Nonprofit Communications Strategy - OH Clean Water Conference


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Simple communications strategy overview presented to nonprofit and community organizations at the 2011 Ohio Clean Water Conference hosted by Ohio Environmental Council

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Nonprofit Communications Strategy - OH Clean Water Conference

  1. 1. Communications Strategy: Marketing, Marketing Messaging & Social Media Jennifer Doron Director of Marketing & Communication C i tiOhio Environmental Council
  2. 2. Introduction• What do YOU want out of this session?• Write down your questions. If I don’t answer during don t presentation, then ask during Q&A.• We will cover: Strategic Planning Messaging Social Media Plenty of time for Q&A
  3. 3. Your Plan ou la• How do you know y where you are going?• Planning ahead leaves time for last minute last-minute and creates less guesswork• Can’t see what you don’t measure
  4. 4. Sample Plans• Size doesn’t matter! doesn t• Is it realistic?• Be flexible. B fl ibl• Check monthly – are you on track?• Update yearly – results and new plan
  5. 5. Key Elements y • Executive Summary (write it last) • Any background info • Strengths, Challenges Strengths Challenges, Opportunities • Audience (hint: it’s NOT the general public) • Strategy • Tactics • Measurement
  6. 6. • Measurement – MUST DO Goal: Clean Up Local Creek so Water Quality is X by hi b This Date Strategy (one of them): Use 5 Volunteer Coordinators to regularly monitor water quality C di t t l l it t lit of creek Tactics: Tactics Identify and train volunteers, Set up volunteers schedule of monitoring, Create easy-to-use reporting tool
  7. 7. Measuring Results• Goal: Clean Up Local Creek so Water Quality is X by This Date• Measurement: Water quality reports• Timing: Every month until This Date• Cost: Staff time to recruit and train volunteers, some hard cost for consultant to create web-based reporting system
  8. 8. Measuring Results• Goal: 25% increase in valid (non-bouncing) (non bouncing) email list; average of 25% open rate for e newsletter e-newsletter• Measurement: Increase in list; open rates• Ti i Timing: G stats at end of each month Get d f h h• Cost: Staff time
  9. 9. Messaging• Make it personal with compelling stories• Make it easy: what do you want me to do – READ, DO, GIVE, TELL, ATTEND• It’s not about your organization It s (hint: it’s like a date)
  10. 10. Samples• Doing it right• Could use some help• Best practices – find on resources (last slide)
  11. 11. Social Media• Don’t give in to peer pressure Don t• What is right for YOUR organization – social media i another avenue, not th only one di is th t the l• Get the help you need py• Sample social media plan –additions• B di Branding
  12. 12. Social Media – one tactic with resultsTactic: FacebookTactics included: •Update the current OEC Facebook page to reflect new branding. •Create a Causes page on Facebook. •Build our network through direct contact on Facebook, asking current ‘fans’ of our group to invite others to join, and through e-newsletters and other materials. •Populate the pages with photos, videos, and text as available. •Engage OEC board and staff member to attract new fans. •Send messages/updates at least every 10 days or as appropriate for Been updating Send wall/status about 3 times a week; sending direct messages to fans about once a, action alerts, hot issues, etc. •Put link on homepage of our website. •Research doing a targeted Facebook at for a Real Ohio Tour or Green GalaGoal: Grow fans from current 30 to 200 (excluding staff/board) by end of the 2009.Measurement: Number of fansAchievements: 390 fans by end of 2009; averaging 15 fan interactions a month – good relative to 39 y 9; g g 5 ghow much time is spent posting/interacting on site; held a lunchtime training for staff about howto use Facebook.A free coupon for Facebook Ad space was used prior to the Green Gala and generated anadditional 99 referrals to our website. On average, we had 40 referrals a month from our website averageFacebook page to our website.
  13. 13. Learn More• Webinars, etc. are great, but don’t overdo it don t• 3 thingsResources:http://waterwordsthatwork.comhttp://waterwordsthatwork com Eric & blog All-Access & Katya’s blog p – non profit technology – not too
  14. 14. Thank YOU!My info:Jennifer DoronCell 216-236-4536jennifer@theOEC.orgwww.facebook.comg/OhioEnvironmentalCouncil g/ Ohio Environmental Council h l l 1207 Grandview Avenue, Suite 201 Columbus, OH 43212 (614) 487-7506 h