Jonas On Windows Azure OW2con11, Nov 24-25, Paris
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Jonas On Windows Azure OW2con11, Nov 24-25, Paris






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Jonas On Windows Azure OW2con11, Nov 24-25, Paris Jonas On Windows Azure OW2con11, Nov 24-25, Paris Presentation Transcript

  • JOnAS on Windows Azure Stephane Woillez Cloud Computing Consultant Microsoft Advanced TechnologiesJOnAS is an Open Source OSGi certified J2EE application server, hosted by OW2. Bullprovides a technical support through subscriptions.Windows Azure is the public Platform as a Service Cloud from Microsoft. Yes VMs areWindows Server, but Azure runs tons of Open Source software and applications writtenin .Net for sure but also in PHP and Java.JOnAS runs like a charm on Windows Azure and takes benefits of the Platform as aService concept and the high SLA level and availability of Azure. JOnAS allows thedeployment and execution of JavaEE/OSGi applications in production on Azure OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  • Microsoft and Open Source OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  • Traditional Platform as a Service Infrastructure • A worldwide public cloud platform as a service You manage Data Data Application Application • Hosting of internal, public or B2B applications Runtime • Delivering very high levels of availability You manage Middleware Automated • Providing application level interconnectivity services management ofAzure manage O/S Software & • Ensuring high levels of security for applications and data Harware Virtualization Runtime • Allowing reduction of costs for projects and hosting Middleware Servers OS Virtualiaation Storage Servers Automated Application clusters Storage Network You choose the services for Database Network Datacenter(s) hosting your applications Virtual Machines Your applications/data Storage Six Datacenters CDN (Europe, US, Asie) Caching 24 Points of presence of the CDN VPN Service Bus You choose the programming language and tool Reporting Access Control MarketPlace Slide 3
  • Running JOnAS on Windows Azure● Same instantiation mechanism used as for .net applications 1. The application is managed as a “Role”, an assembly of VMs running a cluster connected to a load balancer 2. The role is configured and controlled either programmatically or using the console 3. A new VM is created from a Windows Server image, then the application & middleware are downloaded from a Blob and installed on the image. 4. The management & update of the underlying infrastructure & Operating System are totally automated & applied without service interruption 1 Windows Server Image Microsoft master CLuster NLB Jonas Runtime + Application Automated Azure Role 2 You control the content Stored on Azure Storage OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  • How much does it cost ?● It’s cloud based pricing, based on consumption of resources● But you can also use subscriptions or an enterprise agreement● All prices are public and there is an online calculator available● An example : A cluster of 2 Jonas servers, running on bi-core VMs with 3.5GB of memory, accessing a 500GB storage space with 1 million of transactions and 1 Tera bytes of traffic will cost $581 per month based on standard prices JOnAS $581 NLB per month list price 1 Tera Bytes 2 VMs - 2 x 1.6GHz Storage 500GB traffic 3.5 GB Mem 1 million accesses OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  • Next Steps of the project● Today the clustering technic used is the « farm » concept. JOnAS servers do not know each others. Maybe it could be interesting to test the JOnAS clustering.● Test the performances of JOnAS on Azure virtual machines, in order to delivers performance figures.● Connectivity with SQL Azure to take benefits of the SQL database service● Build an automated installation of new applications and updates on existing JOnAS clusters Questions ? OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.