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WASSUP! - The Cultural Trends magazine


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The third issues of Wassup! - the Cultural Trends magazine by Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific talks to shop assistants to get the low down on consumers from their observations; teenagers across Asia; …

The third issues of Wassup! - the Cultural Trends magazine by Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific talks to shop assistants to get the low down on consumers from their observations; teenagers across Asia; what's playing on my ipod; and a special feature on Japan

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  • 1. Issue 3 May 2011
  • 2. The cultural trends magazine fromOgilvy & Mather Asia PacificEdited & designed by Kunal SinhaEditorial assistant: Madhumita BhattacharyyaCorrespondents:Naima Hamid (Dhaka)Sabih Ahmed (Dhaka)Donna Alcoseba (Makati City)Tania Chan (Singapore)Justin Chow(Singapore)Naoko Ito (Tokyo)Azusa Fukai (Tokyo)Nayumi Nagase (Tokyo)Serena Park (Seoul)Natalie Gruis (Ho Chi Minh City)Siddharth Roy (Colombo)Mei Wu (Taipei)Caryl Heah (Kuala Lumpur)Beatrice Yong (Kuala Lumpur)Josephine Phang (Kuala Lumpur)Maulshree Kalothia (Mumbai)Natasha Soonthornwiratne (Bangkok)© Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific, 2011
  • 3. Asia has been through tremendous tumult in the lasttwo months.There was a tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan; andthe team from Tokyo has chronicled the touchingresponse to a tragedy.The last bastion of communism in the world‘s largestdemocracy just fell. One third of all Indian states arenow governed by a woman Chief Minister.Pakistan erupted as the Americans racheted up theirwar on terror.The cricket World Cup turned into an Asian Cup;unleashing the longest, wildest party thesubcontinent may have seen.Amidst all this cultural and political maelstrom, freshcontent kept gushing – underlying our belief thatsometimes, the best ideas emerge during times ofgreat adversity.
  • 4. 14 countries. 20 correspondents deeply immersed in popular and leading edge culture. JAPANTAIWAN Bring you Cultural Insights that will make a difference to your business.
  • 5. CONTENTS Look who‘s talking: Shop assistants in AsiaKnowing me, Knowing you: Asian teenagers Playing on my iPod Rage Against Waiting List Special section: Japan United Everyone‘s talking About The Last Book I Read
  • 6. The voice of the cultural commentatorIn this issue, we feature shop assistantsacross Asia‘s bustling markets.
  • 7. Look who’s talking … I left Croma feeling satisfied and headed to the Food Bazaar on the opposite side of the mall. The store was deserted, with just two to three customers, and the staff was preoccupied with stock checking. My wandering attracted the attention of a sales manager – which was a bit of a surprise -- and asked me what I was looking for. I said that I was just looking, and asked why it was so quiet. ―It‘s a weekday, people come only post 6pm,‖ the sales manager rather curtly replied. I then approached a salesman who spoke to me while stocking. ―On weekday evenings we get a lot ofThe job of a salesman can be very tricky, dealing with singles and young couples. On weekendspeople from different backgrounds, temperaments, there is a rush after 4pm: families with kidsattitudes and knowledge levels all through the day… A and couples come to do their weeklysalesman needs to be thoughtful, diplomatic, sensitive, shopping.‖tactful and of course needs to possess a lot of productknowledge. It‘s a tough job.,,perhaps that‘s why there are There is a difference in the nature ofonly far and few good salespeople. Croma and Food Bazaar, of course, and in all probability there is a difference in theCroma is a chain of electronics supermarket in India. training they receive on customerVisiting at about 2pm on a Tuesday, I was greeted with a interaction . Whatever be the reason, I amwide smile (surprise #1) from Javed, a young, timid more likely to drop into Croma to browselooking man in his mid 20s. ‖I‘m looking for a 32-inch full in the future than Food Bazaar!HD LED or LCD TV,‖ I told Javed. ―Sir, LCD and LED aretwo completely different technologies. May I know exactlywhat your usage be?‖ he asked (surprise # 2). I realizedthat he knew what he was talking about and could help me.I spent the next 15 minutes explaining my usage patternsto Javed, who then took me around the section explainingthe quality differences and the pros of an LED over an LCD.After spending a good 30 minutes pondering, watching,fiddling and tinkering, we short-listed 2 LED TVs that weresuitable for me with almost comparable features, an LGand a Videocon. At this stage I told him I would need sometime to think and asked him a few general questions. Hisbody language didn‘t suddenly become cold ordisinterested; he was still warm and willing to help(surprise # 3).During his time at Croma, Javed has observed that thefastest moving products are Blackberrys, ―the latestcraze‖, the Curve in particular. Bigger electronic items arewhat sell at Croma most: fridge, AC, TV. Smaller items likekitchenware, laptops and high-end cameras are not veryfast-moving. There is a rush of people through the week,enquiring, taking down prices, but sales happen more onweekends and holidays. Customers come with theirfamilies to make the final purchase.
  • 8. Look who’s talking … ―Sometimes I see that the man and the woman go different ways – the woman is in the foods section, while the man may pick up items like washing powder, batteries, light bulbs, and they meet again at the checkout. It must be a way of optimizing time. I‘ve found, though, that when a woman shopper sees something new, she usually asks her partner to take a look as well.‖Xu Ming is 24 years old, but looks older than heryears. She‘s lived in Shanghai, away from her home Once Xu Ming is done rearranging the cookies, shein Jiangsu province, for five years. ―It could be this steps off the ladder. ―Our discount displays areway or that,‖ she says. ―I could find a better job at very popular,‖ she tells us. ―Every month, we havean office next month, or I may still be working here an area that is marked off for promotions. Like now,arranging packs of cookies. I hope I fall into the it‘s clothes because we have to sell off our winterarms of a laowai (foreigner) from the top of this overstock. Before school opens after the summerstepladder,‖ she adds, only half jokingly. holidays, we have a huge display of all the school necessities.‖From her vantage point, Xu Ming has a very goodsense of who comes to Carrefour at Gubei and what Do people notice the product displays thatthey load their shopping carts with. companies put up? ―It depends. If it is something they need, then sure. But it is up to the people who―When the shop gates open at 8.00am, we have all are in charge of the display. Some just stand therethe 60-year-olds streaming in. Many of them come like zombies, while others walk up to shoppers andstraight from the park after their exercise. They suggest they try out the product.‖shop not only for themselves but also for their kids‘families. They‘re after fresh vegetables and fruits,which are cheaper here than at the wet market;they also get a free bus ride home. Whenever wehave discounts on cooking oil or rice, they don‘tmind standing in queue for half an hour,‖ sheexplains.―In the evening, we find many couples dropping inon the way back from office. Most of these folks arequite well off. I guess their parents don‘t live withthem, which is why they must do the shoppingthemselves. They buy a mix of local and foreignbrands; they may buy Bright yogurt and Huiyuanjuice, but always foreign milk and milk powder. Ithink they‘re still worried about the milk scandal.
  • 9. Look who’s talking …Cargills Food City has been rated the most valued There are also male shoppers, who come in theretail brand in the island. Today, one transaction is evening to pick up goods that they have beenrecorded every second at a Cargill‘s outlet in Sri instructed to bring on their way home (bread,Lanka. It is the fastest growing retail network in the vegetables, dairy products, soft drinks, medicine).country with over 150 outlets across 20 districts. Some come to pay their phone, credit card or bank dues. They might also pick up alcohol and snacks.Being the only retail network with its own out-grower network, Cargills Food City buys from Family shopping is seen on weekends: husbandsuppliers at higher prices while aiming to deliver and wife with children and sometimes evenhigh-quality goods to the consumer at the lowest grandparents. They spend an hour or so shopping.possible price. Some parents leave the kids at home as it gets quite difficult to shop while controlling them. This is aKaveendra Thilakratne, senior operations manager, relief for the staff as they too need to be always oncomes from Beligala, Kegalle district. He joined the look out when kids are around.Cargills as an executive trainee in 2001. ―Cargillshas taught me many things. One learning I really Weekdays witnesses the heaviest traffic to thehold close to my heart is that one can make a store, while it also fills up on Tuesdays, Thursdaysmistake once but must never repeat it,‖ he says. and Fridays between 6pm and 9.30pm when working people visit the supermarket on their wayWomen are the most the prolific shoppers, says home. Sundays are most crowded over theKaveendra. They can be segregated to two weekend, especially from 9am to noon and 5pm tocategories: 9pm.1. Monthly shoppers – shop as per pre-decided list;come mostly alone in the late morning, spending The new products to have caught shopper interestaround 45 minutes to an hour. Average spend is are Bairaha pre-cooked chicken products, whichbetween LKR 8,000and 15,000. had advertised on TV during the ICC CWC 20112. Regular shoppers – shopping for daily needs, matches. Surf Excel and Sunlight detergentmostly working mothers who visit the store in the powders have also been in demand followingevening to buy specific goods such as vegetables, promotional offers run by Unilever (bundle offer,sugar, dairy products, meat foods, with a basket buy-1-get-1). Promotions can also lead customersvalue of between LKR 1,000 and 5,000. to try new products, such as Dettol Hand Sanitizer launched in the supermarket through in-store promotion/trial.
  • 10. Look who’s talking …Mr Foo is the store manager of Village Grocersupermarket in Kuala Lumpur. He has managedand run the daily operation there since it started in2004. Situated in Bangsar, a wealthy residentialsuburb on the outskirts of the city, Village Grocermainly draws a middle-aged crowd of affluentMalaysians and expatriates. Both men and womenare spotted shopping on a weekly basis, with theirkids and maids in tow. They typically spend 30minutes to one hour in the store. Traffic on Fridaysto Sundays is bumper-to-bumper through the day.Mondays are also a popular shopping day, as this is The shopping behavior of Village Grocer patronsthe only day wet markets are closed. An average is very different compared to the averagetransaction in Village Grocer is RM 200 (US$ 66) -- Malaysian. As most Malaysians have low toapproximately double the amount spent per middle income, price plays a huge part in theirtransaction in an average Malaysian supermarket. purchase decisions. Therefore, most supermarkets and hypermarkets compete onShoppers at Village Grocer are not swayed by ‗value‘, meaning price-offs and promotions. Thediscounts and promotions. In fact, these are likely size of the shopping basket is also proportionateto have the opposite effect, as discounted products to money in the bank: bigger baskets are seenare believed to be defective and low quality goods once salaries are paid and smaller basket arethat the store wants to get rid of. Customers prefer seen around the end of the month.high quality products that have health benefits --such as low sugar and salt foods. An organic There are also differences in shopping behaviorsection opened four months ago to better serve when it comes to the Malays and the Chinese.these health-conscious customers. Village Grocer Malays buy what they can afford when they canis also the only supermarket in Selangor that does afford it, so stores that offer payment bynot carry plastic bags. installments or credit are popular amongst this group. The typical Chinese shopper looks forBest-selling categories are imported products such opportunity. If an item is on sale, they will stockas drinks and cereals. Many shoppers buy foreign up regardless of the amount they need. They alsobranded water by the carton as the water quality in tend to purchase in bigger volumes to bring downMalaysia is not high. price per unit.
  • 11. Look who’s talking …Anne is a sales supervisor in the Metro Manilasupermarket. The heavy shopper traffic is on theweekends, most customers coming in after lunch.On a shopping trip, customers may also stop for ameal or drop by the kids‘ play area anddrugstores. Children and husbands usually comealong, though they mainly linger in particularaisles. Children like the juice, snacks,confectionery, baby care and hair productssections. Husbands check out deodorants,fragrances and hair styling products.Products you are most likely to see in shoppingbaskets are: Toothpaste, shampoo/hairconditioner, body and laundry soaps, milk andcoffee. Feminine hygiene products are commonpurchases, as are toilet cleaners, insecticides andother household care products. In Singapore‘s markets, the peak shopping days are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. At around 10am, the housewives arrive, followed by the working crowd at about 2pm. From 7pm, the after-work crowd comes in. Singapore has also seen a rise in the number of 24-hour supermarkets like Cold Storage over the past year to cater to the burgeoning number of working adults who have no choice but to pick up their groceries after they are done with work. It is mostly the women of the house who do the shopping in supermarkets. Even when maids come, more often than not, their ma‘am is there too. In some shops, you might even see some unusual products: square watermelons, black garlic that costs $60.
  • 12. Look who’s talking … Meet three supermarket managers in Taiwan: Huang Qi-xin, with 19 years of experience in the business, and Yang De-feng, with 10 years of experience, both employees of PX Mart, which has 500 stores in Taiwan. And Peng Yong-tian, a veteran of 20 years, who works at Matsusei supermarket, which owns 100 stores in Taiwan. The main customers at the supermarkets are married women, aged 30 to 50. From 10am to noon, customers in the 55-plus bracket come to buy fresh food and commodities. Between noonWe spoke to a sales person at a very well known and 2pm, office workers purchase drinks andsupermarket of Bangladesh (who did not wish to snacks. From 4pm to 7pm, high school studentsbe named) to learn more about the sales, peak come in for after-school snacks and singleshopping times and nature of the clientele. office workers come in for instant noodles,Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays are the peak snacks, and drinks, or to buy provisions fordays for shoppers. Within the day, most footfalls dinner. From 9pm to 10pm, the night shiftoccur between 11am and 12.30pm. That is when workers arrive, along with students fromstay-at-home moms and housewives are the main tutorial centers.customers. After office hours, people come withtheir families. Most people choose to come by Working women mostly visit on Mondays tothemselves and would not send their domestic buy drinks and snacks for office. Families comehelpers, as they might to the country‘s traditional in over the weekends. Couples, older andmarkets. younger, mainly buy household commodities and fresh food for the next two to three days.A new booth from BRAC Agro selling cacti, With higher consumption, they stay longer inorchids and bonsai has been attracting many the store.customers at the store. It is the first dedicatedspace for plants to have opened in a supermarket. Those aged 55 and above are the new customerOther products that are attracting interest are base. ―They come to buy something in thenewly-launched baby diapers and toiletries. morning after exercise or in the evening, theyShoppers with children who spend a long time in purchase a small amount of food,‖ said Peng.the store might also visit the food corner to buy More people in this category are now livingtheir kids a treat. alone, and also have their own preferences of product and brand. To target this segment,Bangladesh got its first supermarket in 2001 with many companies have set up counters in theRahimafrooz Superstores Ltd launching its chain supermarket, even those buying back old gold.Agora. Now there are four more large players inthe market. The superstores are open from 9am to Another new segment is married men from 308pm every day. The customer rush is seen mostly to 45 years. ―They often come to thein the mornings and evenings. Most of the supermarket after work and buy commoditiesemployees in these stores are young and well- or fresh foods, and sometimes have a shoppingeducated, some with masters and business list with them written by their wives,‖ saidmanagement degrees. Yang.
  • 13. Look who’s talking … To reach the consumer, new modes for selling merchandise have emerged. Some supermarkets in Taiwan provide free membership with the aim to retain and gain new customers. Members get 10 percent discounts on weekly days for members (top left). Cards accumulate points to offset cash purchases. Home and office delivery is also catching on. "Many people are too busy to shop, and elderly people are unable to lift heavy goods. If they order over the phone or come to the store to purchase directly, we will send things to their home,‖ explained Peng. Single-pack and loose products are also gaining ground with the increase in Taiwan‘s single population and small families.Teenagers also come on their own sometimes.―They don‘t necessarily like to eat what their Exhibitions are also organized to promotemothers buy, so they come with friends after products. Taiwan consumers have a highschool,‖ Peng explained. acceptance of foods from Japan (below, top), South Korea and the US. "We hold two to threeWith the number of foreign workers brought in as international food exhibitions a year,‖ said Peng.domestic help on the rise, many of them come in Then there are special displays for particularwith shopping lists written by their employers. products, such as chocolate (below, bottom)―They ask us to prepare the shopping for them,‖ where there is a high concentration of workingsaid Huang. women.There has also been a change in shopping habits.Buyers pay attention to product details. The milkscandal in China in 2008 and health problems dueto stress and the change in eating habits haveaffected consumption. Consumers look at theorigin of the product, country of manufacture;composition, calorie content, authentication mark.They may even ask staff to help them learn more.In addition to cheapness, customers also requirequality. Taiwanese shop in supermarkets becauseof lower prices, so a sense of trust in the quality isimportant. "Cheap prices are the most basic needfor consumers, but they prefer to buy products ofwell-known brands at good prices,‖ Huang said.Popular products are:* Health food: Sugar-free tea, green tea andherbal tea, oatmeal, high-protein snacks likesmall dried fish and nuts.* Organic and natural products: Married womenespecially pay attention to the safety of food andcommodities. Whole grains, organic certifiedvegetables are catching on.* Cleaners made of natural ingredients.
  • 14. Intimate profiles of one group whoselives & opinions we believe matter.
  • 15. Knowing me, Knowing YouNizrah, SingaporeIn Singapore, the education system is such thatchildren are told from a very young age whetherthey are ‗normal‘, ‗special‘ or ‗gifted‘. The systembasically divides children at the tender age of ninebased on academic aptitude. Unfortunately, thatleaves some kids to believe they are inferior and asthey grow into teenagers, more often than not thisbecomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.We met Nizrah, 16, when he attended a focus groupdiscussion for a government client. He goes to ITE,a tertiary institute at the bottom of Singapore‘seducational ladder. He smokes a pack of cigarettesa day and has been smoking since he was 10. He Salman, Karachipicked up his first cigarette because he wanted tocopy his dad. He thinks he‘s ―overweight‖ though Salman wakes up at 7am to get ready for school,he‘s clearly skinny because in his mind, being and leaves home around 7:45. In school, he andhealthy equals being muscular and tall. his friends meet and discuss current events related to their interests, such as cricket, or theyHe uses Facebook to find young girls his age. They talk about their teachers. While they wait formeet, hook up and then go their separate ways. their cars to pick them up on the way home, theyHe‘s also slept with prostitutes but never used a talk about studies, school issues like recentcondom till one of his schoolmates contracted an fights. He is home by 2.30pm, after which heSTD. Once, he even landed up in bed with a changes and watches TV, usually a movie or atransgender person. cricket match. ―I eat lunch while watching TV and say my prayers after that. I play PlaystationHe knows that society frowns on him, his in my free time or text my friends.‖upbringing and his environment. Every day, hechanges out of his uniform as soon as he can to He likes playing and watching soccer. He spendsdistance himself from an institute that pigeonholes some time on Facebook. He likes eatinghim. chocolate and his favorite drink is Coke.His one wish? To be born again. A new life with ―I don‘t like it when someone yells at me,‖ saysnew options. Salman. ―I don‘t ever listen to my teachers if they yell at me. I don‘t like my tutors because I neverAs we wrapped up the group, Nizrah turned to the wanted tutors. I like math as a subject and I hatemoderator and asked, ―What did you think of me chemistry.‖when I first walked into the room? Did you think Iwas normal?‖ Salman chooses his own clothes and usually buys them from a local mall. ―I always save somethingIsn‘t it quite obvious why Nizrah didn‘t want himself from my pocket money. I would also like to havephotographed? a collection of watches.‖
  • 16. Knowing me, Knowing YouAntriksh Garg, PuneHis Facebook profile has 1,579 friends, 860 Antriksh likes to party (prefers house parties),photographs, status updates every hour. For drink and socialize. He says he has one unusualAntriksh, as for most teenagers, more is good, hobby: unconventional travel; or traveling bymore is better, more is cooler. How many of these uncommon modes of transport to offbeat1,579 friends does he really know? At best about destinations and staying in unconventional places.15. He says his most recent trip was to a small village called Satara and he got there by asking a truckAntriksh Garg is an 18-year-old guy doing his driver for a lift. ―It‘s fascinating to meet thesebachelors degree in commerce from Mahindra people and talk to them. What‘s surprising is howInternational College in Pune, an educational hub friendly and warm they actually are,‖ saysin India. He is a Punjabi from Delhi and has studied the elite Shri Ram School. He has just recentlymoved to Pune. What does he love most about the But as we chatted, it gradually emerged that thiscity? ―The hot women. And oh yeah, the weather was his first such trip, and it just happened and wastoo!‖ completely unplanned. He was drunk and he hitched a ride. It seemed as though for him, thisAntriksh is stylish, flamboyant and tech savvy. If was a cool thing to do, to say, to put up on hisyou glance through the ‗info‘ section on his Facebook status: ―Back from a truck trip on theFacebook page, you will notice how candid he is highway.‖about his life, choices and preferences. Interestedin: Women. Relationship status: Single. About me: The last question to Antriksh: ―What do you want toI‘m available on BB Pin…. Religious views: For be when you grow up?‖His answer: ―Who knows?‖racists and hypocrites. Political views: VeryLiberal.
  • 17. Knowing me, Knowing YouLi Yu, ShanghaiLively and talkative, it is hard not to instantly like Social networking sites and the Internet are alsoLi Yu. A keen trombonist (from the age of 9) and key to showcasing his identity and keeping insportsman, Li Yu is the kind of person who will be touch with friends. ―We use the easiest ways toout and about more often than not. He plays for connect…. Everybody has Renren.‖ Even if thethe school orchestra and a marching band. He GFW (Great Firewall) didnt block Facebook, heloves the team spirit, and has reaped the rewards, says people still wouldnt use it, as they wouldhaving already won the regional championships. choose Renren. And instead of Skype and MSN, QQ is king.To relax, he practices his skills as a goalkeeperand basketball player with his friends, watches TV Li Yu feels kids of 90s prefer, while(Lie To Me is his favorite), plays Call of Duty (an the 80s generation uses Chineseimmensely popular shooting game) and listens to youth are always keen on highlighting themusic. He listens to some jazz and marching band difference between themselves and those oldermusic, but rock is where its at. His iShuffle than them. They want to open up China and see(―Apple is cool‖) has plenty of English and more interaction with other countries. ―We canChinese music, and his favorite band is Mayday. change ourselves and maybe the nextHe also listens to a whole spectrum of rock: Sum generation.‖41, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Metallica, Muse.Li Yu would buy an iPhone if he had the money.―People in China are crazy about the iPhone.‖Instead he has a Motorola CLIQ. This is all part ofcrafting a new identity for himself, andappearance is one way to do this. Some of hisfriends would even ―spend 1,000 RMB on a singlepiece of clothing‖, says Li Yu, though he is lessextravagant and shops at H&M, Uniqlo and Zara.
  • 18. Knowing me, Knowing YouTracy Mcshane, ColomboTracy (far right) is 18 years old. A ‗typicalinternational school girl‘ is how most Colomboyoungsters would tag Tracy. She is currentlyfinishing her A-levels at Colombo InternationalSchool, after which she desperately wants to getout of Colombo to pursue her studies. Her dreamis to join Monash University, Australia. ―Therearen‘t too many good colleges here,‖ she says.―You need very good grades to get into ColomboUniversity. Plus, there are more and better jobopportunities outside Sri Lanka.‖She lives in the Battaramulla suburb, which has alarge expat community. Some of theneighbourhood kids are already in Australia andwhenever they come down on vacation and sharetheir stories, Tracy‘s desire to join them increases.Her parents are supportive of her plans – they just Jin Ling, Taipeiwant her to do well in her ‗A‘ Levels so she can geta good scholarship. Jin Ling (above right, flashing V-sign)), 17, is a first-year student in nursing school. Her fatherTracy‘s life in Colombo is fairly routine. School, owns a small mobile phone shop. Her parentstuition classes and study assignments govern her wanted her to go to college, get a degree andweekdays. Her only ‗me time‘ is dinner with the work at a big company. But Jin insisted that it isfamily, after which she‘s on Facebook and on the more important to have expertise than academicphone texting her friends to make weekend plans. qualifications. ―I heard on TV that many people don‘t know what to do after graduating fromWeekends are quite ―action-packed‖ for Tracy: college, so I think finding a job I am interested inshopping at Crescat and Odel, a quick bite at is more important than studies. Nurses can helpCoffee Bean or KFC, a movie at Majestic City. And many people, so I hope that I am a good nurse,‖hitting the Amuseum dance floor on Saturday said Jin.night is a must. While she was growing up, Jin witnessed theTracy loves to dance. She ―digs‖ hip-hop and economic downturn during which her fatherUsher is her favorite. When she was out partying worked very hard. She feels she is being practicalwith friends, she was introduced to Nilantha, a and hopes to be independent as soon as possible.professional dancer. He commented on her ―I work part-time three nights a week in anatural ability to move and convinced her to restaurant. Though the income is not much, it letsattend their weekend sessions. She went for it, me buy clothes I like and go to the movies withthoroughly enjoyed herself and has decided to friends. I don‘t have to take money from myjoin them to learn hip-hop. ―I‘m doing it ‘cos I just father,‖ she dancing. I know a lot of people take it up as afull-time profession, but I don‘t think I wanna do Jin likes to go shopping. Luo Zhi-Xiang is herthat. There aren‘t many opportunities here and my favorite singer because he is handsome and has aparents won‘t approve of it.‖ cheerful personality. ―I hope I am as lively and cheerful as he is and have a lot of friends.‖
  • 19. Knowing me, Knowing YouGia Macrohon, Cebu City―I‘m a teenager. I go gaga over anything cute,useful, useless, cheap, expensive, pretty, classic,fattening, slimming, completes my closet, feeds myhunger, conceals my imperfections, and… yogurt.‖ Angelyna Lee, Kuala LumpurSeventeen-year-old Gia Macrohon is a freshman atUniversity of San Carlos, Cebu City. For her, the Angelyna Lee is a 16-year-old high schoolproper start to any day is a long shower with music student from Kuala Lumpur. She‘s never snuckturned up loud, and coffee to accompany out of the house before, but would like to for theeverything that needs to be done. thrill of it. She used to blog but doesnt see the point these days, as she feels only people whoThis year, she is determined to save her allowance are bored blog. She doesn‘t much care aboutto make a nice nest egg for when she starts being popular.working and is likely to get a salary even smallerthan her allowance. Her challenge lies in She plans to marry around the age of 28-32 andcontinuing to feed the real loves of her life – only wants to start a family when she‘s earning aphotography, food and painting -- which do not fixed salary. She speaks four languages fluently:come cheap but are a form of therapy for hectic Malay, English, Chinese and Japanese. Shedays in school. believes education is important in getting somewhere in life, and standing out in thisThis teenager thinks she‘s lucky because of the competitive world.many ways she can find solace. ―I think I‘m prettygood at dealing with stuff. It helps that I have a lot She‘s most proud that she placed third in aof ways to process and vent. And I have a support mental math competition, beating participantssystem everywhere – my family, my friends, my who were more than twice her age. She aims toclassmates – and I can get in touch with them study an average of three hours a day, hoping tothrough text, chat, Facebook, email.‖ get the grades to score her a scholarship to study in Australia.Gia thinks of life situations in terms of music. Thus,the running soundtrack of her life was born. ―As Angelyna has taken on the responsible role asevery day happens, many songs get added to this the eldest of three siblings, spending thelist. It‘s just a fun way to kind of reflect and think weekends babysitting. She can really relate toabout my life.‖ the book My Sisters Keeper. She puts family first, above school, friends and her own interests. SheAmid the load of schoolwork and her other duties, is intensely private about her family problems.Gia is thinking of ways to make this summer―epic‖. With a little help from her friends, the close Angelyna‘s hero is her father. She admires hisproximity to Cebu City‘s many beaches, and success and devotion to the family - somethingcamera in hand, she thinks this summer is going to she feels not many parents one for the books.
  • 20. Knowing me, Knowing YouFarifta Nawsheen, DhakaFarifta is studying for her ‗A‘ Levels at Maple Leaf International School. She lovesfancy accessories. She carries a Sony Ericsson phone, uses JLo Live perfumewhich she finds ―trendy and fresh‖. As her skin is dry, she likes using Doveproducts for face, body and hair. Her everyday footwear is flip-flops orConverse, and she loves Chanel, Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton handbags. Sheadmires Hollywood star Megan Fox, and her dream is to be rich and famous. Natalie S., Bangkok Natalie S (above). just turned 19. She thinks that she‘s ‗different‘ from typical Thai girls. She studied abroad seven years ago and is fluent in Thai and English. She flaunts the ‗I don‘t care‘ attitude, and believes that she is an adult who should be allowed or do what she wants. Her girlfriends are dating but she is yet to have a boyfriend. She spends more than half of her waking time either in front of her laptop or chatting on her cellphone. She likes to read book, but hasn‘t made the switch to ebooks yet as she doesn‘t have an iPad or a Kindle.
  • 21. Playing on my iPod* * or at my favorite KTV parlor
  • 22. Taipei Singapore Kaskade Singapore singer Yan-zi Sun “Dynasty” “It’s Time” watch?v=VUjdiDeJ0xg ch?v=pgdgaDdNgwo John Mayer “Heartbreak Warfare” from the album Battle Studies atch?v=jErySliSYBcMatzka, a Taiwanese reggae band“I love you nohaha ” Kuala LumpurColombo watch?v=KQ6zr6kCPj8 Bruno Mars “Grenade (The HooliganIraj Weeraratne Remix)”“Lion Nation” h?v=arCkRl_kGj4&feature=rela ted=LlLdJO9gZRQ
  • 23. Playing on my iPod*Shanghai Dhaka F.I.R. Justin Bieber, ft. Ludacris “Rang Ai Chongsheng” “Baby” d_XMjYwMDE2Mzc2.html /watch?v=kffacxfA7G4 ml Pitbull Xu Song “I Know You Want Me” “Weibo Kong” m/watch?v=E2tMV96x _XMjU5ODM4MjA4.html ULkKarachi Bangkok Ali Zafar Original Sound Track of “Jhoom” Suckseed Toom Yu Nai Jai m/watch?v=nVtlzJ9I244 om/watch?v=K_x3lE C01wc SingularManila “One” From ‗Glee‘ http://www.yout “Get It Right” v=rvAoD8boyYI watch?v=1_LBp1CFlM4
  • 24. Playing on my iPod* India’s indie musicians Young, talented Sneha Khanwalkar makes music on the road, finds folk references across India and has worked with some of the best names in Bollywood. Music runs in her genes – her family trained in the Gwalior gharana (school) of Hindustani classical music; and she is one of the rare female composers in the film industry. Her song Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! Is a chartbuster. Hear her and the eponymous film‘s director here: Scribes new album Mark of Teja is packed, stacked and ready for release! After dragging their frozen butts from Oslo, the boys are back to Bombays scorching conditions and are all set to make your neighbours life hell again with Indian Hardcore Madness! A tale of power and potatoes, Mark of Teja speaks of myths and mysteries beyond time and dominions. Prashant Shah – Guitars, Akshay Rajpurohit – Guitars, Srinivas Sunderrajan - Bass, Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy – Vocals, Virendra Kaith – Drums. Hear them here: Tewari is the funky voice of Hindi pop-rock. Afterperforming in dingy bars in small town India, directing a fewplays in New Delhi and learning the ropes of film making, hefinally got the opportunity to record his first album, Jannat.This all-acoustic album emphasizes good songwriting – andearned him the Male Vocalist of the Year award at the JD RockAwards 2010.Hear Ankur
  • 25. What‘s making people really angry, and why?
  • 26. Rage against … MonopoliesMalfunctioning wheelsA man in Shenyang, China, wasreportedly so frustrated by his 2010 LandRover Range Rover‘s repeatedbreakdowns that he towed it to the dealerand asked for a full refund. To add anextra dash of insult, the angry owner hadthe stricken SUV towed by a pair ofdonkeys! Teachers & parentsApparently the man had paid ¥2 million Many teenagers in Bangladesh harbor quiet rage(about $304,000) for the vehicle in 2010. against their schoolteachers. They feel thatSince the purchase, the car had teachers exert unnecessary pressure on them to doreportedly broken down six times and things that they don‘t need any guidance on. Theyeventually needed a new engine. When it believe that some parts of their studies are betterdied a seventh time, the owner was left alone as they prefer doing them in their ownapparently at his wits end. The dealer style. Teenagers also believe that they couldwas dumbfounded, but still refused to perform better if they were not pressurized bygive the customer a refund. teachers. And if they wanted their teachers‘ help, they could always ask for it. Teens in Bangladesh also nurse a little bit of anger towards their parents. While this is probably true of teenagers in any part of the world, in Bangladesh, teens compare themselves with their counterparts in other countries and aren‘t happy with their own lot. They believe they are not given as much freedom as teens in the West.
  • 27. Rage against … Unilateral American actions in Pakistan The government attempted to stay neutral, saying that the matter was in the hands of the judiciary. Pakistan‘s American allies sent over Senator John Kerry to pressurize the government to unconditionally release Davis, after suspending trilateral talks between Pakistan, America and Afghanistan till the matter was resolved. Much criticism was directed at the senator, and a federal minister was removed from her post for speaking in favor of Davis.On January 27, Raymond Davis, an American, wasarrested by the Pakistani police in Lahore for the The families of the victims received threats andmurder of two men. He shot them at close range the uncle of the girl that committed suicide wasin the back, through his windshield, allegedly forced to consume a poisoned pill byphotographed the dead bodies and attempted to two men who had broken into his home, butflee. While citizens detained him, the mysterious were then chased away by agitated andAmerican called someone on his cell phone and concerned neighbors. The threats against thebefore the police could arrive, an SUV raced families continued till March 16, when thedown the wrong side of the road against the flow bereaved families suddenly invoked Shariahof traffic, killing an innocent bystander. Upon Law and pardoned Davis after receiving over Rsseeing the commotion, the SUV fled the scene. 25 million in blood money, each.Davis, it emerged, held a diplomatic visa and was Social networks and media outlets werea consultant with Hyperion Security and worked immediately aflame, but there was little theywith the US Consulate in Lahore. could do about it as Davis was already on a plane to Bagram Airbase by the time the newsThe nation was furious. Media and the public broke.screamed for blood. What followed set the nationablaze: the young wife of the innocent bystander If that was the trailer, the dramatic captureattempted suicide and then made a plea for and killing of Osama Bin Laden, right underjustice from her hospital bed. She did not survive. the noses of the Pakistan Army – in what wasRumors were circulated about the men who were ostensibly one of the most heavily guardedshot: that they were muggers, intelligence parts of Pakistan, has infuriated people andofficials, ordinary boys riding their motorcycle. It the army alike. The people believe that theywas later learned that they were both ISI have been shamed by their leaders andmembers and had been tailing a CIA operative protectors – by someone who they believedwho was talking to terrorist elements in the was their ally. It is the loss of trust that manytroubled Pakistani tribal district. Pakistanis find most infuriating.
  • 28. Rage against … Insensitive politicians & media Malaysia made global headlines again -- for all the wrong reasons. Malay-language daily Berita Harian sparked controversy when it published a cartoon of the recent Japanese tsunami, which has claimed tens of thousands of lives. Then, First Lady Rosmah Mansor came under fire for saying that the tragedy in Japan was a result of carelessness in implementing environmentally- friendly planning and development in the country.The Other WomanIn The Fierce Wife, a Taiwanese TV drama, ahappy marriage is rocked when the husbandcheats on his wife with her cousin. The show isbeing widely discussed, with the audienceincreasingly annoyed with the mistress. Itseems to have touched a nerve with the Here are some of tweets that followed:audience because it highlights the deepest ―Congrats, Malaysia – we‘re officiallyworries of many women and the problems with dumbasses. Thanks, Rosmah!‖marital infidelity. This is also seen in the ―anti- ―Thousands of lives destroyed in horrific waterymistress league‖ that has formed on Facebook, graves. And FLOM (First Lady of Malaysia) putsattracting over 4,000 members. Many people her foot in her mouth. Sigh. Malaysia Bolehhave been sharing their feelings about how (Malaysia Can).‖they have suffered due to an extramaritalaffair.Here are a few lines from The Fierce Wife:• ―The one who is not loved is the outsider in athree-person relationship.‖• ―As a woman, you must love yourself morebecause another woman will spend yourmoney, live in your home, take care of yourkids, and sleep with your husband when youburn out.‖ Malaysians are sick of key public figures• ―There are three things that terrify a wife: putting their foot in their mouth, makingbeing hit by a car, encountering a ghost, and Malaysians look ignorant in the eyes of theseeing a mistress.‖ world.
  • 29. Rage against … Capital punishment Three Filipinos convicted of drug trafficking in China were executed on March 31, prompting grief and outrage among Filipinos. The Philippines government insisted it did all it could to save the lives of the three. In pleas for clemency in the months leading up to the executions, the government said that the trio,Delay in tackling corruption who are among 227 Filipinos jailed in China for drug offenses, were from poor families andIt took a 73-year-old Gandhian, Anna Hazare, to had been duped by international crimeshake India out of its collective slumber in the syndicates into becoming drug couriers.face of corruption. Hazare started a hunger striketo persuade the government to draft an effective The execution of Sally Ordinario-VillanuevaLokpal Bill, a legislation that has the capacity to was the hardest to accept as there is evidencehold public office accountable, including that of that she may have been set up by thethe Prime Minister, and he had the whole nation recruiting agency that hired her. Recruiter Titarallying behind him and his effort. Cacayan — who it turns out has of string of cases pending against her — had allegedlyCorruption has percolated to all the levels of civil duped Sally into bringing a bag to Xiamen thatsociety in India and although there have been was lined with 4,110g of heroin. She told Sallyprotests in the past, they never took the shape of to give it to her new boss, as he had left thea mass movement. This time, not only was there bag in Manila on his last trip there.strong participation from social activists andcelebrities, the common Indian joined in as well.Jantar Mantar, a monument with a royal legacy,became the new battlefield for the citizen of Indiato raise his voice against corruption. Countlesspeople sat with Hazare for four days on hungerstrike till finally the government agreed to theirdemands. Although it‘s a small beginning, Hazarehas become part of a nation‘s consciousness andhas shone a new ray of hope in the fight againstcorruption.
  • 30. Rage against … Coconuts & cricket The very mention of the word ‗island‘ conjures up images of a coconut-tree fringed coastline. It‘s no different in Sri Lanka where coconuts are ubiquitous. Drinking coconut water from a freshly cut ‗thambili‘ (king coconut) is perhaps one of the most refreshing experiences. Coconut is also intrinsic to Sri Lankan cuisine. However, coconuts are becoming a rarity in Sri Lanka now, mainly due to infection affecting local plantations. As a result, not only have coconut prices skyrocketed, the government is contemplating imports that will further raise prices. There has been a great deal of dissatisfaction over this issue. An anti- government newspaper mentioned in jest that the real reason for the sudden disappearanceRacial profiling of coconuts is due to opposition supporters offering copious quantities of them at temples to appease the gods and bring about a changeAn interesting drama has been unfolding in in government.Singapore since the end of March. A womanby the name of Samantha called into a radioshow and criticised HDB (HousingDevelopment Board) heartlanders for being―uncultured‖ and asked them to ―stay away‖from her neighbourhood – the upmarketHolland Village.The backlash was huge, occupying headlinesof blogs and news portals the island over. Allthis culminated in a protest on April 9 afterdisgruntled video game developer GeraldTock created a Facebook event entitled ‗1,000 And then, of course, there was cricket. Onpeeps to Holland V in Singlets, Shorts and March 26, Sri Lanka faced Pakistan during aSlippers Day‘ (clothes Samantha had criticized World Cup Cricket league match. Sri Lankain her phone call). was the favorite, yet it lost by 11 runs. Mahela Jayawardene – the vice captain of the team, aGerald did not come close to bringing in the player of immense repute -- scored a measly1,000 people he had hoped for, but a sizable two runs.number did turn up in neon singlets andrubber flip flops. A few came with placards That led to a popular TV channel (ITN)that read ―Samantha for Holland V MP!‖ But accusing Mahela of accepting a bribe to throwmost came with friends and family to take a his wicket. Public uproar followed, demandingcloser look at all the hype surround Samantha an official apology from the channel and thefrom Holland Village. reporter.
  • 31. Waiting list So, what were people queuing up for? Very different things, really."Have you bought any salt yet?" became acommon form of greeting. As the Japanesequeued at supermarkets that imposed rations Singapore has been eagerly awaiting moreon purchases of daily goods due to shortages concerts. The live music scene in Singaporein post-quake Japan, the Chinese engaged in has blossomed in the past couple of years,ridiculous panic buying of salt, resulting in thanks mostly to strong support fromsupermarkets in some major Chinese cities to organizers in securing renowned acts atrun out. venues like the Singapore Indoor Stadium and the Esplanade. Coldplay, Maroon 5 andA few days after a 9-magnitude earthquake Michael Buble are just three A-list artistes thatrocked Japan, triggered a tsunami and later a have performed, or will perform, in Singaporenuclear crisis, rumors circulated across China in recent times. And demand for tickets hasvia internet forums, micro blogs, mobile text kept pace. Heavy metal band Iron Maiden, formessages, and words of mouth that intake of example, saw their tickets sell out in a mattersalt, which contains iodine, could prevent of hours.sickness from nuclear radiation exposure. Now the question is: With people willing toThere were also rumors about the radiation pay $200 and above for concert tickets, areleaks from Japan nuclear power plants could there enough tickets to go around? Currentcontaminate sea salt production, and could sales channels like online merchant SISTICpossibly lead to salt shortage and price hike in experience ultra high traffic within hours ofthe near future. releasing tickets to large events, and often sell out way in advance. Not surprisingly, theThe panic buying not only left supermarkets black market for concert tickets has grownvoid of salt, it also drove up stock prices of substantially over the past two years. Thesecompanies in the salt industry. Some tickets are sold openly over online portals andunscrupulous businesses upped salt prices – discussion rooms, and some estimates placeselling boxes of salt (which contains 40 to 50 the black market quota for sold-out concerts atpackets) for between 400 and 600 yuan- up over 20 percent. That‘s something organizersfrom the original 40 to 60 yuan. might want to take a closer look at.
  • 32. Waiting listMalaysians young and old have been in a stateof breakfast frenzy, queuing up to get freebreakfasts courtesy McDonald‘s. The madnessstarted ever since the fast food giantannounced that it would be giving away twomillion Big Breakfast coupons for two weeks inMarch as a gesture of appreciation for being Housing prices in Taipei have risen to moreMalaysia‘s favourite restaurant and as part of than 11 times the average income of citythe campaign to get Malaysians to love residents. The Taiwan government‘s plan isAmerican-style breakfasts. that properties that are not the primary residence of the owner will be subject to a 15People have been lining up as early as 4am percent tax if sold within one year ofand queues have been so long that senior purchase. If the property is sold in the secondcitizens have requested a separate counter. year of ownership, a 10 percent tax will bePeople have waited in line for more than an levied. The result has been a softening ofhour just to get their meals, and have come prices in some areas, and residents hope thatback several days in a row. the surcharge will cause the housing prices to fall to more reasonable levels.After the Big Breakfast giveaway, McDonald‘sstarted their Sausage McMuffin giveaway. Here‘s a picture of a family protesting against the high price of housing:
  • 33. Waiting listSummer has just come to Pakistan andwith it comes ‗lawn‘ season. Lawn is aform of cotton clothing, specifically forwomen, which is sold unstitched. Thebig textile manufacturers have beenrolling out collections in this category forthe past two years, and it has been theimpetus for the creation of specificdesigner fabrics.Spring 2011 saw an explosion ofdesigners, models and actresses comeout with their own lawn lines. Prices startat about Rs 800 ($10) per suit, whiledesigner variations begin at Rs 2,000($25), going as high as Rs 6,000 ($70). Ina country where the average householdincome is $ 180, that is quite a lot to shellout!Nevertheless, customers flocked to theseexhibitions, designers minted moneyand salesmen showed off arms withscratches on them caused by eagerwomen snatching up their favoritedesigns.
  • 34. Waiting listLife came to a halt for a billion Indians as the Teenagers in Bangladesh can‘t wait for theircountry was swept away by Cricket World exams to get over so they can get on with theirCup fever. Everyone was waiting for the lives. After spending months daydreaming aboutmoment when the first ball would be bowled, their post-exam plans, now it is time to turn themafter which people just couldn‘t get their fill. into reality. Especially the kids sitting for theirThe tension was palpable, the anxiety was SSC board exams or ‗O‘ levels know that onceoverwhelming, and the only thing that could they are through, three months of vacation awaitshelp was a World Cup victory for Team India. them. Plans vary from traveling to discoverFans, predictably, did not want to miss the Bangladesh, hanging out with friends or justaction: following unprecedented frenzy for relaxing and having fun.stadium seats, ticket prices broke all records,going for as much as $10,000 on the black If in Bangladesh it was teens who were anxiousmarket. Some apparently went as far as to for holidays to start, in Thailand everyone wasspend their life‘s savings or offer to swap their excited! The Songkran holiday (April 12 to 15),kidney for a ticket. or Thai New Year, is the country‘s longest holiday. People travel all over the countryDeserted streets, markets and offices were a usually by bus, even though they are packed atroutine scene around the country as the Cup this time, as it is the cheapest and best way to getunfolded. Fans did all they could to cheer the around.boys in blue -- some offered prayers, someflew Tricolor kites in the sky; one beautifulwoman even promised to bare it all if TeamIndia won! Cricket may be just another sport(though no one would dare say that in India),but once again it proved to be the glue thatunites India like no other.For the other World Cup finalists, too, it was allabout cricket, and the gear that goes with it. T-shirts, caps masks, wigs, face painting... SriLanka too saw a clamor for tickets and passesat the stadium and sports clubs around town.While the lowest ticket price was around $3,black-market prices were often more than 10times that amount. But even that did not deterthe cricket-crazy Sri Lankans from throngingthe venues and cheering on their team.
  • 35. Japan UnitedThe team from Japan shares its insights intohow creative, concerned citizens havemobilized to help victims of the earthquakeand tsunamiThere have been three critical components ofthe spontaneous response in aid of the victimsof the devastating earthquake and tsunami:social networking sites (SNS), creative peopleand artists, and companies. Each of thesecomponents has played a critical role in theongoing effort to deliver relief to those whoneed it most. The Smile Project The well-known Manga creator, Takehiko Inoue, drew more than 100 illustrations of the human smile to deliver a non-verbal message of hope to the millions affected by the disaster. The images were distributed through Twitter amongst his followers – who have been rapidly growing in number since the start of the project -- to spread a message of happiness.@loop99’s Operation Yashima The project has been expanded to include wallpapers and printed T-shirt for reliefOperation Yashima started at 10.30am on donation, a YouTube film (over 700,000 plays,March 12 with one tweet from @loop99. The as of March 31) and micro-blogs by companiesname of the initiative is a reference to the and individuals.famous anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, inwhich Evangelion wins a battle by using a riflethat saps Japan‘s power grid. It calls on citizensto save energy, as the power situation hasemerged as a major cause for concern inquake-hit Japan.With over 500 followers now, the movementgained momentum through retweets andreproduction of images. Pictures calling for alights out and continuous conservation ofenergy marked the campaign. Though thename was borrowed unofficially, in view of thecampaign‘s positive results, @loop99 receivedpermission from the rights holder and‗#yashimasakusen‘ became an officialoperation code on Twitter.
  • 36. Japan United Charity web shop The website is selling designs, the proceeds from is a mash-up summary website, will go to the Red Cross. One of our Ogilvyextracting tweets on #prayforjapan, collecting colleagues has contributed, too. He hasmemorable, heart-warming tweets from Japan created a T-shirt with the help of his friendsand messages of support and encouragement which is now up for sale on the website.from other countries.The site was developed by a Japanese universitystudent in one of the Tochigi evacuation centerson March 12. It quickly spread through Japan andto other countries, with over 250,000 retweetsand one million unique visitors daily from over125 countries within a week of its launch.It has been translated into 11 languages and hasbeen featured on the news in Korea, the US,France and other countries. Its Facebook fanpage became the sixth biggest in Japan withinfive days. Filipino immigrants after voting
  • 37. Japan United Saving electricity has been the major theme of posters created for public awareness by artists.
  • 38. Play For Japan, a fundraising campaign by the Japan Unitedgaming industry, is raising money through onlineauctions of gaming products. It raised over$100,000 within a month of launching on March 16. Filipino immigrants after voting
  • 39. Japan United Run for Japan Inspired by Japans great runners, Run ForCycle for Japan Japan ( is about bringing together the global runningA bicycling group organised a charity ride community and showing solidarity and supportnamed ―Rapha Rides For Tohoku‖, collecting through dedicated runs around the world to1,000 yen as a participation fee from each help the people of Japan. The challenge is torider. The collections will be donated to cover 24,901 miles (the circumference ofJapan Red Cross. Earth) in 28 days. To achieve this, runners are being asked to dedicate just one run to the people of Japan and donate at least one unit of their home currency per mile run.
  • 40. Japan United Sport for JapanRyo Ishikawa, a 19-year-old golf pro, announcedthat he would send his entire tournamentwinnings for this season to the relief effort — plus100,000 yen (about $1,200) for every birdie hemakes. Based on his 2010 performance, that totalcould exceed $2.2 million. On March 29, Japan‘s Blue Samurai national team, including 12 players based in Europe, played a charity match against the J-League All-Star team to raise funds for earthquake and tsunami relief. The total profit was over 22 million yen. This game was held in the Osaka area, so as not to use power from the Filipino immigrants after voting Kanto and Tohoku area.
  • 41. Japan UnitedMusicians for JapanThe music industry has also stepped forward.At,you can download songs to show your supportfor those affected.A charity album, Songs of Love – with 79 songsby 79 famous Japanese musicians fromUniversal Music – is being sold for 3,000 yen.The money will be donated to Japan Red CrossSociety.
  • 42. Art for Japan Japan UnitedArtwork collected from all over the world is being soldon of the profits from sales are being donated toDoctors Without Borders, Japan Red Cross Society andother earthquake and disaster relief efforts. Filipino immigrants after voting
  • 43. Campaigns & brands generating buzz
  • 44. Everyone’s talking about …Coffee and sporty style, in ChinaCoffee and Sporty Style in China National pride in BangladeshThe campaign for the new instant coffee from When much of the country was getting tearyStarbucks: eyed about the ICC World Cup opening"Enjoy Starbucks VIA" (in cooperation with the ceremony, the campaign for Bangladesh tourismlocation-based site Jiepang) was also touching hearts. Adding to the festiveMinisite link here: air of Dhaka at this time was this campaign called ‗The School of Life‘, which showed the new face of Bangladesh to the world. A Grey campaign,The online shopping portal Vancls first sports the ad was directed by Gazi Shubro for Tourismimage TVC. Watch it here: Board of Bangladesh, and has become one of most watched advertisements in Bangladesh. ItEy.html reflects the spirit, bravery, talent, playfulness, celebration, happiness, hope, mysticism, freedom, adventure, togetherness, art and love of beautiful Bangladesh to the world. Watch here:
  • 45. Everyone’s talking about … Songs with speed in Singapore Everyone in Singapore is talking about the worlds fastest band. In line with their support for Jamaican track athletes, Puma recently launched a range of running footwear, Faas, in collaboration with the Worlds Fastest Band (yes, that is their name). Featuring the talents of members Flex, Rocker and Groove, this trio takes unique to the next level, performing while running at breakneck speed. And they dont just sing -- instruments like shakers and even aSweet dreams in Taiwan and Malaysia guitar are featured in both their advertisements for Puma. Talk about multi-The same campaign has got people talking in tasking!Taiwan and Malaysia. It‘s the ‗Dream Rangers‘commercial created by Ogilvy Taiwan for the Watch it here:Taiwanese TC Bank, which has garnered over two online views so far. Based on a true story, GUzZothe commercial tells the story of five elderly men,with an average of over 80, who decide to go on a13-day motorcycle ride through Taiwan.The TVC asks, ―What do people live for?‖ Themen have been friends since their youth. Each hashis own problems – one has lost a loved one, somehave heart disease, and all have degenerativearthritis. But when one in their group passes away,the remaining five decide to relive their youngerdays spent riding bicycles by taking a road triparound Taiwan.Displaying the transformation of these oldergentlemen from hopelessness to joy, this inspiringTVC reminded viewers to live their dream, nomatter what their age.Watch it here:
  • 46. Everyone’s talking about …Talented ThailandNot a campaign but a TV show has been the small-screentalking point in Thailand of late. Thailand’s Got Talent arrivedrecently, a first for the British franchise. The show issponsored by Unilever Thailand and produced by WorkpointEntertainment and has proven to be quite a success. Cola wars in Sri Lanka It was inevitable that the soft drinks majors would be extremely active with their communication during the Cricket World Cup 2011. Though Pepsi was the official beverage sponsor, local cola player Kik also cooked up a new campaign. Coca Cola launched the ‗BRRRR‘ campaign, which had already seen success in Asia Pacific and African markets. A multi-media campaign across TV, radio, retail, social media and activation was rolled out. For the first time, all four Coca Cola brand ambassadors for Sri Lanka – the musical duo of Bathiya and Santhush and the cricketing heroes Sanga and Mahela featured in the same campaign. Watch here:
  • 47. Everyone’s talking about …The Spice Mobile Projector Phone(and it’s quirky TVC)Can that product innovation story fromNokia – where they repeated ad infinitum– how they put a torch into a phone for therural consumer in India. Here‘s a newone.Watching movies has always been aboutthe giant 70 mm screen in a theatre, with alarge bucket of popcorn. However, SpiceMobile brought the giant screen closerthrough its new feature, the projector,with the launch of its new handset.Interestingly, the handset manufacturerhas named the new device Popkorn,going with the positioning of the handsetas a fun gadget to watch movies.Ogilvy‘s Delhi office‘s TVC launching theproduct ups the fun quotient. AjayGahlaut, executive creative director,Ogilvy Delhi, told, "Wefigured that people would be so intriguedby the projector in the phone that theywould want to play with it and projectpictures on various interesting surfaces.After that, the film practically wroteitself.―Enjoy:
  • 48. The Last Book I Read Ogilvy’s creative team tells us …
  • 49. The Last Book I ReadIn The White Tiger, Aravind Adiga introduces usto Balram Halwai -- son of a rickshaw puller,former tea boy and self-proclaimedentrepreneur - who rose to become a successfulbusinessman from the depths of poverty andwhat he calls ‗the Darkness‘.His journey to success is detailed in a series ofletters to the Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao, whois visiting Bangalore to improve relations In Adventure Life, author Takahashi Ayumu tellsbetween India and China and to meet his own life story in a way that has changed mysuccessful Indian entrepreneurs. life. Though most people live life following the rules of society, Takahashi has not. When heHe writes: ―And our nation, though it has no felt a connection with the cowboy in theelectricity, sewage system, public Marlboro ad, he daringly left for America to betransportation, sense of hygiene, discipline, a cowboy. And when the bartender charactercourtesy or punctuality, does have from a movie excited him, he opened a barentrepreneurs. Thousands and thousands of right away. And if he wanted to tell his lifethem.‖ story, he set up his own publishing company! Instead of worrying or thinking endlessly, heAdiga creates a central character that is does anything it takes to make his dream real.sympathetic yet unsettling. Balram‘s love for It‘s the ‗Just Do It‘ spirit realized in life.Urdu poetry, chandeliers and his silverMacintosh laptop along with his wit illustrate Thanks to Takahashi‘s true story, I came tothis tale of greed, corruption, betrayal and believe that life can be joyful even if you aremurder with a developing India as a backdrop. not living as others do. For people who want to live life joyfully, I recommend this book.The White Tiger flows with a sense of engagingfrankness that makes for an excellent read. SungEun Song, Copywriter, Diamond Ogilvy,Perhaps this is why Adiga won the Man Booker KoreaPrize in 2008 for this debut effort.Sadia Hussain, Creative Manager, Ogilvy &Mather Pakistan
  • 50. The Last Book I Read David Nicholls‘s One Day is about Emma Morley, an insecure left-leaning class-conscious girl who uses a very British sort of sarcasm as her defense mechanism. She has a degree in English and history and has big, serious dreams. Then there is Dexter Mayhew, a good-looking guy from a rich family, very confident if a little complacent and whose goal in life is to be famous. These two people meet on the night of their graduation and are drawn to each other but must go their separate ways as Dexter is going away on a gap year to travel the world. The book charts their relationship every July 15, which is an anniversary of sorts, through the different directions their lives take through their 20s, 30s, till the present almost two decades later, and all those missed opportunities – including an 11-page letter Dexter wrote that never made its way to Emma. Emily Ding , Ogilvy & Mather MalaysiaWhat I Talk About When I Talk AboutRunning.Instead of going about the usual route inwriting his memoir/autobiography, HarukiMurakami intersperses running with hiswork as a writer, both playing equal roles inhis life. For him, running and writing feed offof each other.Gretchen Que , Copywriter, Ogilvy &Mather Philippines
  • 51. The Last Book I Read This book by Terry Pratchett is about nomes (not ‗g-nomes‘), a race of tiny people, four inches high, from another world who are living hidden among humans. Size does matter and throughout the book the nomes struggle to survive, staying out of sight whilst avoiding being stepped on, run over or becoming a dog‘s breakfast. The protagonist is a young nome called Masklin who‘s pushed to shoulder the burden of getting the nomes back home. Left with a bunch of agingNot only is Open a phenomenal nomes, the going is slow and all he‘s got is thisautobiography illustrating the thing called ―the thing‖ which is a black box which,development of Andre Agassi into one of when placed near electricity, is able tothe most popular and controversial tennis communicate with the nomes for the first time inplayers of our time, it also sheds light on 15,000 years.his extraordinary life experiences. Thisbook portrays the most terrible failures, It reveals that the nomes are from another worldthe most sensational victories, his entirely and that the department store they callrelationships, and the mistakes he has home is about to be demolished. So, it‘s up tomade in his life. The readers can discover Masklin, assisted by Grimma, a granny with athe brightest and darkest moments in young lad‘s heart, to get them out of there. In orderAgassis life in this book. to do that, however, he has to think big -- really big -- along the lines of, say, a Mack truck.Agassi said that to face failure is the mostdifficult thing, but only if you do so can Ransley Burrows, Creative Director, Phoenixyou really solve the problem. Ogilvy, Sri LankaJennifer Hu, Executive Creative Director,Ogilvy Taiwan.
  • 52. The Last Book I Read 1988 – I want to talk with the World Han Han is the world‘s most popular blogger, besides being a race car driver and founder of mainland China‘s first private magazine, Party (the magazine was shut down after just one issue). This is his long awaited novel, based on his encounters on the road. Wang Xia, Senior Art Director, Ogilvy Advertising, ShanghaiThe Phantom TollboothThis is a children‘s adventure novel byNorton Juster that centers on a young boynamed Milo who‘s always bored and seesthe world as a most uninteresting place.When he receives a mysterious tollboothone random afternoon, he assembles it anddrives right through it. Finding himself in acompletely different world, he has oneadventure after another in the course ofwhich he ends up seeing things in a newperspective.This is amongst the wisest and wittiestbooks I‘ve read in my 21 years. It‘s packedwith literary metaphors that a kid probablywouldn‘t pick up on the first read. What‘sgreat about it is Juster‘s play on words andthe way he turns ordinary events into suchmagical occurrences. The book takes on aplethora of important themes — learningfrom your mistakes, the importance ofbeing receptive to learning, having theright perspective, appreciating the littlethings, and believing in yourself.Sarie Cruz, Advertising trainee, Ogilvy &Mather Philippines
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