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  • 1. Ocular Systems| Mobile Computing IEEE Project Topics ListFinal Year ProjectsSOFTWARE PROJECTSMobile Computing Project Topics Ayush Health Club,Navjyot Mahila Society, Tambe Nagar,MIDC-Baramati, Pune, 413 133Our Branches: Baramati, Pune, Solapur, Ahmed NagarContact No: 09970186685/ 07385043047 Page 1
  • 2. Ocular Systems| Mobile Computing IEEE Project Topics ListOcular Systems Provides IEEE 2011 Projects For all Final Year Students. We do assist thestudents with Technical Guidance for both the categories. Category 1 : Students with new project ideas. Category 2 : Students selecting from our list.When you register for a project we ensure that the project is implemented to your fullestsatisfaction and you have a thorough understanding of every aspect of the project.OCULAR SYSTEMS PROVIDES YOU THE LATEST IEEE 2011- IEEE2012PROJECTSPROJECTS FOR FOLLOWING DEPARTMENT STUDENTSB.E, B.TECH, M.TECH, M.E, DIPLOMA, MS, BSC, MSC, BCA, MCA, MBA, BBA, PHD,NS-2, GLOMOSIM, MATLAB, JAVA, .NET,B.E ( CSE, IT)B.TECH(CSE, IT)M.TECH(COMPUTER SCIENCE, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING)M.E(COMPUTER SCIENCE, SOFTWARE, ENGINEERING)DIPLOMA (CSE, IT)We also have training and project, R & D division to serve the students and make them joboriented professionalsIEEE TRANSACTION ON MOBILE COMPUTINGA Control-Theoretic Approach to Distributed Optimal 2011 / 2012Configuration of 802.11 WLANsA Cooperative Clustering Protocol for Energy Saving of Mobile 2011 / 2012Devices with WLAN and Bluetooth InterfacesA Distributed and Scalable Time Slot Allocation Protocol for 2011 / 2012Wireless Sensor NetworksA Medium Access Control Scheme for Wireless LANs with Constant-Time 2011 / 2012ContentionA NOVEL SCHEME TO SECURE A MUTIHOP NETWORK PROGRAMMING 2011 / 2012THROUGHMULTIPLE ONE-WAY HASH CHAINS.A Privacy-Preserving Location Monitoring System for Wireless 2011 / 2012Sensor NetworksA Spectrum Decision Framework for Cognitive Radio Networks 2011 / 2012A SYMBOL LEVEL NETWORK CODING APPROACH TO RETRANSMISSON 2011 / 2012 Page 2
  • 3. Ocular Systems| Mobile Computing IEEE Project Topics ListTOSOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO (SDR) PLAFORM.Adaptive Location Oriented Content Delivery in Delay Sensitive 2011 / 2012Pervasive ApplicationsAn Improved Geocast for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 2011 / 2012Analysis of Best Channel Feedback and Its Adaptive Algorithms 2011 / 2012for Multicarrier Wireless Data SystemAnticollision Protocols for Single-Reader RFID Systems: Temporal 2011 / 2012Analysis and OptimizationAutonomous Deployment of Heterogeneous Mobile Sensors 2011 / 2012Breath: An Adaptive Protocol for Industrial Control Applications 2011 / 2012Using Wireless Sensor NetworksChannel-Aware Routing in MANETs with Route Handoff 2011 / 2012Cognitive Medium Access: Exploration, Exploitation, and 2011 / 2012CompetitionCompatibility between Three Well-Known Broadcast Tree 2011 / 2012Construction Algorithms and Various MetricsContext-Based Network Estimation for Energy-Efficient Ubiquitous 2011 / 2012Wireless ConnectivityCross Layer Optimization for Multimedia Transport over Multicode 2011 / 2012CDMA NetworksData Delivery Properties of Human Contact Networks 2011 / 2012Design and Performance Analysis of Mobility Management Schemes 2011 / 2012Based on Pointer Forwarding for Wireless Mesh Networks.Design and Performance of an Optimal Inertial Power Harvester 2011 / 2012for Human-Powered DevicesDetection of Selfish Manipulation of Carrier Sensing in 802.11 2011 / 2012Network.Discriminant Minimization Search for Large-Scale RF-Based 2011 / 2012Localization SystemsDistributed Fault-Tolerant Quality of Wireless Networks 2011 / 2012Distributed Multi-Interface Multichannel Random Access Using 2011 / 2012Convex OptimizationDynamic Conflict-Free Transmission Scheduling for Sensor Network 2011 / 2012QueriesDynamic Time Slot Partitioning for Multimedia Transmission in 2011 / 2012Two Hop Cellular NetworksEffective Scheduling in Infrastructure Based Cognitive Radio Networks 2011 / 2012Efficient Data collection in Wireless Sensor Networks with 2011 / 2012Path-Constrained Mobile Sinks.EFFICIENT GEOGRAPHIC MULTICAST PROTOCOL (EGMP) USES A 2011 / 2012VIRTUAL-ZONE-BASED STRUCTURE.Efficient Location Training Protocols for Heterogeneous Sensor 2011 / 2012and Actor Networks Page 3
  • 4. Ocular Systems| Mobile Computing IEEE Project Topics ListEndpoint-Based Call Admission Control and Resource Management 2011 / 2012for VoWLANExpected Routing Overhead for Location Service in MANETs under 2011 / 2012Flat Geographic RoutingExplicit Congestion Control Algorithms for Time Varying Capacity 2011 / 2012MediaFast Detection of Mobile Replica Node Attacks in Wireless Sensor 2011 / 2012Networks Using Sequential Hypothesis Testing Jun- WonFlexible Broadcasting of Scalable Video Streams to Heterogeneous 2011 / 2012Mobile DevicesInformation Dissemination between Mobile Nodes for Collaborative 2011 / 2012Context Awareness.Integration Gain of Heterogeneous WiFi/WiMAX Networks 2011 / 2012Localization of Mobile Nodes in Wireless Networks with 2011 / 2012Correlated in Time Measurement NoiseMAC Layer Throughput Estimation in Impulse-Radio UWB Networks 2011 / 2012MAP: Multiauctioneer Progressive Auction for Dynamic Spectrum 2011 / 2012AccessMessage-Efficient Location Prediction for Mobile Objects in 2011 / 2012wireless Sensor Networks Using a Maximum Likelihood Technique.Minimum Bandwidth Reservations for Periodic Streams in Wireless 2011 / 2012Real-Time SystemsMobile Sampling of Sensor Field Data Using Controlled Broadcast 2011 / 2012Mobility Tracking Based on Autoregressive Models 2011 / 2012Modeling and Improving TCP Performance over Cellular Link with 2011 / 2012Variable BandwidthMULTICAST STRATEGY TO MINIMIZE THE QUEUING DELIVERY IN 2011 / 2012DELAY-SENSITIVE COMPONENT.Multicast Throughput for Hybrid Wireless Networks under Gaussian 2011 / 2012Channel ModelMultipath Routing and Max-Min Fair QoS Provisioning under 2011 / 2012Interference Constraints in Wireless Multihop Networks.OFDM-Based Common Control Channel Design for Cognitive Radio Ad 2011 / 2012Hoc NetworksOn the Design of Opportunistic MAC Protocols for Multihop 2011 / 2012Wireless Networks with Beamforming AntennasOn the Effectiveness of Monitoring for Intrusion Detection in 2011 / 2012Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksOn the Information Flow Required for Tracking Control in 2011 / 2012Networks of Mobile Sensing AgentsOptimal and Efficient Graph-Based Resource Allocation Algorithms 2011 / 2012for Multiservice Frame-Based OFDMA NetworksOptimal Selective Forwarding for Energy Saving in Wireless 2011 / 2012Sensor Networks. Page 4
  • 5. Ocular Systems| Mobile Computing IEEE Project Topics ListOptimal Stochastic Location Updates in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 2011 / 2012Processing Continuous Range Queries with Spatiotemporal Tolerance 2011 / 2012QoS-Aware Routing and Admission Control in Shadow-Fading Environments for 2011 / 2012Multirate MANETsRendezvous for Cognitive Radios 2011 / 2012RESOURCE MANAGEMENT FOR VOWLAN WIRELESS LOCAL AREA 2011 / 2012NETWORKS(WLANS).Scalable Localization with Mobility Prediction for Underwater Sensor Networks 2011 / 2012Scalable Network Synchronization with Pulse-Coupled Oscillators 2011 / 2012Secret Key Establishment Using Temporally and Spatially Correlated Wireless 2011 / 2012Channel CoefficientsSecure High-Throughput Multicast Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks 2011 / 2012Secure Multihop Network Programming with Multiple One-Way Key Chains 2011 / 2012Secure Network Mobility (SeNEMO) for Real-Time Applications 2011 / 2012Security Games for Vehicular Networks 2011 / 2012See-Through Walls: Motion Tracking Using Variance-Based Radio Tomography 2011 / 2012NetworksSpatial-Temporal Coverage Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks 2011 / 2012Stealthy Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Detection and Countermeasure 2011 / 2012Supporting Efficient and Scalable Multicasting over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. 2011 / 2012Temporal Link Signature Measurements for Location Distinction 2011 / 2012The HIDENETS Holistic Approach for the Analysis of Large Critical Mobile 2011 / 2012SystemsThroughput Optimization in Mobile Backbone Networks 2011 / 2012Throughput-Lifetime Trade-Offs in Multihop Wireless Networks under an SINR- 2011 / 2012Based Interference ModelTowards Reliable Data Delivery for Highly Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. 2011 / 2012Towards Zero Retransmission Overhead: A Symbol Level Network Coding 2011 / 2012Approach to RetransmissionTraffic-Differentiation-Based Modular QoS Localized Routing for Wireless Sensor 2011 / 2012NetworksType-Aware Error Control for Robust Interactive Video Services 2011 / 2012over Time-Varying Wireless Channels Page 5