Social media strategy agenda ni apr 2013
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Social media strategy agenda ni apr 2013






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  • What happens when someone types in your name into Google – are you hard to find OrMaybe you are missing from linkedin or not using it properly
  • How you appear online now plays a major part in career prospects Recruiters and potential employers are now assessing people’s online profiles as part of the screening process Example: I just recruited a new account executive via Linked In. Recruitment Professionals: perhaps social media to screen candidates online
  • We all have a number of professional areas that we are really interested in. You should think about the areas you care about and comment on them. Build up your authority on issues and market yourself online!
  • Newt Gingritch buying Twitter followers online

Social media strategy agenda ni apr 2013 Social media strategy agenda ni apr 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media Strategy Workshop
  • Learn how to prepare a social media strategyLearn how to improve your social mediathrough practical tipsSocial Media Management and PolicyKeyLearnings
  • About You?
  • Social Media Overview?The World of Social Media
  • OnlineReputation Risks
  • YourExperiences?
  • Social Media Overview?1.Digital and Social Media Audit
  • “We reallyshould beusingAnd ”
  • We think about thetools, but we should bethinking about…..
  • What do we want to achieve?Have we the resources to commit to social media?Do we produce enough quality content to sustain socialmedia marketing?Which social media channels are most relevant for us?Is our website fit for purpose and prepared for social mediaattention?Key Questions
  • Common Problems for Established Users
  • Most CommonProblem AreasNo. 1 Problem with socialmedia marketing= Poor Content and lack ofengagement
  • Most CommonProblem AreasSmall Social MediaCommunity!
  • Example AuditLow volume of followersPoor Content – No EngagementBut:• Their community uses Facebook and wanted toconnect / engage• Other local charities were using it well
  • Common Problems for In-active Organisations
  • Brandjacked?
  • Paid Tools
  • Source: DW Publications: Whitepaper 14; Social Media in the Public Sector, 2011
  • Source: DW Publications: Whitepaper 14;Social Media in the Public Sector, 2011
  • Key Steps in SocialMedia Audit:Current UsersMonitor you brand, industry and issues, competitors onlineEstablish what’s wrong with your current social media:• Very small social media community?• Poor content?• No engagement ?
  • Key Steps in SocialMedia Audit:BeginnersEstablish need and benefits for being on social mediaMonitor your brand, industry and issues, competitors onlineEstablish how you will research and manage social media:• What training is required?• What content you post?
  • Demo
  • ExerciseGo to Netvibes.comSearch for sentiment about your organisationEg. “Arts Council Northern Ireland”Q. What can you learn from the online mentionsand sentiment?
  • Social Media Overview?2. Objectives
  • Should you be on social media?
  • Avoid SocialMedia?
  • Source: Angie Schottmuller, 2012
  • Social MediaObjectivesReachyoungeraudiencesPromotebrandawarenessImprovemediarelationsBoostdonationsLeadgenerationBoost SalesCreatedialogue withcustomersImproveCustomerServicesBe seen to beusing it!Send outinformationSource staff/ recruit
  • ExerciseMap out two:• Business objectives• Marketing objectivesHow do you believe social media will allow youto achieve your objectives?
  • Social Media Overview?3. Audiences
  • • What types of audiences andstakeholders do you want to reach?• What social media are they using?Considering yourAudiences
  • Example:AudienceMappingWanted to reach and influence:
  • Example:AudienceMapping
  • Always startwith PersonalConnections
  • Influencer Reach?
  • Trayvon MartinCase
  • Account Name Twitter ID Category Short Description No. of FollowersDiscover NI @discoverNI Tourism 2012 touristcampaign2300The Irish News @Irish_news Daily Press Local dailynewspaper5012Belfast Times @Belfasttimes What’s on What’s on guide forBelfast and NI2787Alan Simpson @AlanSimpsonBBC Radio BBC Radio UlsterPresenter5196EtcEtcEtcAudienceMapping
  • |Using Channelsto IdentifyCommunity /Audiences
  • ExerciseReview the Twitter profile for Cork Opera HouseQ. What types of audiences do they have?Q. Can you identify some major influencers?
  • Social Media Overview?4. Social Media Channels &Tactics
  • Using Social Media Acrossthe BusinessSocial Media Overview?
  • CEODirectorsPRHRSalesCRMSocial Mediashould bethroughout theBusiness!!InternalComms
  • Customer service is the new marketing…Source: ShashiBellamkonda on Flickr
  • ?
  • 91%Source:
  • 76%53%48%Source:
  • Crisis Comms
  • ExerciseReview the customer service function of Irish Rail’sTwitter Profile• How do they engage with their community?• How are they using social media as a customerrelations tool?
  • Social Media ChannelsSocial Media Overview?
  • 83% 80%58% 51%The social media landscape is dominated by the „BigFour‟:| The State of Social Report 2011 |
  • Social Media TacticsSocial Media Overview?
  • 1. Grow a ….
  • “Email marketing is onlyas good as the quality ofyour recipient list.”The 1st GoldenRule of EmailMarketing!
  • “The quality of allEmail recipient listsdecreases over time.”The 2nd GoldenRule of EmailMarketing!
  • Source: Hubspot, 2012
  • Links On Website
  • PrintCommunications
  • Email Marketing
  • Organic fanbuilding among
  • 2. Engage withcommunity
  • Photos!
  • Video
  • Whitepapers…
  • “The term white paper...... refers todocuments used by businesses asmarketing or sales tools. They argue thatthe benefits of aparticular technology, product or policyare superior for solving a specificproblem”(Source: Wikipedia)
  • Blogs…
  • Brands asPublishers!
  • Storytelling
  • Visit your friendsand talk tothem!
  • FacebookEngagement
  • #1: Calls to Action
  • Q. What is your “Call To Action” on Facebook Posts?“Enter our competition”“Take our survey”“Tell us your views”“Download the form from our Website”
  • #2: Ask Questions
  • #3: Humanisingthe brand
  • #4: Campaigns
  • #5: Competitions
  • #6: Debate andDiscussion?
  • 16+ Twitter10+FacebookPages
  • The Customer isthe Star!
  • Sharing Stories
  • Engagement:Topical
  • Offers: Yes. Butonly a small %
  • Company Profile
  • Groups
  • Social MediaExercise: Contentand EngagementConsumerB2B
  • Exercise: B2BReview the Facebook Page for:• Cree.comQ. What do they use social media for?Q. What types of content do they post?Q. How do people engage with the content ?
  • Exercise:Content andEngagementReview the Facebook Page for:• Greater Manchester Police• Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic MinoritiesQ. What do they use social media for?Q. What types of content do they post?Q. How do people engage with the content ?
  • Social Media Overview?Social Media Management
  • Social Media Risk andReputationManagement
  • Main SocialMedia Risks forOrganisations
  • Example
  • • Negative comments on your social channels• Crisis PR angle – spread via social media• Damage caused by employee misuse of Social media• Poor use of social media – brand damageOnlineReputation Risks
  • Check, manageand respond toSocial Media
  • How to react to social mediacomments
  • Living withCriticism
  • Respond Quicklyin Public
  • Take ComplaintsOffline!
  • Managing yourFacebook Page
  • Options: HideComments
  • Options: DeleteComment or BanUser
  • Social Media Policy
  • Social Media Policy Guide – FreeDownload! to help managers and directorsunderstand more about social media risks andhow they can develop a social media policy fortheir organisation.
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Myth of the‘Likes’ Metric
  • “I’m soooopopular – justlook at the size ofmy follower list!
  • Engagement!
  • Facebook Insights
  • Twitter @Interactions
  • Managementand Resources
  • Control of SocialMedia
  • Organisational Structure• What tends to happen:- Owned by Marketing/ a “Bright Spark”- Has a Board level sponsor• What should happen:- Adopted business wide- Integrated with all communications• It’s a cultural change for most• It’s not easy and can’t be forcedSource: Econsultancy, 2012
  • Where things go wrong…The best strategy is useless if:• The business aren’t genuinelybehind it• There isn’t cross departmental buy in• Results focus is purely “conversions, metrics and sales”• “Social Media” is seen as an “add on”• It doesn’t form part of the everyday way of workingSource: Econsultancy, 2012
  • Training andContinuousDevelopment
  • Paul McGarrity