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  • 2. OVERVIEWThis millennium is characterized by the increasing need for societies across the globe tosecure success and remain relevant in the globalization trend. This way, societies ensurethat they develop economically and ensure social security. Nations in the world arefaced with the challenges of transforming their traditional socio-cultural, economicrelationship and political structure to conform with the demands of the ‘PRODUCTIVITYAGE’. Ability to conform to this new order by reviving social value and encouraging small& medium scale enterprises is now considered to be the single most important factor indeciding the effectiveness of community development as well as the ability to empowercitizen.No Community, Society, Organization, State or Continent develops by accident. Thedevelopment of most successful nations came through structural and economicplanning.However development should not be left to the hand of the Government alone. Asagainst this background our organization (Organization for Youth Empowerment andSocietal Restructuring Initiative) is set up to partner with Government parastatals,Organizations and Research Institutions, to seek qualitative education and training forthe youths and the community leaders to meet the ‘Productive Age’.In view of this, our organization is deploying efficient means such as Public Lectures,Workshop, Seminar, to strengthen the consciousness of the individual in the societytowards business creation and leadership mentoring. This plan is instrumental forpolitical and economic prosperity and social cultural integration in our society. The aim
  • 3. of our organization is to sensitize the mind of the youths towards building the capacityfor sustainable development. Who we are?Organization for Youth Empowerment and Societal Restructuring Initiative(OYESRI) is a non-profit organization that intends to offer the youth asprospective global leaders in Africa and beyond an opportunity to experience andlearn about leadership and entrepreneurship skills. The main goal of ourorganization is to plant hope in the minds of the youth and to bring aboutchanges in their mind-set. Our focus is to enable the youth to contribute in thedevelopment of their communities with right mindset built upon leadership andentrepreneurship spirit. OYESRI pursues proactive strategies to develop andempower youths to take on leadership and entrepreneurial roles in theircommunities.Organization for Youth Empowerment and Societal Restructuring Initiative(OYESRI) was established in 2007 as a Youth Initiative Organization for YouthEmpowerment and Community Development.OYESRI strongly believes that an investment in youth empowerment will provide agreat opportunity to make the world economically prosperous. Strategies thatseek to improve the lives of youth significantly affect the entire society. Preparingand equipping youths for leadership requires providing time and opportunities forthem to practice and grow as leaders, entrepreneurs and solution makers. Igniting
  • 4. youth’s passion on key issues that affect their development by equipping youthswith tools, knowledge and resources and encouraging them to be the agents ofsocial change. Our VisionTo continually strive towards community development and youth empowerment Our MissionTo work towards reviving societal values and youth empowerment. Accordingly,the organization shall at all time pursue a social, economic and educationaldevelopment program, principally aiming at empowerment awareness amongyouths and community at large. With a sense of urgency, we seek to pursue thefollowing: 1. To organize seminars, public lectures and workshops to strengthen the youth’s mindset on social and economic development. 2. To work towards community empowerment through educational programs for the youths. 3. To solicit for curative and preventive health care services for all 4. To collaborate and partner with international and local organizations to organize and share resources and frameworks on development issues. ORGANIZATION AIMS & OBJECTIVES  Propose Investment Initiative to Individual, Community and Organization to create employment opportunity.
  • 5.  Partner with other “NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION” to propagate moral principles.  Empower Youth on how to start business.  Partner with Business Institutions and Organizations to jointly organize regular educational programs on Small & Medium Scale Enterprises.Meet OYESRIs Board of Trustees:Brig. Gen. Aderounmu Ganiyu Adewale (rtd), Chairman, Organization for YouthEmpowerment and Societal Restructuring Initiative.ERWAT ESEZA AKIROR Ph.D, Executive Member Organization for YouthEmpowerment and Societal Restructuring Initiative, a senior Lecture at Lead CityUniversity.AMODU AKEEM ADEKUNLE Ph.D, Educator and Consultant, a Senior Lecturer atLead City University, Oyo State, Nigeria.Oloyede Abdullahi Adetoyese M.A., Executive Secretary and Program Director,Organization for Youth Empowerment and Societal Restructuring Initiative.The Board of TrusteesThe Board of Trustees is responsible for governing the Organization for YouthEmpowerment and Societal Restructuring Initiative. Board members areresponsible for developing policy and providing direction to the ExecutiveDirector. The Board of Trustees meets at least three times every year.Would you make a good board member for OYESRI? If yes, we’d like to hear fromyou. OYESRI is currently seeking board members located in Ghana and Liberia.
  • 6. If you are interested, please review the BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES FORM andcomplete a BOARD MEMBERSHIP FORM.At Organization for Youth Empowerment and Societal Restructuring Initiative, weare honored to have such a talented mix of individuals serving on the Board ofTrustees. BOARD MEMBERSHIP FORMName _____________________________________________________Mailing Address ______________________________________________________Email ______________________________________________________Affiliation ______________________________________________________Phone ______________________________________________________Fax ______________________________________________________Have you served on other Non-Profit Boards? □ Yes □ NoIf so, please list: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Are you currently serving on other Non-Profit Boards? □ Yes □ NoIf so, please list: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Please list any community volunteer experience____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Please list 3 references with contact information__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Please attach a resume and a brief statement telling us something about yourself and yourinterest in serving on the OYESRI Board of Trustees. You may want to address why youwant to serve, what special areas of our work interest you and any other information thatmakes you a suitable candidate for the OYESRI board.Thank you for your interest.____________________________ ________________________Date Signature
  • 7. Please return form and any attachments to our offices at:No: 1, Boluwaji Area,Lagos/Ibadan Express RoadIbadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.P.O. Box 23768, Mapo Hill Office+234-8032194355, +234-8050478006, BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES FORM· Attend all board and committee meetings and functions, such as special events.· Be informed about the organizations mission, services, policies, and programs.· Review agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committeemeetings.· Serve on committees or task forces and offer to take on special assignments.· Make an annual personal financial contribution to the organization.· Inform others about the organization.· Suggest possible nominees to the board who can make significant contributionsto the work of the board and the organization.· Keep up-to-date on developments in the organizations field.· Assist the board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities, such as reviewingthe organizations annual financial statements.· Work actively in the area of development. This may include working with OYESRIto secure corporate, foundation, and individual contributions.· Board Members are expected to secure a successor for their board positionupon leaving the board, working in collaboration with the board developmentcommittee.
  • 8. OUR PROGRAMIn line with the vision of The Organization for Youth Empowerment and SocietalRestructuring Initiative [OYESRI] to continually contribute towards youthempowerment, socio-economic development and societal restructuring in Nigeriaand Africa in general, our organization has the following as our quarterly programto sensitize the youth and the public at large. 1) Awaken Youth on Leadership Role (AYLR) – AYLR is a program aimed at sensitizing youths on leadership role modeling, with special relevance on HIV/AIDS and self development awareness. Under this program, we shall address the impact of HIV/AIDS on effective leadership in our nations and how today’s rising leaders should pay special attention to this epidemic. It is a school connected program, taken round schools such as Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Institutions which comes up every December 1st principally to mark HIV/AIDS day. This programme structures the mind of the youths towards leadership thinking. During the program students have opportunity to listen to our speakers and also participate in question and answer sessions. 2) Development and Economic Empowerment Program (DEEP) - DEEP is a program to help build the capacity for sustainable development among youths in Nigeria and other countries. The program is aimed at developing entrepreneurship mind-set and spirit among the youths in Nigeria and other African countries. This program gives incentives and nourishes the capacity for sustainable development for the future entrepreneurs in
  • 9. Africa. In this program, we develop series of short–term intensive training programs for participants and we offer them both class and site training. 3) Workforce Development Program (WDP) - WDP is a program for the working class in Nigeria and other African countries either civil servants or the private staffs. This program is aimed at developing managerial skills; knowledge and motivation that will help them manage their businesses after retirement. At the completion of this program participants will possess necessary skills to succeed in establishing their own businesses. PARTNERSHIP & SUPPORTTo be involved in defining the future of our society by finding means and ways torevive societal values and providing possible solution to the state of societalissues, OYESRI is committed to training youths in entrepreneurship andleadership skills in order to address social and economic issues in Africa. In theera of the “MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS” it is an incredible opportunity aswell as our responsibility, to be actively involved in the development of thesociety with a firm commitment and use of resources, combined with publicsupport. We shall be sure of achieving an environment that could be conducivefor addressing daily challenges; ultimately, we can build a meaningful andsustainable future for the benefit of the society and the world we live in.In line of the above statement, OYESRI looks for individuals or organizations thatshare our passion for youth and community development to partner with any ofour programs.
  • 10. If you are interested in support OYESRI, financially or volunteering with us, kindlysend us an email on: oye.sri@gmail.com or info@oyesri.orgVolunteering With OYESRIOYESRI looks for volunteers that share OYESRI’s passion for youth empowermentand community development. Volunteers serve in various capacities as mentors,trainers and business consultants for OYESRI.If you are interested in volunteering for OYESRI, but the particular area where youthink you can make the most contribution is not currently listed, please contact usby expressing your volunteer interest. OUR CONTACT: ORGANISATION FOR YOUTH EMPOWERMENT & SOCIETAL RESTRUCTIONING INITIATIVE No: 1, Boluwaji Area, Lagos/Ibadan Express Road Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. P.O. Box 23768, Mapo Hill Office +234-8032194355, +234-8050478006, oye.sri@gmail.com or info@oyesri.org www.oyesri.org