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Obvius organizes corporate business events througout Spain. Please have a look at our brochure.

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Business Events Brochure

  1. 1. BUSINESS EVENTS Your wish is our ambition Member of:
  2. 2. Event formats Teambuilding / Integration Performance Improvement ‘The most powerful communication medium is live communication’. Implementing changes With our inspiring event formats we offer you concrete programs for your business event. Inform people Thank people
  3. 3. Build your own party! Program We can completely adapt the final program to your personal needs: 16.00 hours Reception Your guests arrive in an empty lokation and will be received with coffee and tea. Is this the place where we are going to party? ‘Teamwork and learning new things’ 16.30 hours Opening To your guests we will explain that the format of this party event is that they will build their own party scene! 17.00 hours Get to work Participants: Employees Building the party scene with exciting materials and components; • Painting decor screen with graffiti; Objective: Work together • Preparing tapas with guidance of a profesional Chef; • Setting up las luces y audio equipment; Event format: • Preparing the opening act (percussion); You are rewarding your employees with an amazing party. This • Cocktailworkshop: learn how to prepare delicious cocktails; event format has three objectives: team work, learning new • DJ & VJ workshop: Invite the guests to dance floor; things, and enjoying a great party. • Workshop croupier: learn the tricks and dodges of being a croupier! During the day your employees wil make preparations for the 19.00 hours Drinks party that night by building their party scene, setting up lightning Afterward th group will gather round and will enjoy the self made tapas & audio, by practising to be a DJ or VJ and by preparing different and drinks. In the meantime our professionals will finish the complete dishes and cocktails. party scene. Our proffesionals will of course manage evrything and make 19.30 hours Party! sure that your guests at night will enjoy an unforgettable party! The doors are opened for you and your guests to behold with pride the result of all your efforts! Let the party begin..... Result: Pride in being of your company, Teamwork, Party. 23.00 hours End of party
  4. 4. The integration of taste Program ‘Differences are empowering’ Participants: Employees We can completely adapt the final program to your personal needs: Objective: Integration of departments / companies 00 - 30 minutes Introduction Explanation about the products that are being used during the workshop Event format: in relation with the different companies, departments and employee Imagine yourself, two companies will merge or two departments backgrounds. There will also be an explanation about the phenomenom become one. You will organise a general meeting during which “ tasting”. you will go deeply into the sturcture, objectives and future of the new organisation in order to succesully guide this process and inform your employees. Aftwerwards we will organize the 30 - 90 minutes Tasting workshop “ The integration of taste” to stengthen your The participants can experience different taste sensations at various substantive message and to communicate it in another way. work islands. During this workshop different flavours act as a metaphor for your employees and their different competencies. The products used during this workshop will be adapted to the background of 90 - 120 minutes Etiquettes the participants. The participants will experience how different We will end this workshop with an enlightening presentation about flavours can result in unique taste sensations.De deelnemers business etiquettes. This is an inspiring, exciting and interactive ervaren hoe verschillende smaken en producten onverwachts tot presentation. If so desired we can also include individual styling advise. een unieke smaaksensatie kunnen leiden. Result: An exciting metaphor to communicate your message.
  5. 5. The perfect match Programma ‘Speed dating’ We can completely adapt the final program to your personal needs: Participants: Colleagues who don’t know eachother that well Examples are: Objective: To get to know eachother • A special website; Event format: With a reorganization, take-over or merger there changes a lot • Posters and banners at the office; for employees. It is important that the teams get to know eachother and learn to understand and appreciate eachother. • Merchandise such as mousepads and other items; The Perfect Match is a campaign for several weeks which end in a final live event during which your employees will get to know • A promotion-vehicle at the entrance; eachother in a fun and exciting way. • A live event with speed dates. The pivot of this campaign is our dating agency “The Perfect Match”. Your employees are signed up and will be informed and asked to add their charachteristics to our database (hobbies, interests, sports, character, etc.). Afterwards Mr. Matchmaker will select your ‘ideal’ date. During the final live event you will be put in contact with your colleagues by our speed dating sessions. Result: A campaign with surprisingly nice colleagues as a result!
  6. 6. The taste of (your company name) Program ‘Inspired?’ We can completely adapt the final program to your personal needs: Participants: Employees 16.00 - 16.30 uur Reception Objective: Get to know eachother in a different way 16.30 - 17.00 uur Presentation of guest chef Event format: 17.00 - 18.15 uur Funworkshops With this format you will inspire your employees in a culinary way and during which you will also have plenty of opportunities 18.15 - 18.45 uur Drinks to include intrinsic presentations. In combination with various exciting tapas a chef will give an inspiring presentation about 18.45 - 20.15 uur Live cooking dinner, wine and coffee bar smell, flavours, mouth experiences and taste sensations. During the presentations the participants will be blindfolded to fully 20.15 - 21.00 uur End experience the different aste sensations. Afterwards your guests will be divided into various small groups Communication: in order to particpate in several fun workshops such as: making If desired we can also organize all communication activities related to tapas, cockail workshop and a body & mind workshop. During this event, ranging from the creation of invitations to gift items. Perfectly dinner there will be a viticulturist and a coffe bar with Barista. suited within the format ‘ The taste of...’ is a beutiful cookery book as gift item. It is even possible that the guest chef invents a special recepy for Result: An unforgetable culinary experience! your event as an insert in the cookery book.
  7. 7. A day of laughter... Program ‘You are actually quite a nice fellow’ We will adapt the final program to your specific needs and participants: 14.00 hours Reception Participants: Management, employees We receive your guests at location of choice with coffee, tea, soft drinks and sandwiches. Objective: To get to know eachother in a different way 14.30 hours Start of program by improvisation cabaret Event format: Cabaret performers will introduce the phenomenom improvisation A day of laughter.... is a format during which you get to know cabaret to brake the ice. your colleagues in a different (usually: funnier) way. Nowadays there are no functions, no hierarchy and nobody is more 15.00 hours Start acting yourself important than others. The event begins with a brief introduction Divided into smaller groups colleagues will play different improvisation by a improvisation cabaret. Afterwards it is your turn to act in scenes under supervision of the cabaret performers. different improvised scenes. 17.00 hours Final scene at stage How is this possible? By forming a team, by trusting eachother, One person of each group will act the final scene at a big stage. by elaborating ideas of others, and by focussing and the competencies of your fellow colleagues. Beautiful scenes will be 17.30 hours Drinks created if the participants will follow the following philosophy: think positive, accept, communicate and give trust towards 18.00 hours Dinner others. Afterwards we will organise a dinner with stand-up During dinner we organise stand-up comedian acts. comedian acts to make sure the day also ends with laughter... 20.00 hours End Result: An unforgettable day.
  8. 8. Meet & Greet Program The program mentioned below is a suggestion and can be adapted to your specific needs: ‘Can you tell me who that colleague is?’ 15.00 hours Reception We receive your guests at lokation of choice with coffee, tea, soft drinks and sandwiches. 15.30 hours Meet & Greet Participants: Employees Our hostess will welcome everybody, explain the content of the program and introduce the various workshop supervisors. Objective: To get to know eachother Examples of possible workshops are: Event format: • Caricature drawing; Meet & Greet is an afternoon and/or evening program during • Making tapas ; which your employees will participate in a relaxed setting in • Theatre sport; various workshops. The specific workshops will be tailored to • Making graffiti art; your company and participants. You can hereby think of Graffiti, • Percussion. Theatre Sport, Caricature drawing and Tapas workshops. In between we will organise a speed dating session to get to know your Many of these workshops result in a concrete end result of which colleagues in a different and relaxed setting. your guests can be proud of, such as a work of art or a delicious tapas dish. 17.30 hours Drinks and talk afterwards Over a drink and delicious tapas the participants can exchange their Result: experiences, catch up en enjoy eachothers achievements. A motivated team of employees that gets to know, understand, respect and trust eachother. 19.00 hours End
  9. 9. Tailorized car rally Program We tailorize the requested car rally for your company. Distance, duration, routes, stops and assignments will be adapted tour your wishes and guests. Herby we provide a program example: ‘Did you ever read a rallybook?’ 11.00 hours Briefing The drivers will receive a briefing about the rally book, the assignments and overall program. Participants: Management, employees 11.30 hours Start Objective: Team work The rally will start with 2 - 4 persons per vehicle! A long the way there are different (control) stops with catering and Event format: exciting team assignments. After the drivers briefing you will step into a car with three other colleagues. You will open the rallybook and the rally begins. 16.00 hours Arrival at final destination Specially for this day we developed a route that will take you and Hand in your list of questions and assignments, drinks. your colleagues to the requested destination (for example a dinner or party venue). The route in rallybook is indicated with 17.00 hours Winners announcement icons and arrows. Therefore good teamwork and communication is very important. A long the way there are different stops where 17.30 hours Dinner or party you have to complete different assignments. During the rally you also have to complete a list of questions. Aftwerwards al results 19.00 hours End will be added and the winners will be anounced. Communication: We can provide individual vehicle stickers or magnets if you During the event we can optimize your brand perception with car make teams and send us the digital teamlogo’s in advance. stickers, signing and banners at different stops. We will send nice memories to all participants in case you want us to record this event with Result: A proud team of colleagues. photos or by camara!
  10. 10. Event formats Teambuilding / Integration Performance Improvement ‘The most powerful communication medium is live communication’. Implementing changes With our inspiring event formats we offer you concrete programs for your business event. Inform people Thank people
  11. 11. Mental golf day Program The program mentioned below is a suggestion and can be adapted to ‘Learn to observe more and talk less’ your specific needs: 09.00 hours Reception We receive your guests with coffee, thee and sandwiches at a requested Particpants: Salesmen location. Objective: More turnover 09.30 hours Training by guest trainer Theory regarding mental skills and the company athlete. Event format: Dit event will help your sales team to have obtain more success. 10.30 uur Coffee break The day begins with a presentation about mental skills: from thinking to feeling and observing. Learning to listen and to 10.45 uur Continue training recognise what your clients really want, without making your own assumptions. The guest trainer will also focus at top-class 12.00 uur Lunch sport elements and compares top athletes regarding their preparation and performance based on 3 R's: Reïnforcement, 13.00 uur Mental Golf activitity Resistance and Recovery. For experienced players: holes depending on location. For beginners: putten, chippen and strike off. In the afternoon we will organisea golf activity where the participants will learn to implement the skills they obtained during 16.00 uur Feedback the morning session. This golf activity is suitable for both Guest trainer will give feedback about the activitity. beginners and experienced players, because this activity is mainly focussed on implementing the theory into practise. The 16.30 uur Drinks & dinner, end day will end with drinks and a dinner. Result: Better performing sales personnel
  12. 12. Get inspired! Program The program mentioned below is a suggestion and can be adapted to your specific needs: ‘A day outside, but in a different way’ Day 1: 10.00 hours Arrival & reception at hotel Participants: Employees, Salesmen 10.30 hours Get Inspired Objective: Inspiration A visit to the City of Arts & Science and a Segway city tour. Event format: 13.00 uur Lunch in Mar de Bamboo Get Inspired! is a 2-day event which give your employees an inspiration boost. It is an ideal format to combine with brainstorm 14.00 uur Meeting/brainstorm sessions or city program sessions, strategy meetings, new concept developments, etc. The epicentre of this event is Valencia. You will stay in the 17.00 uur Return & drinks in hotel trendy hotel del Carmen and you will visit the City of Arts & Science. With segway you will explore the historic centre, Turia 18.00 uur Get dressed parque and the America’s Cup harbour. You have lunch Mar de Bamboo with a beautiful view at the marina. In the afternoon you 18.30 uur Dinner in Ness can plan meetings or direct your employees to the city centre with various photo assignments (regarding trends, values, etc). 21.00 uur With limousines to Mya & Umbracle! At walking distance form your hotel you will find restaurant Ness Party in VIP area. where you have dinner at night. Afterwards we will bring you in limousines to currently the hottest night club in town: Mya & Day 2: Umbracle. The next morning you will enjoy a delicious breakfast and afterwards your guests will return home.. 09.00 uur Breakfast Result: Inspiration! 10.00 uur End
  13. 13. Sell for Seven Sins! Program ‘Selling is fun’ The program can be completely adapted to your specific needs. Participants: Employees, Salesmen Objective: Inspiration Event format: Sell for Seven Sins is a sales incentive which we adapt to your organisation. Your sales employees will receive fun incentives if the obtain their objectives. The incentives are based on the seven sins. For example Greed stands for a night-out to the casino and jealousy for a VIP-treatment with a limousine and a party in a trendy club. IJdelheid is een beauty-arrangement en een make-over. De campagne kunnen wij ondersteunen met pakkende visuals op uw kantoor (posters, banners e.d.) Reslutaat: Competitie, plezier en extra sales!
  14. 14. From good to great! Program Kick-off: ‘Satisfaction is the beginning of the end’ Campaign are really successful when they are supported by the whole organization. It is therefore important to start your campaign with a live event. The initiative can be explained in detail during the kick off. There people will also have the opportunity to ask questions. The informal part of this kick-off will ensure a feeling of solidarity. We are pleased to Participants: Employees further elaborate the content and form of this kick-off together with you. Powerful elements of a kick-off are an external presenter who will Objective: Performance stimulation interview executives in a casual way, a visual stage to support your message, entertainment and a percussion workshop. Event format: From good to great is a performance-improvement campaign for External presenter: your entire organization. You have to define several meaurure Ensure yourselve of a succesful Verzeker uzelf van een succesvolle kick points and points of improvement and qualify concrete objectives off met de inzet van een dagvoorzitter/moderator. Voorafgaand aan de for each department. For example: always pick up the phone bijeenkomst spreekt de dagvoorzitter de content uitgebreid met u door, within three rings. Handle and solve complaints within 24 hours. zodat de juiste snaar geraakt wordt en de content klopt. Faultless invoicing. Your client satifaction has to become an 8 aswell as your employees satisfaction grade. Etc. Percussie: Een kick off is een unieke gelegenheid om uw medewerkers trots te The start of this campaign starts with a collective kick-off. We laten zijn op zichzelf, elkaar en de organisatie. Het is ook een feel good will also organize nice impulses at the office. You can hereby moment voorafgaand aan een periode die veel van ze zal vragen. Een think of: mousepads, screensavers and posters. The end of this dankbaar item voor een kick off is bijvoorbeeld een percussie sessie. campaign is a dazzling party to give your colleagues a pat on Onder leiding van gepassioneerde percussionisten ontstaat een their back. interactief spektakel waar iedereen een bijdrage aan levert. Result: Performance Improvement!
  15. 15. Event formats Teambuilding / Integration Performance Improvement ‘The most powerful communication medium is live communication’. Implementing changes With our inspiring event formats we offer you concrete programs for your business event. Inform people Thank people
  16. 16. Change! Program ‘Yes you can’ The program can be completely adapted to your specific needs: 12.00 hours Reception Participants: Managers, employees We receive your guests with a light lunch, coffee, tea and softdrinks at location of your choice. Objective: Change-motivation! 13.00 hours Theory Event format: A guest trainer will present the theoratical part of Change Management. Do you know which type of animals knew how to survive during centuries? The strongest? The greatest? No, the animals who 15.00 hours Short Break could best adapt themselves to changes and new environments! The same can be said about companies. An organisation needs 15.30 hours Practise to change and innovate continuously to stay successful. Change A guest speaker get’s your attention and inspires wth a motivation is no choice, change is an essential condition for longterm presentation about Change! success. 16.30 hours Conclusion Change is - human – difficult and most change tempt to fail. This event is all about the essence and neccesity of change, 17.00 hours End, drinks and/or dinner continued by practical tools to implement changes successfully and structurally. Result: Insight in the importance of change processes and the willingess to change.
  17. 17. Code of conduct Program The program can be completely adapted to your specific needs: 13.30 hours Reception We receive your guests with coffee, tea and softdrinks. ‘Values, principles and practices’ 14.00 hours Introduction Cabaret performers will play improvised and recognisable company situations to introduce the importance and lack of clear mutual agreements. Participants: Managers, employees 14.30 hours Code of Conduct by guest speaker Objective: Determine your daily norms and values A gastspreker presenteert over de theorie en praktijk. Event format: 15.00 hours Get to work The processes within your company are stated. Everyone The participants will be devided in groups and based on their vision they knows what he/she must do. But how!? Code of Conduct is an need to answer a questionnaire with occuring situations, amongst event at which clealy will be decided how your employees need colleagues and with business relations. to present themselves. How proposals need to be presented. How people should be dressed within the company. How you 16.00 hours Feedback based on group results receive your guests. How your salesforce needs to prepare for Based on these results management can determine the final code of an appointment. How the need to address clients. How they conduct protocols. present your company and themselves. Which etiquettes do they apply amongst eachother and with their relations, etc.! 17.00 hours Etiquette A guest speaker will give a presentation about the most common Result: etiquettes in business. What is done and what is not done during Clear and univocal protocols about internal and external codes business dinners, network drinks and receptions? of conduct. 18.00 hours Drinks and/or dinner buffet 19.30 uur End of event
  18. 18. Event formats Teambuilding / Integration Performance Improvement ‘The most powerful communication medium is live communication’. Implementing changes With our inspiring event formats we offer you concrete programs for your business event. Inform people Thank people
  19. 19. Powerlunch Program The program can be completely adapted to your specific needs. ‘Where do we go?’ Participants: Clients Objective: Inform, motivate Event format: You are bussy. Your client is even bussier. Nevertheless, you would like to organise an event to inspire and motivate your clients and to present them your new product. A successful format to realize this is the Powerlunch. At an attractive and culinair venue location we organize an event (14h00 – 16h00). The gastronomic part of this event will be taken care of by a Chef. The intrinsic part of the event will fit perfectly with the lunch. This will give you sufficient time to present your new product and to inspire your client. We will completely adapt the lunch menu to the content of your event. Result: Enjoy effectively.
  20. 20. A silly directors day Program The program can be completely adapted to your specific needs. ‘A surprising seminar for directors’ Fake speech: During the event a mystery director will empower the concept of your event. The director (actor) will diturb your personal speech and spleen about his stupidity. Afterwards he will take over and present an amuzing, Participants: Directors motivating and inspiring fake-speech. Objective: New business Your location: Based upon the background of guests and your specific wishes we can Event format: organize your event at various locations. We will organize all necessarry You wilt like to get in contact with the final decision maker. You facilities such lightning, decoration, sound systems, projection and would like to tel him/her about the pros of your product or catetering. In this way you only have to focus on the content of your service for their business. You also understand that you event. somehow need to stimulate their curiousity to attend your event. The event format ‘ A silly directors day' offers you a special opportunity to achieve your objective. We will also include a mystery director who will present a fake-speech and give more colour to your event. Result: New business, cross selling.
  21. 21. (Comapny name) Opens its doors Program ‘An event in your clients’ circle of interest’ The program can be completely adapted to your specific needs. Participants: Clients Communication: With an intensive and well balanced communication plan you will Objective: Introduce, communicate increase the impact of your event. You can hereby think of personal invitations with information about your event, location, speker(s), Event format: background info and registration possibilities. The tendency might be that the attandence at your events is not as high as you would like it to be. This despite of the fact that you combine event with an interesting presentation and a product launch. Therefore we also include an important additional dimension: We bring your event in your client’s circle of interest. In other words, we make sure that your event lies within the field of interest of clients. As a result your event will attract participants like a magnet. This is a successfully proven event format: small sized events at unique locations and with a guest speaker who fits your setting. Result: Customer relations and Relation marketing.
  22. 22. At Home Programma The program can be completely adapted to your specific needs. ‘Show everyone for what you stand for’ Participants: Clients, relations Objective: Product launch, Brand loyalty Event format: Within or in the surroundings of your offices we can organize a beutiful client event. Your own office has probably more to offer for an amazing event than tyou probably thought at first. Organising an event ‘at home’ empowers the emotional and personal aspect of your event which results in a perfect environment to present yourself and your products.. We will take care of everything: signing, alutenten, catering, decoration, presentation equipment, parking, entertainment and communication. This event format can also contribute to a possible image transfer in case your company recently changed its profile or brand positioning. Result: Image transfer, authentic brand perception, customer relations.
  23. 23. Event formats Teambuilding / Integration Performance Improvement ‘The most powerful communication medium is live communication’. Implementing changes With our inspiring event formats we offer you concrete programs for your business event. Inform people Thank people
  24. 24. Relax Program The program can be completely adapted to your specific needs. Day 1: ‘Slow down & relax in Barcelona’ 08.00 hours Arrival at Barcelona airport 10.00 hours Departure to Barcelona centre At the hotel your guests will receive a city map and they will be recieved with cocktail reception. 12.00 uur Activities Participants: Employees Gaudi Tour, Catamaran excursion, tapasworkshop... 17.00 uur Free time Objective: Thank people, incentives 20.00 uur Relax We bring you by touringcar to the Olympic marina where you and your Event format: guests will be received with a delicious glass of cava. At a beautiful As a reward for all the hard work we organize a great incentive terrace you will enjoy a nice Mediterranean dinner and enjoy live music trip to Barcelona during which there is no stress and where performances.. After dinner you can choose to return to the hotel or everyone can enjoy the lifely atmosphere of this beautiful enjoy the city’s nightlife. Mediterranean city. We will organize an inspiring two-day program. Day 2: The program includes a Gaudi tour, catamaran excursion, 08.30 hours Breakfast and check-out in hotel tapasworkshop, a visitit to the legendary 'La Boqueria' market 09.30 hours Scootertour departing from hotel and a beach dinner. You will stay for example in nice hotel in Including Port Vell, the beach boulevard and the Gothic neighbourhood. the historic centre or near the Olympic marine harbour! 12.30 hours Lunch in a tapasbar You will enjoy some delicious pinxtos. Afterwards you will have some Result: A unique experience as a reward! free time before your transfer back to the airport. 15.00 uur Transfer to airport or train station
  25. 25. Feeling fit Program Feeling Fit can be orgaised in a party or day-program format within a time frame of approximately 5 - 6 hours. The timeframe mentioned ‘Learn to feel fit’ below is based on an afternoon program. 13.30 hours Reception of your guests At your requested location we receive your guests and we will serve fresh juices, salads and mini-sandwiches. Participants: Managers, employees 14.00 hours Welcoming speech & program introduction Objective: Thank people 14.05 hours Opening with facial gymnatics Event format: With this event format you combine the necessarry with the 14.15 hours Presentation about ‘The companmy athlete' pleasant. Feeling Fit is nice, informative, healthy and enjoyable A guest speaker will present an interesting, informative and company event. Feeling Fit is relaxing at a Spa- or enjoying a well.considered presentation. chair massage, oxygen bar, water tastery or chill-out lounge. You can for eample also think of workshops such as: fencing, 15.30 hours Break poweryoga, healthy-cooking and tai chi. You can also measure Check your fat percentage and excercise with the Nintendo Wii XL. your fat percentage or excercise interactive sports with the Wii Fit XL. A guest speaker will also give a presentation about the 16.00 hours Workshops company athlete. The gastronomic program during this event Fencing, poweryoga, healthy cooking, tai chi... consists of fruitcocktailbar, salad bar and wonderful biologic dishes. 17.30 hours Relax and gastronomic treats Relax with a Spa & chair massage, oxygen bar, water tastery and chill- Result: out lounge. Also enjoy some healthy biologic dishes, drinks and snacks. Tools and inspiration for a healthier life for your guests! 19.00 hours End of event