Tribal #Analytics - The 7 Neo-Tribes


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Tribal Analytics reflects the complexity and multidimensionality of human nature. Allowing people to describe how they organize themselves and who they see as their peers, opens the doors to new levels of segmentation and empowers marketers to find language and symbols that speak to people as members of tribes that reflect our natural social order not just consumers of products part of a marketplace order.

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Tribal #Analytics - The 7 Neo-Tribes

  1. 1. Tribes7 Neo-TribalAnalyticsby John Zogby and Dayna DionThe
  2. 2. SquadPrincipally, butnot exclusively,defined by its faithand belief in God.Tribes7 Neo-The
  3. 3. They are an amalgamof the most traditionalvalues of dutyand responsibility,perseverance,simplicity, andoptimism.LandTribes7 Neo-The
  4. 4. Optimistic andadventurous, thissmall but mightytribe is chieflycharacterized by itsfocus on materialpossessions.Tribes7 Neo-TheHedonists
  5. 5. Rebellious andadventurous,members ofthis tribe lovenew challengesand energeticactivities.TheTribes7 Neo-The
  6. 6. Zen, balance,and leading apersonally fulfillinglife are their toppriorities.GoTribes7 Neo-The
  7. 7. Modest ineverything theydo. They placeextra value onauthenticity, honor,compassion, andtrustworthiness.DutifulsTribes7 Neo-The
  8. 8. See themselvesthrough the prismof dealing withlife’s struggles,perseverance, thedetermination tomove on, evenagainst all odds.TheTribes7 Neo-The
  9. 9. SquadLandDutifulsTheTheGoHedonistsNo tribe is anisland. Here’show they overlapone another.33%27%31%31%31%15%43%30%50%7 Neo-TribesThe
  10. 10. FASTCOMPANYTribalAnalyticsby John Zogby and Dayna DionClick hereto read more on