Avea Release Management IBM Innovate 2012


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Avea utilized waterfall and agile methodologies concurrently for increased efficiency. IBM rational products helped applying robust release management process for both waterfall and agile.

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Avea Release Management IBM Innovate 2012

  1. 1. Waterfall & Agile Methodologies are Blended at Avea Oğuzhan Özavar Canberk Akduygu Avea SDLC Expert Rational Technical Consultant
  2. 2. AGENDA 3. Why Release Management 4. Avea’s Need for Change 5. Traceability of Change 6. Avea’s IT Organization for Handling Change 7. Avea’s Need for Effective Release Management 8. Parallel Development With RTC 9. RTC for Integrated Release Management 10. Which Activities are Affected 11. SDLC Flow with RRC and RTC 12. Open Service Lifecycle Collaboration 13. RTC – RRC Integration 14. RTC Extension 1 15. RTC Extension 2 16. Parallel Development Flow 17. RTC in Action (Movie Clip) 18. Avea’s SDLC Journey
  3. 3. Why is release management so important to us?How did we utilize Rational products to succeed?
  4. 4. AVEA’s NEED FOR CHANGE Technology Group Business Projects Demands Defects IT Change Network Change Do not break the existingUse the resources effectivelyRemember Time to Market
  5. 5. TRACEABILITY OF CHANGERelease Management is a kind of barcode systemfor software developmentStarts from business request, leads to code change andresults in a prodcution deploymentEach activity should be related to the previous one, thusevery activity is originated form a business request
  6. 6. AVEA’s IT ORGANIZATION FOR HANDLING CHANGE Waterfall (Projects) Scrum (Demands) Avea Solution Group Avea Software Products Avea Agile Group Project Development Client Apps Environments Agile Development Environments Middleware Avea Test Group Services Agile Test Project Test Backend Environments Environments Systems Avea Operation Group Pre Production Production Environments Environments
  7. 7. AVEA’s NEED FOR EFFECTIVE RELEASE MANAGEMENTHot Defects Project C Project B Project AAgile Team 1Agile Team 2
  8. 8. PARALLEL DEVELOPMENT WITH RATIONAL TEAM CONCERT Production Stream Test Streams Development Streams
  9. 9. RTC FOR INTEGRATED RELEASE MANAGEMENT 44 Build definitionsproducts SDLC 136 software different 5 workitem flows forincluding CRM Rational Team Concert andUnderphases products construction 4000+ components Middleware Source Control Associating workitemsfor code 1000+ streams with Continuous builds development,changes test, production and live versions Builds Isolation with parallel development Consolidated release planning of Dedicated build server projects test streams and and agile sprints Workitems and Plans Safe merge with single production Automatic deployment after Component level task management handover stream successfull build Reporting Role based access for each type of Email notifications at build stream completion
  10. 10. WHICH ACTIVITIES ARE AFFECTED? Planning Test and Production Handover Coding and Versioning Test and Production Architecture Design Deployment Quality and Security
  11. 11. Shared POS SES Blueprint RRC Project Documentation Project Requirement 1 Activation ServiceCreate Project Define Requirement 2and Define Customer Deactivation ServiceRequirements Requirement 3 Service Shared POS Service Implements Service NameCreate Service Change Implementation RTC of Shared POSRequest Workitem for ServiceNew Shared POS Service Related By Related ByCreate Project Feature Shared POS Shared POS MW Shared POS MW Shared POS Shared POSWorkitems for CRM HandsetCampaign ValidateCampaign BSCS BSCSDevelopment Infodealer App Process Service CheckCampaign SetServiceAssociate Changes with Associate Associate AssociateWorkitems ComponentDevelop Changes Deliver DeliverDeliver Changes Deliver InfodealerTest Handover Abone CRM MW PostpaidProd Handover Components Components Components Anahtarkart
  12. 12. OPEN SERVICE LIFECYCLE COLLABORATION • OSLC standardize the way that software lifecycle tools can share data with one another • IBM Rational tools have Out of the Box integration by using RESTFul services • IBM Rational Brand support the integration of Avea’s Rational products
  13. 13. RTC – RRC INTEGRATIONBy using RRC RESTFull Service,we extract data from RRCand show it in RTC workitems
  14. 14. RTC EXTENSION 1Capturing the RTC events and creating rules• Save Workitem• Build Finish• Code DeliverDevelopment language is JavaRTC SDK helped use of RTC API
  15. 15. RTC EXTENSION 2 A sample release plan validation from Avea’s RTC extension
  16. 16. Infodealer Live Stream 2.4.0 2.6.0 2.6.1 2.8.0 3.0.0 Start Release Hot Defect Infodealer Hotfix Stream 2.6.0 2.6.1 Ver 2.6.1Start Release Sprint 26 Infodealer Agile Stream2.4.0 2.6.0 Ver 2.6.0Start Merge Merge Merge Release PCFS Project Infodealer PCFS Stream2.4.0 2.6.0 2.6.1 S 27 2.8.0 Ver 2.8.0 Start Sprint 27 Infodealer Agile Stream 2.6.0 Merge Release Shared POSStart Merge Merge 2.8.0 3.0.0 Project Infodealer Shared POS Stream2.4.0 2.6.0 2.6.1 Ver 3.0.0
  17. 17. AVEA’s SDLC JOURNEY Automated Project and Task Product and Processes and Based Service Based IT Continuous Management Governence Improvement