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I2y deck2010

  1. 1. the cause
  2. 2. WHAT IS CANCER ADVOCACY? “Making sure the next ‘you’ doesn’t have to go through the same crap you did.”
  3. 3. 2003 2004 NCI Challenge Goal 2015 National Action Plan
  4. 4. 2005 2005/2006 Lost In Transition Year of the Lanceband
  5. 5. 2006 2007 Closing The Gap IOM Whole Patient
  6. 6. Analysis ✴ NCI/CDC: Chronic Condition ✴ Death sentence becomes life sentence ✴ Equal focus on acute and long-term ✴ Cure = Survivorship? ✴ Cancer survival as lifestyle
  7. 7. The Cause Is Born Nearly 70,000 Americans between 15-40 are diagnosed with cancer each year. When compared to other age groups, there has been no improvement in the 5-year survival or quality of life of young adults in 30 years. Young adults also face unique unmet issues including isolation, insurance, fertility, dating/sexuality, financial aid, education, employment and age-appropriate peer support such as social networking, both off and online.
  8. 8. The Rally Cry The past 30 years of cancer ‘progress’ has failed the next generation of survivors and caregivers so there’s no reason to think the next 30 will be any different unless change happens now.
  9. 9. Why? ✴ Dismissed by doctors / delayed diagnosis ✴ Young adults don’t consider self risk ✴ Most likely to be under/uninsured ✴ No clinical trials for young adults ✴ No young adult cancer research ✴ Isolation, depression, low quality of life ✴ Different cancers than other age groups ✴ No screenings or prevention available
  10. 10. Unmet Need To Fill ✴ Improve Survival Rates/Quality of Life • ensure prompt detection • awareness/risk reduction campaigns • medical education reform ✴ Rethink Clinical Trials • ‘awareness of’ and ‘access to” (social media?) ✴ Engender National Movement • ageist bullhorn voice for this population • rally a new generation around it’s own • meaningfully and measurably improve quality of life
  11. 11. What’s Missing? Improving survival rates and quality of life for young adults has little or nothing to do with more traditional cancer research.
  12. 12. Key Players ✴ Healthcare Providers • Oncologists, Surgeons • Nurses, Social Workers ✴ Institutional Settings • National Cancer Institute • University Medical Centers • Association of Community Cancer Centers ✴ YoungAdult Survivors/Caregivers ✴ Cancer Advocacy Organizations
  13. 13. U.S. Population source: NCI SEER 2007, US Census 2008 1-39 40+ 1-39 40+ Survivors 15-39 6% 12% 10% 94% 88% 90% Of the 1.4M Dx/Yr Of the 12M Survivors, 50M YA Americans 6% (70K) = YA 12% (1.2M) = YA 10% Are Survivors
  14. 14. The Solution?
  15. 15. The Mission Empower young adults affected by cancer ✴ ensuring prompt detection ✴ ending isolation ✴ improving quality of life ✴ providing meaningful survivorship
  16. 16. The Vision No survivor alone. The Goal Save more lives.
  17. 17. What We Do i[2]y is a targeted online content provider and offline direct patient service provider offering the following programs to the young adult cancer community:
  18. 18. Brand Promise Young adults have the power and want the tools to make a difference for the next generation. Through i[2]y, they are compelled to give back and become the change they wish to see for the next ‘them’.
  19. 19. January Launch: Founded by Matthew Zachary February New York Times Exposé March Wall Street Journal Profile April Newsweek + Washington Post Profile May Launch: The Stupid Cancer Show June Launch: Inaugural Stupid Cancer Un-Gala NYC July TIME Magazine Best 50 Website August Launch: 1st i[2]y Satellite Chapter (DC/Metro) September Lifetime Television Exposure (3M Viewers) October Launch: Young Adult Leadership Cabinet November Launch: i[2]y Provider Affiliate Network December LA Music Awards: Humanitarian Of The Year
  20. 20. i[2]y Today ✴ US’ Leading Grassroots Advocate for YA • provides national voice for orphaned population • helped bring YA cause to national spotlight • unified social movement around YA agenda ✴ Global Impact & Reach • 600+ Cancer Center Affiliates In 9 Countries • 45 US Chapters + Canada, Australia & UK • Most Visited Young Adult Website (1M Visitors/yr) • 2:00 Average User Site Time Visit ✴ National Partnerships With 40+ Organizations
  21. 21. i[2]y Membership ✴ 150,000 Consumers (2009/2010) • mailing list, reader/listener/subscribership • social media avatars, offline communities • 1500% growth from 2007 • estimate 750,000 by 2011 • total consumers touched: 2.25M (source: JWT 2009) ✴ Traditional Media Reach • 25 million eyeballs (source: cision 2009)
  22. 22. i[2]y Demographic 11% 19% 4.75M Americans 15-39 Survivors 15-39 Co-Survivors 40-49 Survivors 70% source: JWT 2008
  23. 23. Our Differential ✴ Wikinomics / OpenSource ✴ Meet them where they’re at ✴ Reinvent no wheels ✴ Disruption, permission to rebel ✴ Onco-narcissism, Incentivisation ✴ Social Responsibility, Transparency ✴ Impact, Measurability
  24. 24. Offline Service Provider
  25. 25. Online Content Provider
  26. 26. Secondary Programs
  27. 27. Supplemental Information
  28. 28. Testimonials
  29. 29. Impact "What i[2]y has given me is a chance to take something that was completely devastating on a physical and emotional level and turn it into something wonderful.” "i[2]y not only makes me feel that I belong and that I am included, it allows me the opportunity to provide other survivors the same clairvoyant moment that I had when I first discovered the organization.” “I've been unable to stop spreading the word since I found it. Thank you for making a difference in my life."
  30. 30. “My doctor may have cured my cancer but i[2]y has saved my life. Thank you so much!” "The connections that I have made through i[2]y have brought so much love and support into my life, I know that it has helped me live and I would like to give back to our community of individuals." "Thank you for making such an incredible support network for all of us young adults. I had brain cancer and never thought I could find people who could understand my pain."
  31. 31. “I joined i[2]y to help others who were impacted by young adult cancer. What I did not realize or expect was the impact i [2]y would have on me, as a survivor myself. As I prepare for a multitude of new tests this year, my own fears are suddenly so muted. Thank you so much for changing my life in a way that no other cancer organization ever could have."
  32. 32. the cause