Emerginov, an open PHP PaaS for co-innovation, OW2con'12, Paris


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This platform is based on the smart integration of free software components and promote the massive usage of open technologies (LAMP, Asterisk, OpenSIPS) and open API. It has been deployed in Africa and used to stimulate open innovation in emerging countries. It allows rapid prototyping of “telco-web” micro-services on over the top of traditional operator networks using open APIs (SMS, vocal access). It aims to build a reference library of business applications under free licenses. The project has recently joined OW2 and aims to publish 2 versions of the solution: a standalone version and a Telco grade version.

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Emerginov, an open PHP PaaS for co-innovation, OW2con'12, Paris

  1. 1. Emerginovan open PHP PaaS to stimulate and animate local co-innovation Eric Debeau, Orange Labs 26/11/2012 France Telecom restricted
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction to Emerginov A low-cost Multimedia IP infrastructure Feedback from the field Conclusions Emerginov Hackathlon - Botswana – April 2012 France Telecom restricted
  3. 3. Introduction to Emerginov France Telecom restricted
  4. 4. Emerginov: what is it? Orange assets SOHO Web University ESMT, UTM, UCAD, University of Botswana Local operator Local developers Mobile users Local TelecomTarget end user = mobile customer users- voice- SMS Diaspora- GPRS/Edge/3G Services APIs google, Radio facebook,...
  5. 5. Emerginov: what is it? An agile and flexible Infrastructure all-in-one A Platform As a Service (PaaS): a web developer uploads his/her code then deploy through web interface the code into a rich runtime environment A community  Original Bottom-Up approach: services from the field  Ecosystem of partners (> 300 people on the social network) An incubator of open source micro-services  Library of micro services  massive reuse  in line with institutional requirements on digital sustainability A reference forge of micro-services dedicated to Africa under free license
  6. 6. A low-costMultimedia IP infrastructure France Telecom restricted
  7. 7. Components sox
  8. 8. Community versionhttp://emerginov.ow2.orgOfficial release for InnovAfrica Dakar 26-30/11/2012Full open source version including An API shop (Orange Nursery) A PHP SDK to control calls TTS and vocal recognition based on Google APIs integrated at PHP level The « glue » between all the components :  Web portal  Deployement scripts  Documents  API shop
  9. 9. Feedback from the fields France Telecom restricted
  10. 10. Emerginov : what is it for ? Voices (2011) Widget quiz (2012) (Web Foundation, TNO, SahelCo,.. EU project) / Mali, Senegal) (Unicef, Senegal) Content project Niger (2012) Widget birth declaration (2011) (AFD, Orange foundation/ Niger) (NGO Santé&Action, Health minister/Senegal) Market place (2012) (Ilab Cairo/Egypt) Basic Wolof voice recognition (2011) (ESMT/Senegal) Webradio API(2012) (University of Botswana) Medicines management (2012) (Pharmacie Humanitaire, Senegal) E-education IFADEM (2012)Hackathlon (2012) Geolocation (2012) (AUF, AFD/Madagascar)(LIRIMA/Cameroon) (UCAD/Senegal) Service creativity sessions (2012) Codecamp orange Expo 2010 &2011 (Orange Botswana, University of Botswana) (MT, Mauritius Universities) Commonwealth Low-cost USSD enabler (2011) Orange Money web API Telecommunication (University of Technology of Mauritius) (University of Technology of Mauritius) organizations event (2012) (MT, Universities of Mauritiues) Emerginov has been and is used to support several projects in Africa Research projects Projects, with partners
  11. 11. Orange Expo 2010 - Mauritius12
  12. 12. Conclusions
  13. 13. Conclusions • Emerginov as a PHP Paas is a reality • It has helped Orange co-innovating in Africa since 2010 • An open source version hosted in OW2 will be available end of November 2012 • Join the community!14
  14. 14. Contacts • admin@emerginov.org • Speaker: eric.debeau@orange.com • More information on http://emerginov.ow2.org • Follow us on – Twitter: https://twitter.com/emerginov – Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Emerginov15
  15. 15. Appendix
  16. 16. Emerginov: Context Mobile is everywhere IT technologies are generalizedLack of infrastructure and network connectivy limited and not always stable African Youth is skilled, trained and imaginative Litteracy rate is low and there are lots of vernacular languages We need a Platform to manage simple telco services (SMS based, kiosk)Based on commodify hardware The platform must be open everything including call control could be done through web interfaces/API Use Open source solution to share the dev and production environment Focus on vocal services Organize codecamps, trainings, hackathlon but let local people develop for local people
  17. 17. Orange Expo 2010 - Mauritius Biggest exhibition in Mauritius More than 45 000 people in 3 days ( 3.5% of the overall population). 2 universities, 6 applications – SMS Notification API (Rest) used for Traffic watch and buddy locator – Traffic Watch (road traffic management in Mauritius) – Buddy locator: localization of friend in Mauritius based on Smartphone/GPS and SMS system – Pocket Gazette: light maket place employee/employers SMS based – Call2Play: Use your GSM as a gamepad for collective game sessions. – Shopping buddy: localization of Mauritius places or shops ranked through Facebook Event reconducted in 2011 and 2012 (Commonwealth18 Telecommunication Organizations)
  18. 18. Research contract Geoloc UCAD 2012 http://projects.emerginov.org/API_Geoloc / +33296485651 Fig 6: Représentation architecturale du système19
  19. 19. Research contract Orange Money UTM 2012 Micro-services correspond to long tail services Potentially lots of micro services with reduced trafic Micro services will generate micro-revenues A developper can create many micro services To be realistic, the economy of micro services must be simple and without many intermediates between the service producer and the end user20
  20. 20. Orange Money UTM 2012 Business models Revenues Costs Vocal Traffic Hosting SMS Traffic Telecom costs Micro services (SMS/Voice) Advertising Developers revenue Sponsoring21
  21. 21. Design : Overview Administrator SOAP/HTTP HTTP Mobile Users Orange JSON/XML SOAP/HTTP Money REST Interface Micro Services Developers22 Emerginov
  22. 22. Orange Money Web API • Based on a REST Interface • Applications communicate using HTTP (JSON/XML) • Communicates with OM using SOAP • Developers creates their micro-services (web, sms, ussd) which communicates with the Web API • Bill mobile customers (monthly, by-usage, one-time) • Can define revenue sharing and loyalty points • Web Interface for Administrator • Manage Applications, users, bills, revenue sharing and loyalty points23
  23. 23. Orange Money Micro service Ecosystems Orange assets Hosting Telecom resources GSM users Target end user = mobile customer Local - voice - SMS 3rd party Services developers - GPRS/Edge/3G APIs google, Radio facebook,... revenues24 charges