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ObjectiveMarketer Overview


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Business Use Cases, Customer Profile, Platform Snapshot

Business Use Cases, Customer Profile, Platform Snapshot

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  • 1. Social Media Management System “ Higher level tools and systems from companies like ObjectiveMarketer can help push the entire industry forward” (Mashable)
  • 2. ObjectiveMarketer is an integrated platform that allows you to create , distribute and optimize your contents for Social Media.
  • 3. Use cases supported by ObjectiveMarketer Integrated Social Media Management and Marketing Suite
  • 4. Customer Profiles Industry PR & Direct Marketing Agency Publishers Entertainment Real Estate Hospitality Services Celebrity / Bloggers Use Case News and Announcements Promotions Events Information and Expertise User Interaction Support and Product Updates Business Function Public Relations Marketing Sales Support Business Development Human Resource and Recruitment
  • 5. Platform Details Post Management Campaigns Management Contents Management User Management Reports API’s Comprehensive Analytics User Interface Business Applications Coupons Mobile Apps
    • Multi-User
    • Multi- Org
    • Role Based
    • -------------------
    • Asset
    • Followers
    • Multi-channel
    • Scheduling
    • Automation
    • Customizable
    • Workflow
    • Goal Setting
    • Web Analytics
    • Strategic
    • A/B Testing
    • RSS Feed and Media
    • Landing Pages
    • Media Library
    • Polls
    • Branded URL
    • WhiteLabel
    • Multi-dimensional
    • Date-Time Range
    • Export to CSV
    • Downloads
  • 6. User Management
    • Larger enterprises can set their Organizational Hierarchies in ObjectiveMarketer
    • Agencies can Manage Multiple Clients from one single Admin login
      • Multi-Organization
      • Multi-User
      • Roles & Permission
      • Workflow
      • Preferences
      • Follower/Fan Management
  • 7. Post Management
    • Teams can Create , Integrate media, and other creatives like Polls, Schedule and Distribute using a very powerful set of capabilities.
    • Efficiency, Engagement and Optimization are the key.
      • Schedule: Spread, Bulk and Drip
      • Say more with 140 characters
        • Seamless integration with Landing Pages, Polls, Media, RSS, Blogs
      • Multi-Channel : Simultaneously, or creatively publish to more than one channel
  • 8. Post Message Options & Calendar
  • 9. Campaign Management
    • Campaigns make social media initiatives more strategic.
    • Theme Based Campaigns, to analyze performance at an aggregate level or to perform A/B Testing
      • Goal Setting
      • Web Analytics Integration (Google Analytics, Omniture, etc)
        • Seamless integration with Google Analytics to see GA data in Product)
      • Aggregate Analysis of all campaigns
        • HeatMap (Sweet Spot to run your most important message)
        • Geography, Browser, Traffic Sources – be in the know!
        • Comparative Analysis of Activity vs Engagement vs Value
        • And, More
  • 10. Campaign Analytics Screens
  • 11. Content Management
    • Patent Pending Landing Pages allow Brand Awareness, and also a unique mechanism of Social ROI
    • Customizable Image Gallery – allow you to brand the interface where you share your media.
    • Branded URL’s and WhiteLabel services give a complete brand presence on social channels
    • Mashup Websites driven by Social Data provide a powerful way of generating user interest and interaction
  • 12. Branded Media Interface Ubergizmo – Digital Summer Event
    • Images scheduled from ObjectiveMarketer are published on a Media Server (Hosted by OM) , which is fully customized for the event.
  • 13. Branded Frames
    • Use Case: Webex using Frames to generate awareness and increase Sign Up.
  • 14. Branded URLs, Application Names
  • 15. Mash-up Websites
  • 16. What’s Next
    • More advanced capabilities to make it easy-to-use, result driven and efficiency based system for individual as well as for team.
    • For more detailed Roadmap , please contact.
      • Please see:
      • In Appendix 1, Key Capabilities Table
      • In Appendix 2,Business Model
    Amita Paul, Founder/ CEO Phone: 650-587-5185 [email_address]
  • 17. Key Capabilities
    • Scalability
    • Integration
    • Administration
    • Management
    Capability ObjectiveMarketer SAAS based product
    • A hosted solution with a web-based interface, and ability to integrate to native CMS and other applications as needed.
    Manage multiple brands
    • Ability to manage multiple brands and capability to support substantial growth over time.
    • Manage multiple campaigns
    • Manage themes
    • Designate platforms
    • Designate access
    • Easy coordination and management of high number of simultaneous campaigns across multiple brands.
    • Ability to pre-load themes (look & feel) for each brand, so that the right landing pages load when a specific campaign is promoted to the social media platform.
    • Ability to easily designate the right platform(s) for campaigns to get promoted to.
    Roles based administration ObjectiveMarketer has the basic infrastructure of user management, and provides roles / permission based access control. Asset management Consolidated Channels, Users, and Assets
  • 18. Key Capabilities
    • Distribution
    • Engagement
    • Use Case:
    • Brand Management
    • Direct Marketing
    Capability ObjectiveMarketer Publish directly to social platforms
    • Flexibility to seamlessly manage multiple campaigns across multiple platforms. Current platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare, LinkedIn,, Media Gallery
    Schedule posts
    • Ability to set automatic posting of a campaign or asset, based on the desired site, date and time – One time, Repeat, Daily, Spread, Bulk and Queue based.
    • Integrated with Google Calendar and iCal
    Publishing workflow
    • Ability for users to schedule, stage, promote and archive their campaigns
    Social landing page publishing
    • Patent Pending technology to integrate custom landing pages and banners to contents shared on Twitter and Facebook
    Platform community management
    • Ability to track and respond to comments posted on fan pages.
  • 19. Key Capabilities
    • Comprehensive and Granular:
    • Analytics
    • Insights
    • Reporting
    Capability ObjectiveMarketer Roles based dashboard
    • Ability for users to have real-time access to metrics for their campaigns, which roll-up to allow administrators to have enterprise-level visibility to all campaigns.
    • Robust analytics dashboard and reporting capability.
    • Clickthrough Stats, Retweets, Comments, Likes, Views etc
    • Activity, Engagement, Value
    • Influencers, Amplifiers, and other insights
    Reporting and Distribution
    • Email Notification
    • Export to CSV and other Formats
    • Date/time range Analysis
  • 20.
    • SAAS Easy-to-use Product
    • Multiple Levels of Pricing – best suited for Agencies
    • Self-service, Credit Card based Payment System
    • Whitelable Solution
    • Affiliate and Reseller Ready
    • Other services
    • Social data driven Mashup Sites, and Reports for Direct Marketers and Brand Managers
    • Strategic Services, including Campaign Creation and Analysis
    Business Model