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Action Apps Business Intelligence, OW2con11, Nov 24-25, 2011, Paris

Action Apps Business Intelligence, OW2con11, Nov 24-25, 2011, Paris






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    Action Apps Business Intelligence, OW2con11, Nov 24-25, 2011, Paris Action Apps Business Intelligence, OW2con11, Nov 24-25, 2011, Paris Presentation Transcript

    • Take Action On Big DataPowered by VectorwiseChristian RAZASales DirectorNovember 23, 20111 of 9 1 of 9
    • From INGRES to ACTIAN © 2011 Actian Corporation 2
    • Big Data © 2011 Actian Corporation 3
    • Big Data © 2011 Actian Corporation 4
    • Big Data Unisphere Research - 2011 © 2011 Actian Corporation 5
    • Business Intelligence limits 1. BI systems, like all other systems, suffer from entropy and inflexibility to change. 2. The “time to insight” is too long. 3. True insight is often delivered, but does not lead to effective action. Robin Bloor The Bloor Group © 2011 Actian Corporation 6
    • Action Apps - Combining Insight and Action
    • Revolution and Evolution… 1) Next-Gen Mobile - Smart Devices and Tablets 2) Social Media - Social Business and Enterprise 2.0 3) Cloud computing 4) Consumerization of IT 5) Big data © 2011 Actian Corporation 8
    • Introducing Action Apps Action Apps are lightweight consumer style applications that automate business actions. © 2011 Actian Corporation 9
    • It’s as easy as… 1. Select your Data Probes Simple and composite probes Traditional & non-traditional data sources Structured & unstructured data 2. Set your Triggers Simply slide and set thresholds for events 3. Define your Action Notification to an individual or group Manual or Automated © 2011 Actian Corporation 10
    • Step 1 – Select Your Data Probe © 2011 Actian Corporation 11
    • Step 2 – Set Your Triggers © 2011 Actian Corporation 12
    • Step 3 – Define Your Action © 2011 Actian Corporation 13
    • Results © 2011 Actian Corporation 14
    • Grouping Action Apps into Action App Store © 2011 Actian Corporation 15
    • Apps in Action! Every Industry has Examples Where Timely Automated Action Delivers Value McKinsey Estimates over $2Tn of Incremental Value... ...but doesn’t say HOW! © 2011 Actian Corporation 16
    • Cloud Action Platform • The Cloud-based Platform on which Action Apps are built and deployed • Data probes interrogate structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of data sources • Takes input feeds from these data probes and reacts to conditions that you have selected • Triggers the Actions that you have specified © 2011 Actian Corporation 17
    • Cloud Action Platform - Powered by Vectorwise © 2011 Actian Corporation 18
    • VectorWise: High Performance – Low Cost © 2011 Actian Corporation 19
    • Customer Experiences – PerformanceRight out of the box, Vectorwise lets us effortlessly plow through millions and millions of rows of data…The Vectorwise leaders and technologists have performed a miracle here.” Warren S. Master, CTO, The Rohatyn Group, New York “We ported a business application from Oracle to Vectorwise and were astounded by the substantial performance increases, up to 70x… Michael Thuleweit, Managing Director, Datamatics © 2011 Actian Corporation Slide 20
    • Action Apps in The Business Press Actian wants to create products that behave more like the consumer-oriented apps found on smartphones, which can take action in response to changes in business information. © 2011 Actian Corporation 21
    • Analysts Support for the Actian Movement“The accelerating pace of business and increasing pressures for better customerservice and lower costs are making event-driven activities more important inalmost every industry.” Executives have lots of information, but they dont knowwhen to take action and what action to take," “Actian seeks acquisitions, partnerships for actionable BI” “Decision making in Global 2000 companies is paralyzed with “data-waiting”… …This creates an action-deficit resulting in missed opportunities to monetize trends, or worse, creates unnecessary risk that could have been avoided by immediate action.” © 2011 Actian Corporation 22