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Market planning, brand development and communi- cations for innovative B2B companies selling emerging technologies and turnkey solutions to North American and international customers.

Oceancom offers an effective Hybrid Marketing alternative to hiring an expensive agency or
managing individual freelance people.

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Oceancom Program Guide

  1. 1. PROGRAM GUIDE MARKETING FOR SINGLE SOURCE COMPANIES Market planning, brand development and communications for innovative B2B companies selling emerging technologies and turnkey solutions to North American and international customers. Oceancom offers an effective Hybrid Marketing alternative to hiring an expensive agency or managing individual freelance people. Market Planning & Positioning Brand Development Customer Communications Sales/Dealer SupportPROGRAM GUIDE oceancom 416.540.9079 marketing@oceancom.ca oceancom.ca > >
  2. 2. WHAT’S IN THIS PROGRAM GUIDE? Marketing Your Single Source Capabilities 1 The OCEANCOM Advantage 3 Oceancom Marketing Services 4 Are You Making These Marketing Communications Errors? 5 STAGE 1: Need a Marketing Tune-Up? 6 STAGE 2: Launch A New Direction 7 STAGE 3: Reposition, Rebrand, Relaunch 8 Are You Open to New Marketing Ideas ? 9 NAVIGATION Click through the arrow buttons in the right corner or click on one of the above titles.OCEANCOM © OCEANCOM 2011 < >
  3. 3. Marketing Your Single Source CapabilitiesTransition to More Turnkey Solutions system performance, and customer support.Manufacturers, corporations, and small busi- That prospects see the potential for a long termnesses are building higher value-added single partnership, rather than just a few transactions.source solutions with an expanded suite of Yet this transition comes when many Businessturnkey services. For manufacturers, that Development Managers have taken over manyusually includes: Marketing responsibilities on a very part time • Custom 3D CAD design/engineering basis. With reduced Marketing activity, this • Product prototyping and testing stagnation overloads their sales people and the • Advanced CNC manufacturing companies can become vulnerable to eroding • System integration and qualification customer loyalty, market share, and margins. • Installation and startup services Bridging The Marketing Gap • Training and optimization services Oceancom helps bridge this Marketing Gap • Refurbishment and repair with professional marketing strategies, brand • Customer service & support development and communications programs toMarketing turnkey packages depends as defend your competitive position and keep yourmuch on building trust and confidence in the business moving forward.company, as it does on product innovation, 1 < >
  4. 4. Oceancom brings a unique perspective for Longer Sales Cyclesmarketing single source companies: Some companies simply don’t have a marketing portfolio to nurture prospectsMarketing Aimed Earlier through longer sales cycles. Developingin the Sales Cycle regular communication touchpoints high-Customers need to establish how a solutions lights useful experience and expertise, andpartner will “fit” their organization so corporate lets sales people concentrate on closingcapabilities and a successful track record need to deals and generating revenues.be introduced much earlier in the relationship.Often before they make a direct sales contact or Bundling Turnkey Serviceswant detailed product information. Custom product development and systemHelping the customer identify problems earlier integration capabilities remain hidden inin the sales cycle can also develop a more com- many marketing portfolios. Similarly, globalprehensive “benchmark” single source solution refurbishment and repair services don’t usu-that can minimize competing bids and discount- ally receive adequate marketing attention toing later in the sales cycle. build confidence and uncover more profitable single source opportunities. 2 < >
  5. 5. The OCEANCOM AdvantageHybrid Marketing Solution • experienced project manager so you won’tOceancom offers a hybrid marketing solution have to synchronize a team of independentsusing small flexible teams of experienced on top of your day jobindependent professionals and communications • common team day rate is lower thanspecialists. That brings several advantages over $150-300/Hr. agency fees and theirusing larger agencies or hiring your own pricey monthly retainers.freelance people:• flexible teams tailored to client’s needs, Marketing Emerging Technologies complexity and deadlines We work with international companies marketing new technologies and integrated• working with experienced professionals systems in automotive, injection molding, vs. “training” junior staff from agencies robotics, PET, consumer packaging, solar, large• develop a marketing plan to baseline hydro and cogeneration, marine and motor priorities, streamline project efficiency, control centers. and track milestones We’ve also provided launch and marketing• substantial savings from joint team pro- support for a global Advanced Manufacturing posal, pricing, and project management Center and a network of Technology Centers. 3 < >
  6. 6. Single-Source Marketing ServicesMarket Planning Customer Communications MARKETING SERVICESDeveloping a plan, or a roadmap, is critical in International prospects are searching 24/7 for Market Planninglonger sales cycles to clarify strategy, position- more diverse online communications to make  Marketing/Communication assessmenting, and priorities. Having everyone on the same their own short list evaluations. So there is a  Marketing program planningpage streamlines downstream decisions and larger role for Marketing Communications to  Competitive positioningproduction with fewer distractions and delays. engage and educate prospects early in the sales Brand DevelopmentA good roadmap allows flexibility for changing cycle, and later to maintain customer loyalty  Corporate and product brandingmarket conditions and customer preferences. and repeat single source sales.  Visual identity and taglines  Product launchBrand Development Sales and Dealer Support Customer CommunicationsDeveloping customer partnerships requires a Sales people are more productive and enthu-  Corporate Profiles / Annual Reportsbalanced approach to corporate and product siastic with professional sales tools so they can  Web site development/SEO/Mobilitybranding. With more media available, a strong focus on revenue-generating priorities. Dealer  Digital and print portfoliosbranding and visual identity package cuts networks need quick access to current digital  Case studies and testimonialsthrough the clutter and encourages communications, product updates andcustomer conversations. customer status. Sales/Dealer Support  Lead generation/ Advertising  Trade show and event support  Technical and Training E-Manuals 4 < >
  7. 7. Are you making these Marketing Communications Errors? 1. >50% of Your Marketing is Obsolete investors to digest at once. Layered marketing How much of your marketing is now obsolete, encourages readability and small agreements or simply missing your latest products and through the sales cycle. services ? Without good marketing support, overloaded salespeople will not be as productive, 4. Weak Marketing Calibre or as profitable, in the long term. Are your website, brochures and photos the right caliber to attract large turnkey customers? 2. Failing the Online Audition? Sticking too long with your own DIY marketing People are doing more online research and evalua- only reinforces perceptions of a much smaller, tion long before they contact a salesperson. So that less capable, less successful company. five year old website can damage your credibility in a few seconds, or worse, be pushing prospects 5. Not everybody is a P. Eng. to your competitors. Is your marketing only written from a narrow technical engineering point of view? To make 3. One Kitchen-Sink Brochure the short list of today’s larger buying committees Don’t stuff way too much into one brochure/ requires more than a dull PowerPoint loaded presentation and expect it to do everything - with technical jargon and product specifications. for everybody. It’s too much for busy prospects/ 5 < >
  8. 8. STAGE 1: Need a Marketing TuneUp ?Refresh Your Marketing PackageBusinesses are changing faster than ever. Without It’s time for a Marketing Tune-Up.regular development, it doesn’t take long for the You need to refresh your marketing package tomarketing to fall behind and pretty soon, you’re get through the next six months to a year. Butleft with some obvious holes for winning that you’re up to your alligators busy and don’t havenew client: time to get a big agency involved.• Your Company Profile doesn’t include the latest products and services you introduced We know what you’re up against. Delegating at last year’s trade show. projects to Oceancom’s marketing team helps relieve stressful overload and lets you and your• Your proposal package looks like it comes team be more productive. Whatever deadlines from a collection of companies with different you’re up against, talk to us. colours, styles and visual identities.• Your generic sales tools are no longer We can help make 2012 the most successful ever. effective in penetrating target accounts. Marketing TuneUp? 6 < >
  9. 9. STAGE 2: Launch A New Direction Launching New Strategies, Technologies and Services ? Your company is changing course and launch- advertising, and sales support collateral. Whether ing new marketing strategies, products and sales you’re targeting a major account list or opening initiatives to build revenues and profitability. up a new sector, we can quickly assemble a team of communications specialists to get everything Before you launch these new initiatives, however, done on time and make your launch more this may be the time for Oceancom to take a re- successful. alistic assessment of your company’s marketing, branding, and communications. Having a solid Oceancom delivers communications that ex- marketing foundation has helped more than a plains complex technologies and turns integrated few product launches achieve their initial sales systems and services into memorable communi- goals and reduce time-to-profitability. cations that increase brand visibility, boost trade show ROI, and help make the sales job easier. We can develop a comprehensive launch plan of trade shows, inhouse events, PR, road shows,New Direction? 7 < >
  10. 10. STAGE 3: Reposition, Rebrand, and RelaunchRemolding the Business for Future GrowthBold companies are remolding their business planning and project management needed.through mergers, acquisitions and alliance part- Rather than risk months of delays, it’s better tonerships. Others have simply outgrown their bring Oceancom’s experienced marketing teamprevious business model and are relaunching to develop a new marketing roadmap, branding,the company with bold new branding and and communications plan. Then we can handlestrategic direction. the creative direction and project managementThis restructuring involves an extensive market- to keep this transformation moving steadily for-ing overhaul to reposition, rebrand and relaunch ward with minimal surprises.the new organization. Developing a solid market- This is not, however, an overnight process.ing foundation reassures customers how the new Rebranding and relaunching a company needsorganization can help them be more successful to be done carefully for all the right reasons. We’din today’s tough economy. be happy to arrange a discovery meeting to talkHowever, lean executive teams often don’t have about those reasons when you’re ready.the time, or staff, to do the thorough programRemolding the Business? 8 < >
  11. 11. Are You Open to New Marketing Ideas? Professional marketing, branding and communi- that presents all your strengths and capabilities to cations are critical for single source companies to put you on the winning side of the short list. build a solid business development foundation for a stormy economy. What Marketing Improvements Would You Like To See This Year? However, sticking with the same-old tired toolkit may be pushing customers to your competitors. Oceancom can help you get there. Our Hybrid Especially now, executives needs to be receptive Marketing System offers your management team to more effective marketing ideas and creative significant time and budget savings over the concepts. Even go outside their comfort zone frustrations of living with an expensive agency and be willing to try new things. or hiring your own freelance people. Invest in Better Customer Relationships Time for a Discovery Meeting? The challenges have never been greater to invest When you’re ready to make some bold marketing in a smarter marketing program that works as moves, e-mail or call us at 416.540.9079 to arrange hard as the rest of your business. A program a no-obligation discovery meeting to discuss your business development challenges. Is Your Marketing Ready?8 Brampton, Ontario oceancom marketing@oceancom.ca 416.540.9079 oceancom.ca 9 < >