B iebeihauser (see handout)
    • Vernal pool quiz #3 » W hat anim al is considered the best “w ater w alker” on earth?
    • Vernal Pool D VD » Threats to Protection
    • H ow You Can G et Involved » Contact local w atershed group » J the O VPP listserv oin » Stay on top oflegislation and take action on it by signing up f the O EC’s or Action Alerts at w w w .theO EC.org. 1207 G randview Avenue,Suite 201 Colum bus,O H 43212 (614) 487-7506 O EC @ theO EC.org w w w .theO EC.org