Innovation in Open Source Business Inteligence

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  • 1. Open Source Business IntelligenceWhere is the innovation ?Marc Sallières, AlticA concrete point on Innovation in OpenSource Business Intelligence : trends,technologies and feedbacks from our firstproject : Big Data, GPU, Datavizualisationwith Talend, SpagoBI and Palo. OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  • 2. Whats new in Open Source BI ?BIG DATA ● Talend BIG DATA ● Séminaire Aristote « Big Data : how to take advantage of this opportunity? » ● Structure Data 2011 (USA) Technologies ready to handle large volumes of data.DATA ● SpagoBI 3.0 releaseVISUALIZATION ● Visual Decision Forums 11 & Business Datavis Think Tanks ● Data Viz Challenge winner : visualize your taxes (USA) ● Concours BIME : Proposez le meilleur tableau de bord ! How to take advantage of data visualization progress?SEARCH ENGINE ● Mozilla uses Elastic Search for Mozilla Metric ● Use an external search engine to index Data for Business Intelligence OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  • 3. Whats new in Open Source BI ?MOBILE BI ● SpagoBi Mobile for tablets and smartphones web browsers (apple, android..) ● Palo Mobile for iOS & Android ● JasperSoft Mobile Business Intelligence Ipad & Iphone A practical use related to nomadism and real time.GPU Jedox (Palo) makes OLAP faster thanks to the power of the ●CALCULATION GPU. OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  • 4. The main roads of innovationWe shall remember :● Prepare the way for Open Data and Other Data in the businessesinformation systems.● Seek simplicity and interactivity for the end user while keeping therelevance and reliability of decision-making system.● Devise flexible and quickly deployable architectures to answerconstantly evolving needs and data sources. OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  • 5. Who is Altic ?Pioneer in Open Source Business Intelligence for french SMEs.Certified Partner of the major publishers in the world OpenSource Business Intelligence and Data Management3 R&D projects on data and BI ● Large volumes of data ● Datavisualization ● Semantic WebAssembling alternative and innovative solutions to meet ourcustomersneeds. Piece together the best components andapplications.Been present and working at the Open Data Camp, Crunch MyData Camp , Dataviz etc OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  • 6. eFraud BoxAddress internet fraud (detection engine, investigative tools).EfraudBox is an ANR project in collaboration with the GIE CartesBancaires, Thales, KXEN, Paris laboratories LIP6, LIP13 and LIPN, theNational Gendarmerie and the Judicial Police.Technologies used by Altic : Hadoop, Mahout, Rhipe, SpagoBI, Palo GPU... OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  • 7. External Development Tools Data Autre BI Files RDBS NO SQL Not Only SQL LogsContextual BI Data Platform Legacy : ERP, DataWarehouse CRM, SCM, HR OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  • 8. Manage large volumes of data  HadoopWhos using it and how ? ● LinkedIn: project Voldemort, used to predicts people who potentially know you ● Dynamic Journey: analyse and predicte road traffic ● New York Time: conversion of all its archive in pdf ● Visa: Fraud analysis ● Yahoo: search engine, anti-spam…. OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  • 9. Speeding calculationsPalo Accelerator (GPU) ● Acquisition of 2 GPU machines Carri System ● Loading of 43 million lines (GIE data for 1 month) ● Presentation on Palo dashboard in a cube with 120 million lines OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  • 10. Visualization with the right tools InfiniDB Gephi / Tulip MySql HADOOP GIE CB Hive / Pig OpenStreetMap PostGreSqlTalend Big Data Agrégations PALO BI Suite GPU Oracle / SAS OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.
  • 11. Conclusion● Open Source really is an opportunity for the big challenges ahead.● Open Source is ready● Now lets explain to customers when and why use these technologies OW2Con 2011, November 23-24, Orange Labs, Paris.