Vision showcase 2012 armenia ohanyan educational complex


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Vision showcase 2012 armenia ohanyan educational complex

  1. 1. Vision Showcase| May, 2012Ohanyan Educational Complex, Armenia Anna Galstyan
  2. 2. partners in learningVision for innovation for schools• What is your overall vision for your school? The vision of Ohanyan Educational Complex is to. • provide an exciting teaching and learning environment with an intensive deployment of ICT, • create a culture of innovation, • prepare global citizens equipped with multilingual skills • act as change agent in the community at large.
  3. 3. partners in learningVision for innovation for schools• What are the most important changes you envision for students? • development of initiative and leadership skills, • development of analytical, critical and creative thinking • result and solution oriented • emotional competent team player with effective communication skills • have information and time management skills • is curious with developed research skills • is active learner and is ready to share knowledge
  4. 4. partners in learningVision for innovation for schools• How does this vision connect with the other stakeholders in the community – teachers, partner, district leaders? The vision of the school will become unrealistic without extensive partnership with external stakeholders, namely partners and district leaders. We disseminate the good practices and bring changes in the community as well.
  5. 5. partners in learningCurrent Status for schools• What elements of your vision are in place now?• What needs to be completed in this vision phase?• What are the top three things you most want to change in the next two years?All of the elements of the school vision are in the process.of development and throughout the recent several yearswe have had achievements and fundamental changes. Thefocus areas mentioned in the Strategic Plan of the schoolare as follows:• development of human resources• improvement of infrastructure and resources• secure the role of the school in the global community asan innovative institution•The mentioned three areas we consider crucial on theway of achieving the goals and vision and are key tocontinuously keeping the phase with the changes in theexternal environment.
  6. 6. partners in learningIdeas for Attaining the Vision for schoolsHow does your school’s vision currently supports each of the following areas? • Teaching, learning and assessment • Leadership and culture of innovation • Capacity building • Learning environment development • Student voice • Online Learning To provide an innovative education the teaching and learning processes and the learning environment in general should be innovative as well. The school has completely redesigned the teaching and learning philosophy, approaches and methods, as well as tied the assessment mechanisms according the methods employed. The core values of the school, namely innovation, warm relationships and respect underline the actions and decisions of the school teachers and administrators: there are no closed borders in communication among different stakeholders of education. We create, transform and share information extensively trough face to face and virtual platforms. Each student has wise opportunities to initiate, bring forward and realize ideas. We only create a safe environment for the students in a physical sense, but never think instead of them giving opportunities to try, fail and learn from failures, as well as be responsible for their actions and decisions
  7. 7. partners in learning Core Aims for schoolsDistribution of Leadership. Relationships: Between each group of stakeholders1. Trough the project based Environment: What spaces help progressteaching and learning we aim at the vision?distributing the leadership amongand developing leadership skills Opportunities: What new opportunities and curriculum?of: Resources: What new posts and• Teachers equipment?• Students Distribution of Leadership: to• Project Managers learners?2. Mentorship and coaching Evaluation: how will you be sure you know what is working?relationships will be indispensibleelements of the new culture. Recognition: how will all achievement be recognised?
  8. 8. Anticipated Challenges partners in learning for schools• What challenges do you anticipate encountering along the journey toward achieving your vision?• How have you overcome (plan to overcome) some of those?• How can the Partners in Learning for School Program community help you?Parents and some educators with a traditional way of thinking and mentalityimpede the process of transformation. The shortest way of overcoming this isby engaging them in the process and presenting the challenges of the new eraand the need for innovative thinking for our children and the new generation.It would be invaluable to learn worldwide best case practices of stakeholderengagement in the framework of The Partners in Learning for SchoolProgram, which would surely accelerate the process.
  9. 9. Technologies used partners in learning for schoolsTechnologies used today Technologies plan to useLive@EduMicrosoft Office In our digital century its hard to say what kind ofWorld Wide Telescope technology we will use even after 2 days.Flashcards Just be Innovative and use technologies in yourIntel learning and teaching process for making it moreMoodle reachable.Multiple MouseYouTubeFacebookSkypeOneNotePicasa Web AlbomsGoogleBingGoogleStixyWall WisherPraziGoogle Art ProjectGoogle BooksBlogsGoogle+Google docsGlogster
  10. 10. Thank you!