Developing Social Media Protocols and Policies for Transportation Agencies


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This presentation from Susan Bregman and Sarah Kaufman offers advice to transportation organizations and agencies about developing social media protocols and policies. The findings were presented at the Transportation Research Board 2014 Annual Meeting and are drawn from the book "Best Practices for Transportation Agency Use of Social Media." The book was published by CRC Press in October 2013.

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Developing Social Media Protocols and Policies for Transportation Agencies

  1. 1. What’s the Worst That Can Happen? Developing Social Media Protocols and Policies Susan Bregman Principal Oak Square Resources, LLC @thetransitwire Sarah Kaufman Digital Manager NYU Rudin Center for Transportation @NYURudin
  2. 2. • • • • • • • What’s a social media policy? Getting started Resource management Acceptable uses Institutional considerations Evaluation What’s next Agenda TRB Annual Meeting 2 14-Jan-14
  3. 3. What is a social media policy? TRB Annual Meeting 3 14-Jan-14
  4. 4. Getting started Managing resources Acceptable uses Agency considerations Measuring results Elements of a social media policy TRB Annual Meeting 4 14-Jan-14
  5. 5. GETTING STARTED 5 TRB Annual Meeting 14-Jan-14
  6. 6. • • • • • • Pick a platform Find your voice Create engaging content It’s a two-way street Time your messages strategically Think before you post Factors to consider TRB Annual Meeting 6 14-Jan-14
  7. 7. Use Twitter for short time-sensitive announcements Use Facebook to post information and engage riders Share photos of your system and local events on Flickr Use a blog for longer posts with more background information Pick your platform TRB Annual Meeting 7 14-Jan-14
  8. 8. 8 TRB Annual Meeting 14-Jan-14
  9. 9. Find your voice TRB Annual Meeting 9 14-Jan-14
  10. 10. Create engaging content TRB Annual Meeting 10 14-Jan-14
  11. 11. Peak Service Engagement Marketing Off peak 0% 20% 40% 60% Timing is everything TRB Annual Meeting 80% 100% 11 14-Jan-14
  12. 12. The Internet is forever TRB Annual Meeting 12 14-Jan-14
  13. 13. RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 13 TRB Annual Meeting 14-Jan-14
  14. 14. • • • • Time commitment Staff roles and responsibilities Account oversight Closing the feedback loop Factors to consider TRB Annual Meeting 14 14-Jan-14
  15. 15. Squeeze play TRB Annual Meeting 15 14-Jan-14
  16. 16. Closing the feedback loop TRB Annual Meeting 16 14-Jan-14
  17. 17. ACCEPTABLE USES 17 TRB Annual Meeting 14-Jan-14
  18. 18. • Blurring line between personal and professional uses • Who may access social media • Employee conduct Factors to consider TRB Annual Meeting 18 14-Jan-14
  19. 19. Official agency use Professional use Personal use Blurring the lines TRB Annual Meeting 19 14-Jan-14
  20. 20. Managing access TRB Annual Meeting 20 14-Jan-14
  21. 21. INSTITUTIONAL CONSIDERATIONS 21 TRB Annual Meeting 14-Jan-14
  22. 22. • Archiving and record keeping • Cyber security • User privacy Factors to consider TRB Annual Meeting 22 14-Jan-14
  23. 23. Do we have to keep records? TRB Annual Meeting 23 14-Jan-14
  24. 24. Protect your agency TRB Annual Meeting 24 14-Jan-14
  25. 25. EVALUATION 25 TRB Annual Meeting 14-Jan-14
  26. 26. Measure your results TRB Annual Meeting 26 14-Jan-14
  27. 27. WHAT’S NEXT? 27 TRB Annual Meeting 14-Jan-14
  28. 28. The power of the crowd TRB Annual Meeting 28 14-Jan-14
  29. 29. This presentation was prepared for the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in January 2014. Findings are based on a chapter in Best Practices for Transportation Agency Use of Social Media, edited by Susan Bregman and Kari Edison Watkins, Ph.D., and published by CRC Press in October 2013. More information about the book is available here. Want to read more? TRB Annual Meeting 29 14-Jan-14
  30. 30. Susan Bregman Oak Square Resources, LLC @TheTransitWire @OakSquareSusan Contact us TRB Annual Meeting Sarah Kaufman NYU Rudin Center for Transportation @NYURudin 30 14-Jan-14