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Mayhugh News July 2012

Mayhugh News July 2012






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    Mayhugh News July 2012 Mayhugh News July 2012 Document Transcript

    • The Mayhugh Newsletter of the city towards Antipolo, east of metro Manila. We decided to apply for Nya to attend Faith Academy, an international standard school aimed at providing education for missionary families. We already have many friends who either teach or have children who attend there including one new ICM family. By moving out nearby the school we have hopefully moved away from the pollution and it will also make it easier for Anna and the kids as life begins to revolve more around school. As Nya just turned 5 this June she will begin whole day classes in kindergarten. We are very excited to have arranged a bigger and yet cheaper house to rent nearby the school.Well it’s been a long time coming. Sorry for We are all moved in although still unpackingthe long-long delay in keeping you up to date and organizing and adjusting to our newwith what we are up to over here. As you will surroundings. Living in a stand alone house insee we do have a few excuses, but we intend to a subdivision rather than an apartment meansget back to a more regular news update that the kids have much more space forschedule. It’s been encouraging to hear from running around which they love despite itthose who have been asking why the raining everyday since we’ve moved. They arenewsletters had stopped coming. coming in mud covered and mosquito bitten but very happy at the end of each day. TheHEALTH first morning at 5am Nya woke us up sayingAt the beginning of the year we sat down and “but the chickens woke me up!” Life out herewrote a list of all the times we have been sick may not have traffic and construction noise onsince September. It was no surprise to us that every side, but it does have roosters.for many months we had not gone for more Meanwhile Daniel will have to get used tothan one week without one member of our commuting through Manila traffic everyday.family having some kind of illness. We feel He’s missing his daily 12 minute walk to andlike we have had every bug out there, although from office.thankfully most of them have been simplyinconvenient rather than serious. But it was adifficult few months, particularly because it isthe girls who were the most sick. The mostsevere was Elly having pneumonia and alsoshowing signs of asthma. Not so surprisingwhen you think about the air quality in Manilaand the fact we lived right above a majorintersection in the middle of the city. One signof the air quality was that if we went for morethan 2 days without mopping the floor our feetquickly became black, just from the air comingthrough the windows. You may have noticedI’m speaking in past tense, this last week wemade yet another move.MOVING AGAINIt feels a bit like a family tradition to movehouse every year now. When our apartmentlease finished in June we decided to move out
    • ICM of access to capital. Many of our graduatesIt has been a busy few months for both of us. have an amazing experience and have beenAnna has enjoyed her role as special medical able to start a small business, but they lack thecase support, helping to sort applications and ability to grow that business due to capital. Sorequests for funding for a range of different this year, we’ve added a group savingsmedical cases including hospital costs for a component to directly deal with this barrier. Apremature baby, eye surgery for a child with lot of research went in to studying variousglaucoma, nutrition and physical therapy for international models, but in the end weseverely malnourished twin girls, decided to keep it simple: challenge eachchemotherapy and several other surgeries. group member to save 1 peso (HK$0.20) perRecently we have had to limit the number of day. Like most things in our curriculum, wepeople we are able to start with a decent ideaapprove for major and then refine it into amedical interventions as great idea throughICM has had limited practical experience.funds. Our aim is always This year ICM graduatedto look for local our trial Malnourishedpartnerships we can Children’s Outreachmake with both program into a full-scalegovernment and non- national program. The 4government sources to month program hashelp provide funding for proven to stopour patients. During this malnourishment long-time we have been relying term (1 year), but we alsoon those partnerships want to have a widerand focusing on our role impact on the family soas advocates for those Daniel created and testedwho otherwise would not 3 livelihood manuals.know where to turn to for We’ve settled on 1 to usehelp. this year which will beIf you are looking for a taught by the volunteerway to give financially to church counselors to thehelp the poorest of the guardians of the children.poor we are very proud to Daniel has enjoyedbe able to say that ICM learning (and stillhas now had top approval learning) aboutfrom several malnutrition and theinternational vetting various methods aroundgroups who have even the world to address thissaid that ICM is a ‘one of serious issue.a kind’ organization. If you want to know moreyou can go to www.caremin.com or we’d be We continue to feel extremely privileged tohappy to answer any questions. serve along side such a dedicated team. ICM has gone through a lot of changes in the lastDaniel completed the latest revision of the 3.5 years and a lot of those changes took a lotlivelihood curriculum which is now in its 5th of work! So it’s been very rewarding to hearweek of implementation. While the previous individuals and organizations recognize ICMcurriculums have achieved significant impact as a global leader in transforming the lives ofin the lives of the ultra poor, our participants the ultra poor. But the real highlights of thestill remain financially poor. The 30% increase year comes every 4 months when we receive ain their income within 4 months is great, but batch of 20-30 stories describing how family’smore is needed. One of the big hurdles is lack
    • lives were changed because of their experiencegoing through our programs.THE GIRLSWe recently celebrated Nya turning 5 with anunder the sea party complete with dress upmermaids and pirates. It was our last weekendin our apartment and a great way for Nya tohave all of her friends from the buildingtogether to celebrate. Because her localpreschool broke up for Philippines summer atthe end of March and her new school doesn’tbegin until August she has had a very longsummer break. She is very excited to begin her“big school” next month. Elly is now 15months and into absolutely everything whichshe can possibly reach, or if not she will find achair to climb on so she can reach. She keepsus all entertained with her determination andher dancing and her general cuteness. Herlatest excitement is the new cat we acquiredfrom the house’s previous tenants. Chester thecat is not so excited about Elly.THAILANDIn June we were able to take a break fromManila and flew over to Chiang Mai, Thailandfor a holiday. We stayed at the Juniper Tree, aretreat center for missionaries in Asia, muchlike Bethany where Anna grew up. The kids inparticular had a fantastic time, playing withother kids everyday who all have the similarexperiences of being born and growing up in adifferent culture. We enjoyed meeting andsharing with other missionaries and were alsoable to spend some time having counselling atCornerstone Counselling Foundation. Weswam several times a day and had ice cream atleast once a day for two weeks, rode onelephants and enjoyed (our favorite) Thaifood. Needless to say we came back a littleheavier but feeling very relaxedand rejuvenated.NEW ADDRESS15 Morning Glory, Ridgemount Subdivision,Cainta, Rizal, Philippines, 1900Email: annamayhugh@gmail.com;danielmayhugh@gmail.comMobile: +639084093432; +639088623854