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4 Rules for Looking Marvelous Online - Tips From Martha Stewart, Mel B, and Nick Cannon at #CannesLions / #OgilvyCannes


Published on

by Jeremy Katz, Worldwide Editorial Director, Ogilvy & Mather

by Jeremy Katz, Worldwide Editorial Director, Ogilvy & Mather

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Celebritieson Twitter4Rules forLookingMarvelousOnlineby Jeremy Katz, Worldwide Editorial Director, Ogilvy & Mather
  • 2. Celebrities on Twitter5 Rules for LookingMarvelous OnlineBeAuthenticHave the good taste totweet for yourself.Your followers can tell if you’re too self-important to type on your ownphone, and they won’t like it one bit. Such authenticity extends to productendorsements. There may not be a church/state divide in the Twitter sphereas there is in traditional media, but celebrities should disclose if they’re beingpaid to talk something up. The public isn’t stupid and can tell if a promotionis sponsored or not. And if you like something, talk about it, even if you aren’tcashing checks. As Cannon said, “When Diddy posts a picture of himselfholding a couple of vodka bottles, that’s real. I believe Diddy really doeslike vodka.”1
  • 3. Celebrities on Twitter5 Rules for LookingMarvelous OnlineUse it as atoolSocial media should serve your needs. Mel B, the former SpiceGirl, said she uses Twitter for more than just fan connection. It’sbecome a business tool. She explained that after posting a pictureof herself in a bikini, she was later approached to endorse a lingerieline. Cannon said he’s learned to defang the paparazzi by openlysharing pictures of his family online.2
  • 4. Celebrities on Twitter5 Rules for LookingMarvelous OnlineInformappropriatelyUse Twitter to spread information that is of interest to your followers, butconsider how your opinions may be interpreted. Stewart happily raved aboutthe tomatoes Provençal she had last night, but said she avoids frothing abouthot-button issues such as politics. She sees herself as an editorial figureand manages her twitter feed with the same editorial sensibility. Cannon,as a comedian, said he “has no discretion on line,” an appropriate stanceconsidering his line of work.3
  • 5. Celebrities on Twitter5 Rules for LookingMarvelous OnlinegrownupDon’t get into Twitter fights, as Cannon knows all to well. He told attendeesof how he used to get into tweet battles, responding to snarky comments andescalating the war. Once the heat died down, he began to realize that wasprobably fighting with 13-year-old kids. “Isn’t there a more productive use ofmy time?” Cannon finally asked himself. Stewart said she refuses to respondto antagonizing posters, while Mel B, who “has been called every name thereis,” just dismissed the haters as being unworthy of her attention.4Be a