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2 Oob Gen Prez (2010830)

  1. 1. OUT OF BLUE Online Marketing Specialists
  2. 2. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Who we are 3. Our Services – outbound marketing 4. Our Services – inbound marketing 5. Social Media Pioneer 6. Main Types of Database 7. Database Access
  3. 3. Introduction OUT OF BLUE FZ-LLC is an innovation led company which responds to client requirements and delivers projects tailored to the market and brand requirements. Working with our clients in a collaborative effort to achieve a focused brand experience for the end user, our aim is to let them interact with our client, engage with the products and message, and leave with a clear understanding of our clients offering that is memorable. Our business has grown through the ability to understand our client’s requirements, share our experience with them, and deliver our promise every time. At OUT OF BLUE FZ-LLC, we’re passionate about what we do , and it’s our people that make the difference. Our clients want people that they can trust to support and deliver for them, who are flexible and understanding, and are fun to do business with.
  4. 4. Who we are • Innovation led ideas and proposals at all times • Delivery on time and as agreed every time • Trust in our words and actions • Excellence in setting the standard we adhere to • Integrity is the foundation on which everything else is built Our Vision Creating ground breaking marketing solutions for our clients in the digital age Our Mission To translate marketing concepts into actual campaigns that generate actual return and tangible results Our People Our committed team of talented professionals excel in their field and are passionate about what they do, and our clients profit from this
  5. 5. Our Services Outbound Marketing • A traditional form of marketing where a company initiates its conversation & sends its messages out to an audience. • Out Of Blue offers best platforms to meet needs of outbound marketing to its customers such as media companies & corporate clients, by delivering their advertising and promotions to the targeted audience by using it’s unique highly profiled SMS Gateway DATABANKS Complete bulk SMS solution designed for small, medium or large company which provides user friendly interface to send normal Text SMS as well as Unicode SMS (Arabic, French, etc…) Features  Credit management  Multilevel login account  Reports  Allows importing contacts & address book  Scheduled SMS  SMS reminder for appointment & birthday  API Integration.
  6. 6. Our Services Outbound Marketing (cont’d) Email Xplore Out Of Blue has developed a hosted self-service email marketing platform for the clients who are looking to maximize their online marketing return. Features  High percentage of active email DATABANK.  Subscribe & Unsubscribe feature.  Bounce management.  Email verifying process to maximize delivery rate.  Html form & survey management.  Personalization.  Tracking analysis for opened, read & click through .
  7. 7. Our Services Inbound Marketing
  8. 8. Our Services Inbound Marketing (cont’d) • A marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers. This sense is related to relationship marketing and the idea of permission marketing • We recommend that clients & their brands "earn their way in" (via publishing helpful information on a blog or getting noticed on the social media landscape) “How important are these factors to corporate reputation?” Transparent & honest practices 83% Company I can trust 83% High-quality products/services 79% Communicates frequently 75% Treats employees well 72% Good corporate citizen 64% Prices fairly 58% Innovator 48% Top leadership 47% Financial returns 45% These three key factors are best served by social content.
  9. 9. Social Media Pioneer • From a single, user friendly interface, Out Of Blue can have access to all major and most popular social media platforms, including:  Blogging ( Back type, Tumblr, Wordpress)  Micro blogging (Twitter, Dipity, Foursquare)  Bookmarking (StumbleUpon, Delicious, DiggIt)  Business (LinkedIn, ASmallWorld)  Community (Face book, MySpace, Multiply)  Viral (YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion) Hence, we can generate wall post shots, send private and instant messages to our PLATINUM DATABASE ( social media users)
  10. 10. Main types of database Databank for outbound marketing Databank for inbound marketing Twitter members SMS MMS My Space Social LinkedIn members members Media SNAIL EMAIL MAIL Facebook Members
  11. 11. Database Access Countries Accessible UAE Database Basic Attributes* KSA Bahrain Qatar Age Oman Gender Kuwait Geographic Region Egypt Income Lebanon Ethnicity * Additional attributes may be available for certain portions of the database based on target audience specified
  12. 12. Some of our strategic partners
  13. 13. Some of our corporate clients
  14. 14. The Beginning… Dubai Office ] OUT OF BLUE FZ-LLC ] Dubai Media City bldg 8 Roy Homsi] +97150 650 2662 MD Dany El Eid] +97150 878 4943 Marketing Strategist