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The OgilvyLIVE dashboard is a highly flexible and scalable technology platform that enables marketing organizations to monitor, evaluate and optimize the performance of their marketing investment over time across a wide range of media.

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OgilvyLIVE Brochure

  1. 1. OgilvyLIVE Marketing insights through technology Ogilvy & Mather Global Data & Analytics
  2. 2. The OgilvyLIVE dashboard is a leading-edge technolog y platform that enables marketing organizations to cost-eff iciently monitor, evaluate and optimize their marketing ROI on an ongoing basis.
  3. 3. Contents About OgilvyLIVE 3 Monitor 4 Evaluate 5 Optimize 6 Technical features 8 Contact us 12
  4. 4. About OgilvyLIVE Traditional software vendors have failed to develop technology solutions that encapsulate the diversity of marketing investments and the complexity of their impact on business performance in a way that feeds into decision-making processes. OgilvyLIVE fills this void and has been adopted by leading marketers in the telecommunications, financial services, automotive, technology and retail industries globally. Benefits of OgilvyLIVE: OgilvyLIVE enables its customers to extract more value from limited marketing budgets by providing: • 60° view of marketing: Integrated marketing data repository provides marketers with 3 a unique view of all marketing KPIs and underlying investments, across digital and traditional media activities • nteractive visualization: Built-in dashboards allow for rapid generation of insights I by nontechnical marketing users, enabling them to extract more value from existing data acquisition investments • ngoing ROI evaluation: Marketers are able to monitor the effectiveness and O efficiency of their marketing investments on an ongoing basis • Actionability: Advanced optimization and what-if scenario engine allows marketing decision-makers to increase marketing productivity for future investments 3
  5. 5. • peed of insight: Data management and analytics automation allows marketers S to identify underperforming activities faster and to respond to new investment opportunities. Rapid insights enable increased value generation • ff-the-shelf: OgilvyLIVE is available on a subscription basis, enabling large marketing O organizations to deploy the platform rapidly, at a fraction of the cost, complexity and risk of an in-house solution Ogilvy Analytics has formed a close partnership with GroupM to offer OgilvyLIVE. For more information about Ogilvy Analytics, please visit www.analytics.ogilvy.com or email us at analytics@ogilvy.com OgilvyLIVE consists of three modules: Monitor, Evaluate and Optimize. Monitor Most advanced marketing organizations fail to realize the full value of the time and money spent on collecting and acquiring data, because this information is typically scattered across the enterprise or is presented to users in complex reporting solutions. This module provides marketers with a set of customizable marketing dashboards designed to rapidly generate insights from complex and disparate marketing data sources. 4
  6. 6. Monitor enables marketers to extract more value from existing data assets by cost-efficiently integrating data feeds into an intuitive on-demand dashboard built specifically for marketers. More specifically, this module enables users to: • isualize their business performance across a wide range of marketing V KPIs, including financials, brand health and direct response metrics • onitor marketing investments across all communication channels, M including traditional media, digital media and direct response, as well as across all other marketing initiatives • orrelate business performance against marketing investments, and C identify trends • ave a single view of the world across their product portfolio and all H geographies in which they operate A broad range of built-in dashboards enables marketers to generate insights rapidly. Business scorecards, maps, trend analyses and analytical charts are combined to maximize the insights and value extracted from the underlying data repository. Users and administrators can customize their view and create custom screens for private use or to be shared with other users. Evaluate This module allows technical and business users to evaluate the ROI of marketing activities. OgilvyLIVE leverages advanced marketing-mix analytics that isolate the incremental contribution of marketing investments to business performance. This analysis can be augmented with other analytical approaches, such as pre- and post-analysis, direct response or survey-based evaluation, to ensure a holistic view of marketing effectiveness. 5
  7. 7. Business users can leverage this module to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing investments to drive incremental business performance, across all marketing and communication channels. They can also understand drivers of their business and perform “due-to” analyses. Technical users can also review the specifications and robustness of the statistical models fueling the ROI evaluation framework and subsequent optimization and what-if scenarios. Optimize This module enables marketers to maximize the ROI of future investments and accelerate growth by leveraging advanced optimization and simulation capabilities. This can be achieved at two levels: 1. By optimally sizing quarterly or annual marketing budgets and allocating them across geographies, products and marketing tactics 2. By optimally phasing marketing campaigns on a weekly basis 6
  8. 8. OgilvyLIVE is one of the most advanced marketing optimization engines available today. It has been used to optimize the allocation of multibillion-dollar marketing investments. It provides the following advanced features, while shielding users from the underlying complexity of its data and algorithms, to analyze: • Decreasing returns and saturation levels • Carryover effects and long-term impacts • Business constraints and threshold levels • Weekly seasonality levels and cost per unit • Cannibalization and halos within the product portfolio The OgilvyLIVE optimization framework enables marketing organizations to ground their future investments in statistically valid historical measurements, without being constrained by them. Historical analysis can easily be augmented with expert assumptions, new dynamics or survey-based approaches to ensure a holistic, forward-looking investment framework. 7
  9. 9. Technical Features OgilvyLIVE Architecture OgilvyLIVE provides an integrated view of marketing and communications across a wide array of data feeds. OgilvyLIVE has automatic feeds from various Web-analytics and social media platforms. OgilvyLIVE Application TM 8
  10. 10. Administration The Administration section allows administrators to manage application features, properties and user access privileges in OgilvyLIVE. Data Management The Data Management section is core for all data administrators to upload and import new data and models in the OgilvyLIVE application. It allows data upload through scheduled FTP and email attachments. Data Manager allows administrators to upload files and define the data to import into OgilvyLIVE. 9
  11. 11. Data Administrators can upload data files directly from their computers in a zipped format that contains Excel and Text files. The data is uploaded directly into the OgilvyLIVE database after the mappings are validated. Metadata The Metadata Management screen allows administrators to directly edit metadata within the Data Management console in OgilvyLIVE. The preview mode enables visualizations of data displayed through the OgilvyLIVE interface, making this a user-friendly experience. Model The Model Import screen allows administrators to directly upload, validate and import model data into the OgilvyLIVE database. It also allows administrators to directly edit model data within the Data Management console in OgilvyLIVE and import it to the OgilvyLIVE database. Custom Screen The Custom screen allows administrators to customize screens by adding panels and copying, editing and deleting screens. They can modify screen design, colors, tabs, etc., using this module. 10
  12. 12. Security OgilvyLiVe was developed as a secure online platform to host highly sensitive corporate data. Key security features include: • hysical security: Secure in-house data center P • etwork security: All databases and applications protected by firewall N • Systems security: All servers within network protected by passwords • pplication security: User names, timeouts and forms authentication A • ata backup: Daily, weekly and monthly backups D • isaster recovery: Compliant with SOX regulations D Ogilvy & Mather takes strong measures to protect the security of client data and to ensure that clients’ choices for its intended use are honored. Certified third- party security audits are done periodically to ensure security. Strong precautions are taken to protect client data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration and destruction. Data is never shared outside the company without clients’ permission. Inside the data warehouse, data is stored in password-controlled servers with limited access. However, as effective as any security measure implemented by us may be, no security system is impenetrable. Questions regarding security can be directed to us at analytics@ogilvy.com Hardware & Software Requirements Hardware • inimum 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor such as M intel Pentium® 4, intel Centrino®, intel Xeon®, or intel Core™ Duo (or compatible) processor • Minimum 512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended) • inimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels with 16-bit video card M (1280 x 1024 recommended) 11
  13. 13. Software • indows internet explorer 7.0 and above or Firefox 3.0 and above W • roadband internet connection (DSL, cable modems, T networks, B etc., of 2 Mbps) • lash Player version 10.0 and above F • latform: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or Windows 2000 with P all available Service Packs applied; for Mac users, Mac OS X • icrosoft excel for data download (optional) M Contact us analytics@ogilvy.com 212- 237-4000 636 11th Avenue New York, NY 10036 12