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The latest Consumer, Cultural Insights from across Asia Pacific, compiled by Ogilvy & Mather. This Bi Monthly online magazine captures the cultural shifts that are driving and shaping people across Asia, from Korea to India, Indonesia to China, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. It delves into social, political, cultural phenomena that are shaping people's opinions.

Edited by Kunal Sinha, with contributions from across the region.

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Consumer Insights from Asia Pacific created by Ogilvy & Mather

  1. 1. Issue 1 January 2011
  2. 2. The cultural trends magazine from Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific Edited & designed by Kunal Sinha Correspondents: Sophie Su (Beijing) Naima Hamid (Dhaka) Sabih Ahmed (Dhaka) Bubbly Encarnacion (Makati City) Donna Alcoseba (Makati City) Meher Mumtaz (Lahore) Tania Chan (Singapore) Shafiq Pontoh(Jakarta) Astrid Savitri (Jakarta) Naoko Ito (Tokyo) Azusa Fukai (Tokyo) Nayumi Nagase (Tokyo) Serena Park (Seoul) San Vu (Ho Chin Min City) Natalie Gruis (Ho Chi Minh City) Siddharth Roy (Colombo) SM Sudesh (Colombo) Mei Wu (Taipei) Caryl Heah (Kuala Lumpur) Maulshree Kalothia (Mumbai) Natasha Soonthornwiratne (Bangkok) © Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific, 2011
  3. 3. Asia is a mosaic of cultures. It speaks a babble of ancient languages, now magnified manifold by earphones, now twisted randomly into emoticons. It erupts in color in times of celebration. It turns white in times of mourning. A boundless optimism coexists with seething anger. If Vietnam is the world‟s most optimistic nation, then Bhutan invented the Happiness Index. Its people exude compassion in times of distress. They invent solutions in times of deprivation. They‟re now building the world‟s tallest building, buying the most expensive art, manufacturing the world‟s fastest train, and have created the most expensive private home. There‟s a lot that‟s up in Asia. And you know what? The world is interested in knowing.
  4. 4. 14 countries. 20 correspondents deeply immersed in popular and TAIWAN leading edge culture. JAPAN Bring you Cultural Insights that will make a difference to your business.
  5. 5. CONTENTS Look who‟s talking Knowing me, Knowing you: Young men in Asia Playing on my iPod Rage Against Waiting List Tense About Everyone‟s talking About While on holiday Aggregate influence
  6. 6. Look who’s talking … The voice of the cultural commentator In every issue, we feature an interview with an artist / filmmaker / DJ / photographer / architect / web designer / cool shopowner / magazine editor
  7. 7. Look who’s talking … What‟s important to young men • It‟s important to them to be in the know and to be informed about general knowledge. They want to be the first to have heard of interesting news and to be first-adopters. Trends among them • Young Malaysian men are style and body conscious; men are increasingly aware of fashion brands and pop culture, and there Richard Augustin, Malaysia has been an increase the number of gyms. • They also are beginning to seek for quality Current Editor-in-Chief of men‟s instead of quantity and are more discerning entertainment magazine „The Score‟; in their choices. For example, they are Co-host of local radio food show „The beginning to shift from noisy clubbing to Om Nom Show‟. quality conversations with friends at pubs. Type of person young men admire Their goals in life • Macho, gutsy, and self-made. E.g. Ian • To be successful in whichever field they Wright, Bear Grylls choose to be in. • Success is all-rounded: When they are What‟s hot in 2010 financially comfortable, happy with their • Movies: 3D movies have been popular jobs, have stability, and have enough time among them this year, with Avatar 3D for their other interests. kicking off the interest. Super-hero movies that draw from comics, such as Tron and Challenges they face Kickass allow them to relieve their • Being financially comfortable – they childhoods. struggle to earn enough to support the • TV Series: They are drawn to shows that lifestyle they want. have slapstick humor, such as Family Guy. • Finding their own identity – there are too Other shows that are hot are Dexter and many influencers that they don‟t know who True Blood (a drama series centering to follow, and there is peer pressure to around vampires) follow the crowd. This is evident in the huge • Music: R&B and Hip Hop still remain uptake among young men in smart phones, popular among the young men. such as the iPhone and Blackberry. Their notion of romance One word to describe them • They lack imagination in romance – their • „Lost‟ – young Malaysian men only care idea of romance is clichéd and materialistic. about having fun and most are born with a For example, they tend to give big flashy silver spoon. They need guidance on how to gifts to their partners, such as the iPhone or lead a meaningful life and how to manage flowers, and they only show their affection their money. during Valentine‟s day, anniversaries and birthdays.
  8. 8. Look who’s talking … Orbis Fu (31), Director of the live music venue, The Wall, Taipei Bands at The Wall play rock and indie music, attracting an audience aged 25-35 years. Kevin Kang (40), Marketing Director of FHM Magazine, Taiwan with 15 years experience in the publishing industry. Extend the life stage, but not live it. Facing seriousness in a non serious way They do not know what to do after In order to reduce stress from dealing with graduation, and they are not sure what they serious events in their life, they employ a want. Because they may get low salaries after humorous and relaxed perspective to graduating from college or university, they problems. They believe that a serious event feel lost when thinking about their future. would turn out to be funnier and less stressful Under these uncertain circumstances, they if it is interpreted with a humorous point of don‟t know whether the next stage of life will view. be better, so they choose to extend the current stage of life. When the young The author here used a humorous way to tell a working men come to the time of facing up to story regarding the loss of her beloved father big changes in life, they'choose to avoid it. in the film “Seven Days in Heaven”. That's the reason why many of them choose to stay single, instead of getting married. The blogger uses irony to describe his stressful working environment in the famous The proportion of college students deferring blog “I‟m Mark” graduation was at 8% in 1999 and 18% in ( 2008. Shortcut, bypass, just not the regular path When a problem arose, previous generations tchose to face the task head on and it right away. In contrast, today‟s young working men mostly avoid solving it. They try to find ways to achieve their goals without fixing the problem; as they believethat problem solving is difficult and time-consuming. “When there‟s a stone in the path on the way to your destination: the 30-something generation tries to move the stone away, whereas the young working men would find a different way to arrive at the destination.” Kevin Kang
  9. 9. Look who’s talking … “Me” is bigger than “Us” Little happiness provides huge satisfaction They are used to being paid loads of attention to They feel that they can‟t make any changes in by their parents. They tend to be more "self- society or the world, so they would rather pay oriented", which means that the traditional attention to themselves and the hierarchy in industries is ignored. They usually persons/objects that are related to their daily don't follow instructions of their supervisors. life, such as friends, family and even pets. Instead, they solve problems based on whatever They love to do something funny to make they think is correct. people around them happy, even though those things may be trivial. This can be achieved by “When I assign work to them, they either don‟t going to a good restaurant, buying a new follow my instructions or they don‟t do it at all. watch, or downloading software via an iPhone. Therefore, in order to help them to accomplish their work, I have to understand their concerns and communicate with them in a way that is understandable to them.” Orbis Fu Efficient success They have been used to getting quick wins and quick answers in their life, thus they hope to acquire an immediate success at work as well. It is just like obtaining real-time results after hitting the search key on an internet search engine. As a result, getting promoted fast and having a pay increase is definitely important to them. “It is believed that they can gain an immediate success if they work hard. If they can‟t obtain success at work as expected, they would seek The famous singer Kuang-Chung Lu tends to other alternatives to achieve quick success, such address more trivial things in his songs, such as establishing an online or mobile store.” as breakfast. Orbis Fu h8 Life after work is the true life I can lose a job, but I cannot lose a friend Since they get little money from working and don‟t foresee any possibilities of getting As they can't obtain the sense of achievement promoted, they treat their job as a place for from work, they put more emphasis on receiving an income only. Having fun off duty is developing friendships. The senses of the focus of their life. As such, they prefer easy personal identification and value identification jobs without the need for working overtime. can be accomplished by hanging out with friends. “Life after work is most important: they‟d rather go watch movies and hang out with friends “Jobs are substitutable for them, but friends are immediately after getting off duty.” not. For them, it is more serious to be isolated Orbis Fu by friends than to be yelled at by the boss”. Orbis Fu
  10. 10. Look who’s talking … Malinda Seneviratne wears many hats - poet, journalist, author, social observer & commentator, political analyst. He‟s extremely well known within the Sri Lankan cultural & social circle . What‟s killing Gilber Grape, aka Ruwan Resilient & Resourceful Senanayake? Sri Lankans get worked up about one The Sri Lankan Young Working Man (YWM) of another. We have tense-moments, yes. During today faces challenges that are more complex elections for example. We are a passionate lot and more numerous than those his counterpart of but only in spurts. We act as though an election a generation ago did. The challenges were outcome matters in life-or-death dimensions but different, the approach different and the relapse and recover the defining character-strain endowments brought to bear on handling of our culture: 'laidbackness'. challenge were also different. The YWM of a couple of decades ago was far more We get fired up one moment and the next we straitjacketed. There were well defined avenues laugh if off and laugh at ourselves. We channel to walk and clarity about the passwords and anxiety into humour. We are a funny lot. This visas that would give entry to preferred was true during the war and during the two destination. If for some reason the certification bloody insurrections we lived (and died) through was not obtained, the YWM went for grin-and- in 1971 and 1988-89 which by the way were far bear. Or sulk and swear. Or throw Molotov more intense and brutal given the frequency of Cocktails at someone. death. True during and after the tsunami. Took it all in. Chewed. Digested. Got it out of our Today's YWM is hard-nosed. Street-wise. Very system. Lived through barricades and knowledgeable about passwords and visas. He's checkpoints, random bombs and flesh-pieces got a more detailed map and as such not only and people being burnt by the road side and knows how to get to there from here but how to waterways that turned into temporary do it without wasting time. Or bucks. cemeteries. Floods. Displacement. He's not given to taking things for granted, We are a get-by nation. except of course that the world owes him no Nothing remarkable. favors and therefore should expect none in And nothing colourless either. return.
  11. 11. Look who’s talking … Yu Jun, Product Manager The pressure of competition and the isolation from active social life have fuelled the longing For young men in China today, pressure is the for young men to become socially accepted. And key word. They‟re pressured (and also self- they have turned to the internet, blog about motivated) to be successful, to afford an themselves, post journal entries about apartment, to get married, to find a suitable themselves, seeking recognition and acceptance. girlfriend, etc. Yet most of the pressure comes from career, and peer competition. They would love to find people with similar interests or hobbies, so that genuine friendship The mass media today has created an enormous may form. However, for young men who are amount of “models” for young men to aspire to. working (rather than attending school), sharing Young men look up to models like Jack Ma, Yu thoughts become increasingly difficult because Minhong (founder of the New Oriental School, they don‟t want to misspeak or offend people in one of the largest English-tutoring institutions in his social networks. Given the complexity of his China), or Li Kaifu as icons for their future. They social networks (friends, interested parties, inspire the inner drive in young people that they acquaintances), young men are reluctant to must become someone in this world. To become share their ideas and feelings on the internet. As an achiever, these young men pull long hours at a result, most white-collar workers just use work. They skip regular meals and they shun microblogs, saying a few words, or simply social life if that runs in conflict with his work forwarding other people‟s articles. Most would schedule. They are aware that these habits may simply browse and post short comments. Some affect their health. Most white-collar young men have come to feel that their concentration span is experience stomach problems of various shorter, and their thinking becomes more degrees. But they‟re too busy, to distracted or fragmented. too pressured to care about these issues. Young men today believe in success, and Young men also suffer from a loss of friends. It‟s clearly, material success. Living in the huge pretty hard to define what is a friend now. One contrast between success and failure, fame and reason for it is that they‟re not time-pressed to anonymity, they‟ve also carved a bottom line for keep regular contact with friends. Friends who themselves that “to be alive is good.” It makes work and live in the same city can barely find them appreciate what they have, and drives time to schedule a regular lunch or dinner them to do better. Most young men has a strong together. A second reason is that young men “work hard before enjoy” attitude toward life. consciously select their friends from a utilitarian They believe before 30 they should suffer and point of view. With personal interests in sweat to some degree, so that they can save consideration, friendship, in its true sense, enough for their late life, for security and becomes hard to form. A third reason is the material comfort. It would be arbitrary to say that increasing migration flow in big cities. Young young men in China are adopting hedonic men come together and they drift apart. A man lifestyles or values. It would be more fair to say with 150 friends may, in a year, find that most of that they‟re coming to taste the complicated them gone. It‟s not easy to maintain these lost flavors of life altogether, and enjoy the ride relationships. along the way.
  12. 12. Look who’s talking … Gilbert “Gilbz” Ibanez is a graphic artist and toymaker from Manila. He creates toys customized to client requests using vinyl as his canvass. Gilbz views his creations as works of art rather than playthings for children. His toys sell for Php 8, 000 to as much as Php 60, 000. Gilbz takes inspiration from issues in the world Professionals before went to work, then went and from what his audience experiences. “Each home. Nowadays, these guys do more with their yuppie had a dream when they were kids, like lives because they value work-life balance. monsters or robots or any character. That is Additionally, they have more ways to achieve what I make, what I put on display.” what they want in life.” Many of Gilbz‟s clients are young professionals, Gilbz is inspired by anything organic. His work mostly male. Young professionals have the has always been based on values. “They [young purchasing power to acquire many of his men] grew up without their parents. Their creations. They contact him through e-mail or parents were absent from home because of Facebook. His clients either have toys work. But I think young people need to have customized, the usual form being a robot, toys values instilled in that later on, you inspired from Japanese anime, or characters have peace of mind to let them live on their from pop culture, or buy finished work that own.” Characters based on World War 2 are Gilbz conceptualized. the latest work of Gilbz. Gilbz entitled this “PG” and it talks about the destruction of the values “My clients like fashion... this is a new form of system, due to the lack of parental guidance. fetish for them, like what shoes mean for The lack of Parental Guidance is the reason why women. These guys have the money to buy, young people are led astray and make unwise unlike kids who ask their parents for toys. What life decisions. I make is not something that they play with. It is an art work for display, a trophy for them. When you buy these toys, you buy the artist and the Left; the “P” of PG, Preddy is the concept behind it and not just the toy. That is character who stands for Pride why it is expensive.” and the bomb with him is “Little Boy ”, one of the bombs that fell When asked about what is unique about his in World War II. clientele Gilbz says, “These young men are part of the generation that grew up in this period of globalization. Because of the internet, the world is smaller. They know about the urban art of New York and fashion of other countries. Their issues and sources of stress are different but they have more outlets for this. Right: the “G” of PG, Greedy is with “Big Boy”, one of the bombs that fell in World War II.
  13. 13. Look who’s talking … “What are you in to, or hungry for?” Music wise I like Reggae, Hip Hop and a lot of music with bass driven sound. I'm more of a t- shirt and jeans kind of guy. I love my graphics tees and sneakers. The people I play to are much the same, but you can see a huge cross section of styles and identities these days. I think the aspiration is to have one [a style or identity]. More Vietnamese are experimenting with visual cues that can identify themselves… whether this Jase Nguyen is clothes, tattoos, phones, brand names. There Disc Jockey are so many choices these days, and less and Ho Chi Minh City less taboos. “How would you describe Vietnamese men in “What do young men in Vietnam care about, one phrase?” what is becoming more important to them?” Conservative Rebels ! I believe that the pressure to be financially stable is becoming more relevant, this coupled “How do you think young men in Vietnam with the internal desire to keep a relaxed have changed in the last couple of years?” lifestyle creates a greater demand for places where people can escape and enjoy life -outside Vietnamese men changed so much - they are of day-to-day industrious duties. For me, my more fashion and style conscious, and in many passion and break out destination has always cases exploring the new western life styles. I been music. can see more men targeted fashion shops all around the city, fashion and lifestyle magazines “What makes you angry?” for men only – from gadgets (stuff) to fashion and men‟s health, even men‟s cosmetics have made A lot of young Vietnamese are buying into new in-roads locally. cultures - being shown to them on TV - without questioning them first. Being spoon fed taste and preferences from an „MTV‟ style of music creates a hub of ignorance, especially when it comes to music. There are means to research and find out about what they are listening to and why they like it (internet), but many don‟t use this. The crowd of people more discerning has begun to grow, opening up opportunities for new DJs and music genres to penetrate Vietnam – because they are not just settling for what they get told they should listen to.
  14. 14. Look who’s talking … The new gold digger is male! According to Mrs. Kirmani, a prominent match-maker in Pakistan‟s largest metropolitan city, Karachi: “More men are looking for wives in an upper strata or a working woman. They are willing to marry divorcees and older women if it means a better life. For men, marriage is an opportunity to „move up‟ the social ladder.” Because of the uncertainty of the future accompanied by deteriorating economic conditions, “Men are getting married earlier Dheeraj Sinha because of financial pressures. Parents are Author marrying their sons early because they don‟t "Consumer India: know how long they will be able to afford it”. Inside the Indian Mind & Wallet" A shifting locus of morality The shifting locus of morality has also meant that a lot of the sacrosanct of the earlier For today‟s young men in India, the larger generations has been questioned. For the locus of morality has shifted from what was youth of today‟s India putting up a social face socially appropriate to what‟s personally whitewashed in goodness is not of a primary useful. What‟s good or what‟s bad is no more importance. In fact small shortcuts, some decided by what others would say, it‟s manipulation, a little greed is ok for them. decided by what you want. As some of the Some bit of bad is actually good for this youth we spoke with put it “we believe in generation. being honest, but only to ourselves”. As they put it if you can‟t scoop out cream The value system of this generation is with a straight finger, there is no harm in therefore constructed by themselves. It is not using a spoon”. This shift has made itself something that they have to live up to but manifest in the rise of the new anti hero something that‟s been designed to help them archetype in Bollywood. achieve what they want to. It‟s a via media to their desires rather than being a destination in At one end there is a death of the itself. quintessential villain as he existed in the Indian cinema – the repository of all that was socially evil. In an act of reciprocation, the hero of the Bollywood has turned a little grey, cutting some corners at times and not hesitating from pulling a fast one to achieve a milestone in his path to success.
  15. 15. Knowing me, Knowing you Intimate profiles of one group whose lives & opinions we believe matter.
  16. 16. Young Men in Asia
  17. 17. Knowing me, Knowing You 27 year old Joe is from Taipei. Asanka, from Kandana in Sri He works 10hrs per day but Lanka is 26 years old and lives only gets USD$930 a month, so with his parents. He works as a he can neither afford to live ticketing officer at a travel away from his parents nor own agency, leaves home for work a car. Although he feels happy at 7:30 am and returns at 7:30 every time he hangs out with pm. He has stringhoppers for Chi Ming Loh, Malaysia. He is friends in a little dive bar, he breakfast, rice and curry for a 26 year old social media feels sad that he can‟t afford to both lunch and dinner. A non- entrepreneur. He lives alone take his girlfriend to a fancy smoker, Asanka occasionally and eats out or takes away restaurant. And the thought of drinks beer, but milk and meals mostly. A typical day for marriage never enters his Milkmaid are his favorite him involves: keeping up with mind. beverages. He shops at small his friends on social media and textile outlets at Kollupitiya & with tech news, working, Joe likes to stay at home after Bambalapitiya because he exercising, chatting online, work or during weekends, believes that they stock and reading or watching a because he can have lots of fun uncommon items. series. He worships Apple and through the web at little uses an iPhone 4. He‟s expense. Because he hungers digitally connected practically for new information and social Asanka has a girlfriend who his contact, Facebook and MSN 24/7 through his laptop and his parents approve of. He spends are not only networking tools, iPhone. his weekends are her home, or but life-critical elements. playing carrom or volleyball However, he usually feels with his friends. When He is in long-term long alone and lonely when staying discussing romance, he say‟s it distance relationship. He up late. is all about living life to the believes romance is in the little fullest. He surfs the Red Tube things you do daily to make His friends like him a lot porn site on the internet and your partner happy, not the because of his humor and thinks Facebook is a waste of big flashy symbols. optimism,. Joe can always time. mock everything to entertain He has two goals in life: 1. To everyone, whether it‟s a His dream is to build a house be recognized and respected political event, social issue or in an environmentally friendly in the things he has passion an office scandal. In addition, location and hopes to have a for; and 2. To maintain good he can easily get into any stable career and rise higher relationships with the people group he has an interest in, and in his chosen profession. in his life. owes thanks for this ability to his experiences of team work during high school.
  18. 18. Knowing me, Knowing You Thong (right), 26, single, works in sales for a canned food Beijing native Xu gets up at 6:30 company. On the left is his am, turns on the TV and the „ban nhau‟ [drinking buddy] computer, and takes a quick who plays soccer with him 2 bath. He browses the web for Rahman is 24 years old times a week after work. They news, microblogs, check on and dropped out of both live in Ho Chi Minh City., gmails, hotmails, school in the 6th grade. Qmails, etc. He cooks breakfast, They are realists, but still He works as a tea boy at and eats in front of the TV. He ambitious to improve their an office in Lahore, and makes his plans for the day on the lives and contribute to the lives supplements his income computer, He leaves for work at of the people around them. by working weekends at 8:45, takes the subway, and reads a car workshop. His a bit when it‟s not too crowded. Thong owns 2 mobile phones monthly earnings are He then start working at 9:30, with 2 sim cards: the post-paid with meetings, talking to meager: Rs.10,000 (117 sim card is for his permanent USD). He spends it on his colleagues and coordinating number to receive calls; and a work flows. For lunch he buys a family‟s needs; these sim „rac‟ (trash sim) (promotion few fruits at the wet market prepaid sim card with big days he is saving up to downstairs, eating in front of his amount of free talking time) to pay for his sister‟s computer. During lunch, he make calls. wedding. usually uses IM to plan his evening with friends. They meet He hates driving a motorbike His first girlfriend was for dinner at 6:30 pm and go to a to work, as the roads are when he was 16. He says café for more talk at about 9 pm. congested with traffic jams and that he‟s a hopeless On weekends, the night usually the air is polluted. This is a ends with a drink at a bar, or a romantic - watches growing concern for him. The Bollywood flicks, karaoke place. high inflation rate has been believing in true love keeping him up at night - it Xu has a practical approach makes him feel he didn‟t earn and once lay down on towards romance. To him, the enough this year. railway tracks to prove it. most important thing is to find a He‟s been on the internet girl who can share his thoughts, He strongly feels the only twice; with his who understands him, and who government should do a better friends to watch porn. He can carry on a pleasant job. On both accounts – to do commutes on a bicycle conversation with him. He is not something about the mounting and spends Rs. 50/week comfortable with blind dates or pressure that emerging set-ups, preferring to meet on phone credit. infrastructure is having on the someone naturally. He also wants roads, and also to alleviate the girl to be comfortable with He has a second hand some of the economic strain him, and pays attention to how that is starting to affect middle Nokia N72. she feels. income earners like himself.
  19. 19. Knowing me, Knowing You Jandric (left) is a 22 year old Filipino who loves sneakers and basketball shoes. He uses a Nokia 6600; his laptop is a Mac Book Pro. Jandric lives with his parents families but spends more time at work than at home. Establishing a career is the most pressing concern for him have because he wants to gain financial independence from his parents. Avinash Jaiveer Singh (above) When we asked him what‟s the On weekdays, he‟s at office for at is a 26 year old working in last cool thing he bought least 8 hours, after which he goes Mumbai. Btw that is not his real himself he said YELLOW shoes. home in the evenings to eat name..or a part of it is not. His Seriously, the color came first, dinner. All day long, he‟s wired real name is Avinash Chugh then the brand, then the detail to the internet through his office but he changed it to Avinash on the shoe and finally came computers or laptops: chatting Jaiveer Singh. Why? ”kyonki how it made him look cool. with friends on Facebook, isme ek feel aata hai” (Because tweeting his thoughts, or there is a certain ring to this). Next on wishlist is a Bullet checking NBA fantasy league It‟s important for this mororcycle. He knows that he scores in Yahoo. Sports, generation to get a „feel‟ of cannot afford a brand new one basketball and running, is his things. That‟s a nebulous so he has decided to buy a way of bonding with his barkada concept, hard to explain, but second hand one. It‟s pure (group of friends) . He watches for them everything gets machismo. basketball games/ boxing/ or measured by whether UFC fights on TV. something has „feel‟ or not. Avinash‟s Monday morning Facebook message says Love for these young men is Avinash works as a supervising „Boo‟ze Night Out! The Sunday about taking risks, even in the producer at MTV networks, one says “had a B.L.A.S.T‟. The face of rejection. Jandric says, comes from the small but very one on Saturday sayid“amit “When you risk something in Punjabi town of Panipat, and brilliance trivedi @ no one relationships, where or not you lives by himself in Bombay. He killed Jessica (That‟s praise for face acceptance or denial, you has been working for a few the music director of the latest know that you gave it all, there is years now – made his movie „No one Killed Jessica‟). really nothing to regret.” professional choices by what he felt when, not necessarily On more than one occasion he He believes that technology has what seemed „right‟. More and talks about the lack of good become a barrier in creating more, youngsters want to friends. The real buddies, not more meaningful relationships. “I combine what they like doing the party buddies.. Lack of think people are forgetting how and what makes money. companionship. Lack of to communicate well with peers genuine people. and parents. When chatting, you Like all men his age he likes don‟t really know what the other the cool stuff. He has a In the Facebook profile picture person feels, you just have to Blackberry Curve. above, he‟s smoking a joint. guess”.
  20. 20. Knowing me, Knowing You Kushal lives in one of the most densely populated cities in the world, Dhaka. He is doing his Bachelors in Business Administration at the United International University, while interning at a multinational company. Leaving for work every morning fills Kushal up with Compared with the generation that came dread. The journey is the most painful experience: before, the young Japanese man is less Traffic jams, waiting for the bus / auto rickshaw, optimistic, less ambitious and less willing to noise everywhere, crowds on the roads, someone take risks. He is less likely to own a car, want creating trouble … there is even no place left a car, or drive fast if he has a car. He is less where people can take fresh breath. likely to pursue sex on the first date - or the third. He is, in general, less likely to spend At the office, his day passes quickly with lots of money. He is more likely to spend money on work, meetings, and other things. Sometimes, when cosmetics. He rejects the 70-hour workweek he has a bit of free time, Kushal gossips with his and purchase-for-status. Instead of colleagues and shares his ideas, views with them. fantasizing about riches, he now fantasizes about balanced lives and time for his family It is usually late in the evening, after another and quaint hobbies. agonizing journey, that Kushal is able to return home. His home is his dreamland . He lives with his In fashion. girls have stopped wearing skirts, family, and they care for him. His mother‟s cooked the color pink and high heels, while guys a delicious meal for him. have started wearing them. He relaxes for some time to reduce the pressure of These „Cider Boys‟ want to be a natural working for such a long time. Then he spends time person, contribute to society and have lots of with his parents, watches TV, or plays video games female friends (not girlfriends). with his younger brother.
  21. 21. Playing on my iPod* The definitive playlist from across Bangalore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Beijing, Karachi, Ho Chin Minh City, Seoul, Jakarta, Singapore, Manila * or at my favorite KTV parlor
  22. 22. Colombo Mumbai, Dhaka, Karachi, Lahore Munni Badnaam Hui From the film Dabangg MIRAGE h?v=YpnohT_a-2I Jakarta Sheela ki Jawaani From the film Tees Maar Percaya Padaku Khan By Ungu h?v=awbgHmKR88A h?v=QPEn9-k3kds In Karachi, they‟re also listening to … Apa Salahku By D‟Masiv Mein Tenu Samjhawaan ki by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan h?v=GuGgrnau8BA&feature=r elated h?v=En4aZkij_q4 Manila In Dhaka, they‟re also Please don‟t go listening to … by Mike Posner Surjo Snan a Chol by Bappa Majumdar =HpixdTlYlKU tion=com_zina&Itemid=90 Turn around by Flo Rida h?v=Q0nD2wTrvKg
  23. 23. Playing on my iPod* Beijing Taipei Bless – an electronic interpretation of a traditional song m/watch?v=_gWu5Y6y Mei Name Jiandan, “It‟s Not That Y4E Simple”, by Huang Xiaohu 80 popular singers join voices to give the next generation a brighter mp3 future Chen Dian, “Quieting Down”, m/watch?v=o5M8tB_O by Li Xiaoyun A8M .mp3 Kuala Lumpur Ho Chi Minh City Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars deos/bruno- Anh, written by Xuan Phuong mars/558837/just-the- performed by Ho Quynh Huong way-you-are.jhtml bai-hat/Anh-Ho-Quynh- Huong.IW6BDDA8.html Tokyo K-Pop bands such as Kara, and Girls Generation Love the way you lie – Eminam feat. Rihanna Nryy5elc8
  24. 24. Rage against … What‟s making people really angry, and why?
  25. 25. Rage against … The 100-storey mega tower project is initiated Injustice is defined by these young men as by Permodalan Nasional Berhad, Malaysia‟s people not getting what they deserve. It biggest fund management company to build a angers them when they see the corruption in tower that would generate wealth and create the Philippines government and the resulting an icon for a developed and modern Malaysia. poverty in the Philippines. Seeing that It was announced in Budget 2011 that it would Filipinos complain about the government, but cost RM5 billion and be ready for 2015. The do not do their duty as citizens (for example: project will occupy a plot of land in the city to vote during elections) makes these young which holds great significance as the place we men angry. And more than that, it affects them achieved independence. when they see people apathetic to the plight of others. The project drew the citizens‟ rage because they felt that the RM5 billion it would take to Jandric says, “It pisses me off when people build it could be put to better use in the complain about the government but they don‟t country‟s quest to become a high-income take responsibility in voting. It really pisses nation e.g. transportation, broadband me off when people are not affected by what is infrastructure and education. They are not happening to their neighbours, if they are not convinced that the city needs this boost, sympathetic or moved. You are making this especially when a property glut is predicted in much money and you are just thinking about the near future. yourself.” His friend Dino echoes, ”I get mad at people Opposition towards the project has grown far who don‟t follow rules, people who promise and wide. A Facebook page protesting the and never deliver, people who like taking tower was created, with almost 270,000 fans. It short cuts and the easy way out, people who is speculated that, should the project go do things but don‟t think about their through, there will be adverse effects on the consequences, and people who complain too governing party, which has been in power for much. I get pissed off at them because I hate over 60 years. people not getting what they deserve. I hate people getting away with things that they shouldn‟t get away with... I believe in justice, and people getting what they deserve. So if people don't get what they deserve, it pisses me off.”
  26. 26. Rage against … Lasantha Wicrematunge, without even a shadow of a doubt, was the most loved and respected investigative journalist Sri Lanka has ever produced. He was feared by the shady, the corrupt and the criminal. They yielded enormous power in various ways. Among them were politicians, high ranking service personnel, and drug barons. He The House of Representatives in Indonesia has exposed them all. He was loved and lately started a new trend of visiting other respected by those who wanted Sri Lanka to countries, using the alibi of doing a be a better place to live. Lasantha was shot “comparison study case” for their trip abroad. at, his house was burnt, he escaped When they return with no result or kidnapping by hair's breadth. He was improvement in the way the parliament tormented endlessly. His newspaper functions, it raises a fundamental issue that this establishment was set fire to. But undeterred, activity is actually wasting millions of dollars of he pursued his crusade, he remained taxpayer money on overseas trips. unruffled. He scoffed at people who asked him to be careful. His taking on the powers Some of the countries that the parliamentarians that be earned him sobriquet "Leader of the have visited are: UK, Egypt, Greece, Cuba, and Opposition" in the light of the weak and Turkey. meek, opposition. Enough was enough, for the high and the mighty and the corrupt. The report that was submitted in most of these cases was just a single page, and included the It was yet another routine day for Lasantha. tour schedule, while the other reports contained He was getting in to his car to drive to his basic information easily found from the Web. office, perhaps armed with "ammunition" for All this was uncovered by an independent his customary and deadly Sunday Exposure. nongovernmental institution. Little did he knew armed contract killers were lurking for their priced prey not so far Even the natural disasters that lately happened way from his work place. Lasantha was in Indonesia doesn‟t stop them from brutally murdered within half an hour of undertaking the trip; even though they are setting out from his home. That was how aware that people expect them to re-allocate curtain came down tragically of this journalist the budget to support the victims of natural - brave to the core. disasters. While this happened in Jan 2009, the event is As people are starting to show disapproval and still etched deeply in minds of Sri Lankans protesting these trips, upcoming trips are now and keeps reminding them that perhaps the being re-evaluated and even cancelled. country is far from FREE. Contributed by Irwin Weerackody, Chairman, Ogilvy Sri Lanka
  27. 27. Rage against … What gets us hopping mad is the way media in India approach news. Everything they say is geared towards creating more distrust, making people paranoid about daily life. And the worst part is, most of it is also true … it‟s one scam after another. The 2G license scam – 1.76 million million rupees loss to the government. Too many cars on the road. Traffic congestion Barkha Dutt/Vir Sanghvi episode: Now you in Beijing has now become a common part of can't be sure of which journalists are speaking life, and only getting more widespread. The the truth, and the truth behind news are roads are not utilized well, and the policy of presented to you. You are losing respect for staggering rush hours has done little to the people you respected the most. alleviate the situation. Cars pile up on roads, along roadsides, with angry people stuck Adarsh Housing Society scam: Even the Indian inside. As people become irritated, it Army is corrupt; not just Indian government contributes to increasing bickering or fights employees. on the road. Commonwealth Games scam: Even events of In August, a massive traffic jam slowed national importance aren't spared of vehicles to a crawl for nine days near Beijing. corruption by politicians & bureaucrats. Vehicles, mostly lorries bound for Beijing, were in a queue for about 100km (62 miles) Loan funding scams: You thought it was the because of heavy traffic, road works and builders who are keeping real estate prices breakdowns. Drivers complained that locals high. You were wrong! It's the housing loan were over-charging them for food and drink funding institutions. while they were stuck. The numerous sex scandals of religious / But traffic congestion is not a phenomenon spiritual leaders: You thought they are particular to Beijing. Among the 667 cities in enlightened. No, they are as human as you China, two thirds experience traffic congestion are.... and bigger cheats!!! at the rush hours. Fifteen of the country‟s largest cities lose 1 billion RMB on average per day, due to traffic delays.
  28. 28. Waiting list …
  29. 29. Waiting list So, what are people queuing up for? Very different things, really. On November 4th, Uniqlo, a opened its doors in Imran Tariq, who was standing at Sadiqabad Kuala Lumpur. An estimated number of 2,500 sugar sale point near Rawalpindi in Pakistan, to 4,000 people turned up for Uniqlo‟s first complained that he had been waiting in line store opening. since early morning but the vehicle delivering sugar did not arrive till afternoon. Shopkeepers in Rawalpindi are selling sugar at Rs 90 – Rs105 per kilogramme despite a directive by the Punjab government to fix the price at Rs 72 per kg. The government had threatened to take “stern” action against anyone who overcharged. But Amjad Bashir, a shopkeeper in Dhoke Khabba, said it was not possible for him to sell sugar at 72 per kg because he got the commodity from wholesale markets at the cost of 5000 per 50 kg bag. The cost price for every kg of sugar is Rs100, he said. Its launch was one of the more highly Residents complain that the sugar available at anticipated and much hyped up ones in these places is short in supply and low in Malaysia, with patrons lining up night before quality. and a queue that lasted its entire opening weekend and through its first week. The crowds were drawn to Uniqlo‟s high fashion and high quality pieces at affordable prices. Uniqlo fills a gap in the market – although there are high street brands in Malaysia, they also come with more expensive price tags. Furthermore, the young men of Malaysia were especially excited about Uniqlo, as there is a lack of choice for stylish men‟s clothing in Malaysia. It‟s the same story in Taipei, and Shanghai … This is the sign that the management had to put up.
  30. 30. Waiting list In Beijing, there‟s always a long queue at the door of every branch of Haidilao, a hotpot restaurant that‟s part of a national chain. The restaurant is famous for its humane treatment of its employees, its well-trained staff, standard yet personable service, and of course its spicy bubbling hotpot It has become almost fashionable to wait in a line at Haidilao. Some people even treat it as a necessary fun part of eating at the restaurant. You can get your nails done, play Chinese checkers, or have a fresh plate of fruit while For a lot of people living in Hanoi (the capital of you wait It‟s popular because everyone knows Vietnam with the highest population it‟s popular. concentration in the country) an affordable apartment is the most desirable thing in life. The paradox in Vietnam is that there are too many luxury apartments and only a very small percentage of the population who can afford them. When the first apartment building for the low- income segment in Hanoi (pictured above) announced its sales there were 1,576 requests for 328 apartments. A lucky draw had to be held to decide who would be entitled to buy. The lucky draw (right) was supervised by several government bodies and speculation was prohibited.
  31. 31. Tense about …
  32. 32. Tense about Many Filipinos opt to work overseas due to the lack of job opportunities in the country. The government is often perceived as culprit behind this surge in unemployment since they are too preoccupied politicking rather than addressing national problems. Affluent Vietnamese (or mixed-race Vietnamese) parents are facing a new The limited job opportunities in the Philippines dilemma: Can their children be considered aren‟t at par with the educational level of well educated if they lose a sense of their Filipino applicants. On the other end of the Vietnamese roots and parents‟ culture? How spectrum, those educated in public schools can the gap between generations be bridged if often aren‟t qualified for the openings in these Vietnamese children today don‟t speak various industries. Filipinos who are not able to their parents‟ mother tongue? enrol in the top-tier private Universities and Colleges cannot compete in the job market. For Vietnamese families that can afford it, Low pay and poor benefits have driven many international education is a priority. They want Filipinos to seek greener pastures. their children to speak fluent English and have a top-quality educational repertoire. Therefore, they send their kids to international schools Young Filipinos feel the pressure of forging a with the hope that their children will speak successful career path in the Philippines, fluent English and be better prepared for despite these challenges. universities abroad. One of our informants, Dino, sees working However, for those kids with an international overseas as equivalent to cutting social ties. education, being a future global citizen and Dino tells us, “I can‟t live without my friends. speaking fluent English also means becoming This is probably why I wouldn‟t even dream of less Vietnamese – the cost of becoming a more migrating to another country.” This statement global citizen being that of losing Vietnamese is easier said by the young men who have the tradition. This is generating a very support of their parents. But for the young men, uncomfortable dilemma for parents - it‟s on whom their families depend to take them out difficult for them to see their child growing up of poverty, sacrifice is the viable option. in Vietnam, but acting like an expatriate. Many rich families in Vietnam have now realized that their children cannot use their mother tongue to communicate with family members or people on the street. Children today feel free to say „yes‟ or „no‟ to senior people instead of „da‟ or „da không‟ [the polite particles for yes and no in Vietnamese], which is quite unacceptable in Vietnamese culture. This is creating tension and giving rise to the question: Are traditional values becoming diluted with the urgency and pursuit to chase Filipino immigrants after voting international acceptance?
  33. 33. Tense about Box office performance Top actress Katrina Kaif was once again spotted at the dargah in Ajmer, where she prayed for the box-office success of her latest film, Tees Race is a hugely sensitive subject in Malaysia, and Maar Khan. She‟s made the shrine a must-go-to has been for nearly 40 years, since three days of spot before any of her films are released, riots in May 1969 which took hundreds of lives. visiting it at least 8 time sin the last 5 years. She Ethnic Malays make up 60% of the country‟s has good reason for doing so: big banner, big population, Chinese 25% and Indians 8%. budget films are flopping with unfailing regularity at the box-office. However, race is an issue that underlies every topic of debate. This includes education, civil service, With nearly 180 films released in Bollywood, in property rights, constitutional rights, economic 2010 trade analysts are finding it hard to pick policies, religion, politics. In order to address the out the top ten blockbusters from an industry issue, the government has recently launched the “1 which is struggling with gargantuan loss Malaysia” campaign to unite the country. figures averaging at Rs 300 crores (USD 67 million). Technically there are just a handful of films that have managed to make sizeable profits in 2010. So what was it that did well? Think big, but keep it small: that seems the new survival mantra for a busted Bollywood that is battling the blues with biggies like 'Veer' and 'Kites' biting the dust. And it isn't movies like LSD alone which is boasting about economies of scale. Films like 'Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge', 'Peepli Live', 'Tere Bin Laden' and 'Phas Gaye Re Obama' which had rational budgets and reasonable profits also prove that bloat is The cultural tension arises because 1Malaysia calls definitely a bad word in film business today. for unity but at the same time each race is still treated differently. To them, 1Malaysia is just lip service, and ironically, many Malaysians are uniting Small budget and a flight to Ajmer: a surefire in their opposition towards 1Malaysia. way to beat this tension!
  34. 34. Tense about Where does one begin when describing Pakistan‟s problems? Inflation of basic food and utilities has made life insufferable for the majority of people. Joblessness, increasing taxes, bomb blasts, burning schools, crime rates, a ridiculously corrupt government, no role models or national heroes, an unstable judiciary, a ruling elite, a cricket team accused of match fixing …and I haven‟t even started talking about natural disasters, health crises, and infant mortality yet. How does, amongst all this manage to live a population of over 170 million people? We‟ve always been a resilient nation; we get The demolition teams throughout China are through national and natural disasters through forcing local people to move out of their hope and love, we solve pathological problems neighborhoods. The land is to be vacated for with companionship, and we cover up bad real estate development. The tension generated news with a hot, home-cooked meal. But lately by the nationwide real estate development has this resilience is beginning to fade and is being given rise to violent clashes between local replaced with something disturbing, something residents and the enforcers, and in some cases, that stems out of the need for individual hired thugs. Some clashes have resulted in survival rather than brotherhood. The god- severe injuries or deaths. Other residents have fearing people of Pakistan who have for ages turned to the Internet for complaint and resort faced everything with togetherness, mercy and to justice. With the overall urbanization in the prayer are changing in a way that even they making, it‟s becoming a deeply-rooted cultural find hard to recognize. The signs are subtle but and social tension in China. the feeling is heavy; you no longer see an old man sharing his roti with another. You see child This tension originates from Chinese people‟s beggars fighting for their street corners fury against inequality, and social injustice. For instead of sitting together and counting their brands which like to leverage on this sentiment, money. it should have the courage to depict reality as it is. It should confront the gaping inequality It‟s every man for himself and there really isn‟t present in everyday life (fierce competition, enough to go around. Yet, this is not our nature uneven playing field, unequal access to as a people- it goes against the very fabric of information and education, unequal use of how we interact and coexist. And this not being natural resources, etc.) and when possible, play able to share, not being able to reach out has a part in rectifying the problems. Being real spread this feeling of doom that we have been and practical is one way to resonate with a able to avoid in the worst of times before. wider range of consumers. by Meher Mumtaz Photo courtesy The Washington Times
  35. 35. Everyone’s talking about … Campaigns & brands generating buzz
  36. 36. Everyone’s talking about … The Tata DOCOMO campaign in India Tata DOCOMO was the 10th entrant in the fiercely competitive Indian GSM Telecom space. It had its work cut out. To cut through the clutter Tata DOCOMO positioned itself as the innovator brand with the tag line "Do the New". And then it shook the Indian telecom market by changing the billing cycle from pay per minute to pay per second. The communications positioned all other operators as "dishonest" for charging consumers even for what they did not use. The viral campaign stayed with the same theme. As soon as the campaign was launched, Tata The “Dietalk” campaign sought to glamorize short DOCOMO became the fastest growing mobile SMS as the next cool thing with the tag line operator in India, gaining 22 million subscribers “Shorter is Smarter” or rather “Shrtr is Smrtr”. A in 6 months flat. The Telecom Regulatory Authority social media viral contest was started across of India stepped in and suggested that pay per Twitter, Facebook and Orkut where users were second is in consumer interest and every operator encouraged to Tweet, scrap or do status updates should offer it. using Dietalk (less than 15 characters). Watch the TVCs here: See it here: Cadbury‟s latest campaign : Shubharamabh (New beginnings), in India Watch it here:
  37. 37. Everyone’s talking about … The Magnum Ice cream campaign in Indonesia Messages using the hash-tag #manjakandirimu (indulge yourself) were broadcasted by Net Advocates as a teaser; the topic is then linked to Magnum chocolate ice cream as the most popular indulgence. The hash-tag then shifted to #belgianchocolate as it got more skewed towards a discussion about chocolate ice cream. This was followed by a twibbon that covered the profile picture with melted chocolate. Net advocates could change their profile picture by signing up to the Magnum Avatar. In appreciation, Wall‟s donated Rp 500 to help the natural disaster victims for each profile picture using the Magnum Avatar. Watch the TV commercial here:
  38. 38. Everyone’s talking about … The Stoneage Jeans campaign in Pakistan Quite simply, because it is bold. The Ceylinco insurance campaign in Sri Lanka Ceylinco is one of the biggest private Recently Ceylinco came out with an offer for insurance service providers in Sri Lanka. VIP VIP customers – in the event of an accident, On-The-Spot is one of their flagship brands : it‟s Ceylinco will offer both parties involved a FREE a motor vehicle insurance product which offers AIR TICKET. This has got consumers talking instant insurance in case of an accident. because they feel that through this offer, Ceylinco had shaken up the market when they Ceylinco was actually promoting rash, reckless launched this product a couple of years back, driving!! but soon others followed suit. Watch the TVCs here:
  39. 39. Everyone’s talking about … The Softbank campaign in Japan Softbank is a mobile phone brand in Japan very popular for their campaign about the “Shirato family”. There‟s mom and daughter (both popular actresses), and Otosan the dad – actually a white dog (voice over of a famous actor). His older brother is a colored guy. Due to the campaign, Softbank had become one of the favorite brands of the Japanese. The TVCs can‟t be explained logically but the weird stories have been attracting a lot of attention as they feature many famous celebrities and very witty stories. There are stories about Dad (the white dog) and Mom talking about going to Hawaii and reminiscing about Dad when he was a young surfer. Another story is about Dad drinking when an amateur singer (played by a Japanese song diva) comes in to sing a song. There‟s one about Dad‟s mom getting remarried to a man half her age. When it was election time in Japan during the summer of 2010, Dad was in the running. And so, crazy stories about the Shirato family continue … watch them here: Zo&feature=related TQ Pw&feature=related
  40. 40. Everyone’s talking about … McDonalds and Chevrolet Cruze in China McDonald‟s launched an online campaign “Old Boy – Chopsticks Brothers” is a short called “McDonald‟s to the Future” on movie sponsored by Chevrolet Cruze. It This is a creative call on web became instantly popular on the Internet when users, asking them to imagine what it was first aired on Youku McDonald‟s will look like after 2010. ( Participants are asked to send self-created MDE2.html) on Oct. 28, 2010. posters, restaurant designs and other art work about the brand. The campaign has generated The story touched many people‟s hearts considerable buzz on, with user- because it depicts the loss of time, of youth generated content and the cumulative social and of dreams. It strikes an emotional chord networking impact. among the post-70s generation, while sending a ripple across the wider Chinese society. It tells a realistic tale about success and reality, about genuine affections and the society‟s transformation of men. The sponsor, Chevrolet, tied this “struggle and move forward” spirit with its brand, creating a tension between idealism and realism.
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