Sole Source and Unsolicited Proposals Webinar

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Sole Source and Unsolicited Proposals Webinar



This free one-hour webinar previews a module from our upcoming Federal Business Development course, Sole Source Contracts and Unsolicited Proposals. The module covers how to get Sole Source contracts, ...

This free one-hour webinar previews a module from our upcoming Federal Business Development course, Sole Source Contracts and Unsolicited Proposals. The module covers how to get Sole Source contracts, which are not only the domain of small disadvantaged businesses, but can be used by large businesses. We also cover 8(a) and other sole source procedures.

This free one-hour online video class focuses on Unsolicited Government Proposals, and tells you more about the kinds of skills every Federal Business Developer needs to have in order to successfully grow your company. Business developers are responsible for shaping the acquisition strategy, avoiding competition wherever possible and reducing competition.



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  • onus for enforcing the requirement for justification is on the contracting agencies rather than SBA

Sole Source and Unsolicited Proposals Webinar Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Sole Source and Unsolicited Proposals Webinar Presentation (Preview)OST Global Solutions, Inc.Office: 301-384-3350Email: service@ostglobalsolutions.comWeb: www.ostglobalsolutions.comPage  1 OST Global Solutions, Inc. Copyright © 2013 ● Tel. 301-384-3350 ●
  • 2. About the Instructor Olessia Smotrova-Taylor, AF.APMP President/CEO and BD/Capture SME • Won $19 billion in new business • President of APMP-NCA • 18 years’ BD experience, including 4 out of top 5 government contractors • Author of How to Get Government Contracts: Have a Slice of a $1 Trillion Pie Get your copy on AmazonPage  2 OST Global Solutions, Inc. Copyright © 2013 ● Tel. 301-384-3350 ●
  • 3. OST Global Solutions, Inc. Profile Metro Washington DC proposal house and government contractor helping businesses grow organically through end-to-end BD support and training 900+ fully vetted capture and proposal managers, technical writers, graphic artists, orals coaches, editors, subject matter experts, and other proposal support Bid & Proposal Academy with a certification program and courses attended by the top Federal contractors Track record supporting 18 out of the top 20 Federal Contractors, winning $18 Billion since 2005Page  3 OST Global Solutions, Inc. Copyright © 2013 ● Tel. 301-384-3350 ●
  • 4. Goals of Business Development and Capture One of the many modules from the Foundations of Federal Business Development Course1. Identify opportunities and customers2. Avoid competition altogether by adding scope to an existing vehicle, or getting a sole source award3. Reduce competitor pool by: o Type of competition BD o Invoking NAICS small business size limits o Driving an opportunity to a specific MAC vehicle or Capture Federal Supply Schedule4. Get the customer EXCITED, looking forward to receive your proposal and award the contract to you5. Make EVERY preparation step serve the purpose of writing a highly compelling proposalPage  4 OST Global Solutions, Inc. Copyright © 2013 ● Tel. 301-384-3350 ●
  • 5. Sole Source AwardsSole-source contracts are cheaper and easier for the government to award,because awarding a competitive contract takes a tremendous amount of work,even more than preparing the sole-source contract paperworko The “Holy Grail” of government Bad Reputation Reasons: • Poor optics: contracting because of no resources • Looks like bribery and favoritism required to write a competitive proposal • Perception of not saving Government money • Agencies don’t exactly follow the rules:o The Achilles’ Heel of the companies who • Ex: IG reviewed 107 DOD contracts valued at $1.4 over-rely on them billion, and another $500M of contract modifications • Found that DOD’s competition advocates failed to follow single-bid guidance in 31 caseso Much reviled in the press • The Pentagon also neglected to “develop adequate plans to increase competition because Defenseo Misunderstood and underused by many Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP) did not government contractors, and used provide effective oversight of the plans” liberally by others • DOD did not develop specific steps to improve competition rates in their plans or “develop specifico Streamlined acquisitions and negotiations steps to prevent 39 of 47 contract modifications, valued at $390.9 million, from process that alleviates 60-90 days exceeding the three-year limitation on awarding contract modifications without first recompeting.”o Lets the government use the qualified Government Executive, Oct 2012 contractor of choiceo Helps reach small business goalsPage  5 OST Global Solutions, Inc. Copyright © 2013 ● Tel. 301-384-3350 ●
  • 6. Sole Source Process for Large BusinessA good BDer participates actively through phases 1-4 to learn about the needsand assist the Government in justifying the sole source award 1. Determine the 2. Develop an 3. Vendor (BDer) 4. The need for sole RFQ or RFP and responds with government source contract request the quote (technical evaluates the proposal or quote and price offer and proposals) with prepares the J&A good J&A fodder using the proper J&A form BDer BDer submits helps BDer unsolicited develop submits proposal a good SOW proposal 6. The 5. The BDer government government BDer helps with requests obtains approval learns market Procurement from the about a need research office to issue a appropriate PO for a Sole authority Source Contract Download the full presentation at  6 OST Global Solutions, Inc. Copyright © 2013 ● Tel. 301-384-3350 ●
  • 7. Techniques Appropriate for Market Research 2. Develop an RFQ and requestUse this knowledge to augment any government efforts to the quoteensure they know where and what to look for  Industry BDero Contacting knowledgeable individuals in publications, symposi helps Government and industry ums, and conferences develop  Databases examples: a good SOWo Reviewing the results of similar recent market • IBISWorld Industry research Market Research • IEEE Computero Publishing formal RFIs in technical or scientific Society Digital Library BDer • Janes Defense helps with or business publications market • Janes Security Newso Querying databases and other procurement • Janes World research instruments available to multiple agencies at Insurgency and Terrorism and elsewhereo Participating in on-line communication among industry, acquisition personnel, and customerso Obtaining source lists of similar items from other contracting activities or agencies, trade associations or other sourceso Reviewing catalogs and other generally available product literatureo Conducting interchange meetings or holding pre-solicitation conferences to involve offerorsPage  7 OST Global Solutions, Inc. Copyright © 2013 ● Tel. 301-384-3350 ●
  • 8. 8(a) Sole Source Limitations Sole Source eliminates time consuming process of RFP development, waiting for contractor responses, evaluating all submissions; and mitigates potential protestso Sole source award up to $4 Million in Services Minimum J&A requirements for contracts over $20 million: o Up to $6.5 Million in Manufacturing (1) A description of the needs of the agency concerned for the matterso Super 8(a)s covered by the contract o An 8(a) Alaskan Native firm, an 8(a) tribally-owned (2) A specification of the statutory Native American firm, or an 8(a) firm owned by a provision providing the exception from Native Hawaiian Organization the requirement to use competitive procedures in entering into the contract o Unlimited contract value, no protests allowed [13 CFR (see 19.805-1) 124.506(b)] (3) A determination that the use of a sole- o Written J&A required for awards over $20 Million by source contract is in the best interest of the agency concerned the Section 811 of the fiscal 2010 National Defense Authorization Act; must be approved by an appropriate (4) A determination that the anticipated cost of the contract will be fair and official and made public after award reasonable o Some agencies require J&A for anything over $4 (5) Such other matters as the head of the Million (incorrectly) agency concerned shall specify for purposes of this section o Don’t have to justify your uniqueness, but have to document why sole sourceDownload the full presentation at  8 OST Global Solutions, Inc. Copyright © 2013 ● Tel. 301-384-3350 ●
  • 9. Download the Full Presentation at  9 OST Global Solutions, Inc. Copyright © 2013 ● Tel. 301-384-3350 ●
  • 10. Contact Us for Your Proposal and Training Needsin Federal Business Development Olessia Smotrova-Taylor Alex Brown President & CEO Director, Services Office 301.384.3350 Main 301.384.3350 Cell 240.246.5305 Direct 240.316.3748 Cell 301.356.2909 Julia Pochekueva Marketing, Operations and Training Services Manager Main 301.384.3350 Direct 301.769.6603 jpochekueva@ostglobalsolutions.comPage  10 OST Global Solutions, Inc. Copyright © 2013 ● Tel. 301-384-3350 ●