Connecting the Dots with @LinkedIn #CannesLions / #OgilvyCannes


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#CannesLions 2013 panel with Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn, Bob Lord of Razorfish, and Elyssa Grey of Citi on the evolving relationship between content and engagement.

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Connecting the Dots with @LinkedIn #CannesLions / #OgilvyCannes

  1. KeyinsightsfRom panelJeff Weiner ofLinkedIn,Bob Lord ofRazorfish,andElyssa Grey of Cition the evolvingrelationshipbetweencontent andengagement.TheDotsConnecting
  2. Tell your brand’sStoryAccording to Grey, advertising has always been about storytelling. Wehave new, more meaningful ways to do that now, and content marketingis one of them. Content marketing tells your brand’s story and expresseswho and what the brand stands for.1ConnectingTheDots
  3. IdentifyANeedConnect, a professional women’s network on LinkedIn that is poweredby Citi, uncovered a nascent demographic: the Chief Household Officer.Women make up 85 percent of financial decisions for the home. They areunappreciated and in need of acknowledgement.2ConnectingTheDots
  4. ConnectingTheDotsLookDeeper“Every brand,” Bob Lord said, “has the potential for great content. Lookdeeper! What are you about? What are you saying?”3
  5. And LookelsewhereThe interaction patterns seen in China and South Korea will previewthe ones that take root in mature markets. Similarly, the media habitsof the plugged-in younger generations will tell you how you need tocommunicate in the future. Your interns are just a source of cheep labor;they’re your muses, too.4ConnectingTheDots
  6. ConnectingTheDotsBecometransactionalThe commercial component of content marketing isn’t fully-baked.Storytelling is crucial—and of great value—but don’t ignore the transactional.5