Day 2 Recap at #CannesLions 2013 / #OgilvyCannes


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Ogilvy & Mather looks at some of the trending topics on Day 2 of #CannesLions 2013.

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Day 2 Recap at #CannesLions 2013 / #OgilvyCannes

  1. 1. 2013cannes lionsrecapday28 Drawnto Scale
  2. 2. A HugeOpportunity$700 billion dollars is waiting to be earned in China’s middle-tier citiesaccording to Chen Xin, Chairman, SinoMedia Holding Limited. The top10% of the spending pyramid might get all the heat and light, but theurbanization that is currently driving the Chinese economy is bringing160 million more people into cities. And as they come in, consumption inChina’s lower-tier markets will be unprecedented. Who’s going to makebank? Popular, mid-priced, good quality brands. There are rather a fewof those running around the world. Chen Xin’s message: First come, firstserved.12013cannes lionsdailyrecap
  3. 3. AMassiveAmbitionAstro Teller, Captain of Moonshots. With a handle like that, we’d followhim anywhere—which is a good thing when you consider the scale ofhis ambition. A moonshot, Teller explained, is “a seemingly impossibleand yet impossibly important idea that through science, technology andcreativity can be brought to reality.” As head of Google[x], the innovationdivision of team don’t-be-evil, he’s already launched a few capsules intolunar orbit—self-driving cars, Google Glass and high-altitude balloonsthat will provide Internet access to the billions still cut off from the web.Moonshoots take storytelling skills of the highest order. After all, you’vegot to get people to follow you to fix an enormous problem, the solution towhich will make the world ten times better. Success is not assured. But,heck, we’re storytellers, right? Sure, Teller says, but these aren’t the kindsof stories we’re used to. The stories that launch moonshots are, “deep,hard, weird.”22013cannes lionsdailyrecap
  4. 4. Sizing-upCreativityFacebook knows a thing or two about creating at cosmological scale.Mark D’Arcy (who heads global creative for them) joined with BozBosworth (who invented a little thing called “Newsfeed” ) and DavidDroga (who is David Droga) to consider how we can scale up creativity.Advertising needs to learn from the tech industry. Not a single person inthe audience was surprised. Still, how do you argue with a business thatcan generate 300 million Newsfeed stories about school funding basedon a modestly-sized campaign for a national retailer? We work like packmules to get the work polished and pretty, launch the campaign, and headto the bar to toast a job well done, as Droga pointed out. When the techfolk put the product out, that’s the starting line. It’s a creative marathonfrom there on out. Facebook took their photo sharing service, which eventhey thought was so-so when it launched, and turned it into a the marketleader through creative iteration. Droga reminded us that in our business,“We need to transfer the ownership of the creative idea to the people inorder to generate creativity at scale.” It’s all about participation.32013cannes lionsdailyrecap
  5. 5. Oh,andaLittle MagicTED came to Cannes with Technoillusionist Marco Tempest. While fewpeople can match his magical skills, everyone can learn from the styleof storytelling embedded in the three elements of magic. Magicians areearly adopters of technology who understand psychology and keepsecrets. Sounds like Steve Jobs.42013cannes lionsdailyrecap