Where? Costa Rica. Based on its close
    Who? We are a boutique           
What incorporating offshore will do:
Here’s Why:
There are four main reasons to consider               Anonymity
making an...
                                                              What sort of positions can I
Global competitive pressur...
                                   WHY IS NEAR-SHORE BETTER?
Hosting Services (Intellectual Protection)
    direct 100 Mbps redundant link to both Maya and Arcos Submarine cables via ...
Client Snapshot #1:
At the client’s request, our first example will remain anonymous. They are a
South Florida law firm sp...
Client Snapshot #2:
 Our next example is THD Credit Consulting. The client initially
 contracted for one full-time telemar...
To see how your company can benefit from “The Perfect Fit” approach of
Offshore Saving Solutions, please, call your consul...
Offshore Saving Solution PPP
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Offshore Saving Solution PPP


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Offshore Saving Solution PPP

  1. 1. Where? Costa Rica. Based on its close Who? We are a boutique   proximity to the United States, it’s vibrant company that exists to create employee pool, and it’s shared western unique offshore/near-shore cultural traits with the US, the natural solutions for startup magnetic pull to Costa Rica finds it companies and small surpassing Eastern Hemisphere countries as businesses. the destination of choice for offshore operations. In addition, the exotic beaches, breathtaking nature reserves, luxury What? OSS specializes in  accommodations and the quaint, peaceful creating offshore corporation forests one can find within an hour of our structures and re-structuring, home offices, it is clear that Costa Rica is the establishing offshore destination for your offshore needs. environments for tax and anonymity purposes, supplying near-shore personnel (utilizing Costa Rica’s substantial bilingual employee pool) and assisting companies to expand their business into Latin America and other broader markets. San Jose, Costa Rica is a 2 to 5 hour direct flight from 6 major US cities. Placing you within an easy days travel to visit your offshore operations
  2. 2. What incorporating offshore will do: Here’s Why: There are four main reasons to consider Anonymity making an offshore component to  Highest level of privacy your company. protection  Business can be conducted Anonymity  internationally Limited Liability   Nominee services through our Asset Protection /Tax Exemption  attorneys Company Expansion  Limited liability Here’s How:  No paid up capital requirement  No requirements on profession OSS Financial Services Provided: corporation formation (with books) • Various countries of incorporation • Tax Exemption / Asset Protection Restructuring existing corporations •  Less taxation on any kind of resident directorships • income local legal counsel •  No requirements on financial local accountant • standing Local bank accounts (5 major banks) • Local & international merchant accounts  Less accounting requirements •  Less reporting requirements Company Expansion  Expand your services into broader world markets
  3. 3. Why: What sort of positions can I Global competitive pressures are forcing US outsource? corporations to lower their costs. Today, it is necessary to outsource to remain competitive. This will also OSS can and will find employees facilitate expansion into Latin America and broader for any job. Here are some markets. examples: Nearshoring saves most companies save between 50% - Customer Service Openers & Closers 80% per employee!) Data Entry Accounting / Finance How: Processing Administrative Assistants Utilize Costa Rica’s substantial bilingual Tele-Surveys Graphic Designers  employee pool Programmers SEO Web Developers Inbound Campaigning OSS provides you a fully loaded employee including  Outbound Sales Telemarketers all taxes, benefits, Medicare, office space, costs of hiring, management, and replacement included in one Appointment Setters Technical Support price. Customer Service Web or Graphic Design Collections Agents Virtual Secretaries Making every employee a tax deduction not a tax burden  keep more money by paying a flat rate vs. commission.  Less cultural and time zone differences than off-shore  Offload “back office” processes to increase your focus  on what makes your company money
  4. 4. NEARSHORE VS. OFFSHORE WHY IS NEAR-SHORE BETTER? “NEARSHORING”: TO DELEGATE “OFFSHORING”: TO DELEGATE TO A TO A COMPANY WHICH IS IN COMPANY W/TIME ZONES 3+ HOURS APART, THE SAME OR NEAR TIME ZONE A LARGE CULTURAL DIFFERENCE, & IT IS IN ANOTHER CONTINENT. AND CONTINENT. Distance & Time Zones:…Staying in touch with your Nearshore Team : The overlap of time by different time zones has an impact on organizing meetings. Employees of both countries will have to take in account that they can only arrange meetings in a limited time span per day due to the difference in time zones. This will also make it harder to speak with people “on- the-fly”. The distance will also increase the costs to travel to your outsourced site. The closer your outsource is, the less it can cost. Cultures & Communication …. Adapting to work with your Onshore Team: Communication between the client and an outsourced party is imperative due to the importance of the processes being handled. Difficulty in communication can decrease the efficiency of employees and result in increased costs to you. This difficulty can also increase risks in such a way that projects have in the past failed merely on the difference in culture. However, this can be resolved by adapting and understanding the other culture, which takes time and adds to your cost. The difference in time and culture can also be the cause of compounded costs, such as the extra time that has to be invested because of the difficulty in communication by which more personnel is required to close this communication gap. By nearshoring, the differences in time are smaller, and the countries’ cultures appear less foreign to each other in comparison with an offshore country. The difference in culture is minimalized by nearshoring, making the communication between the different parties easier, more time efficient and making the adapting process easier. Labor, Wages, & Productivity… Nearshore produces at the same levels as your current operation: “it is rare to find employers who have carefully chosen nearshore locations that have not achieved productivity levels equivalent to that of the origination point”. Productivity levels have proven to be significantly higher in nearshore countries than at offshore locations. Research has shown productivity levels at offshore locations can increase over time, but even after several years offshore was not near the productivity level of nearshore. This means that companies will need more people at their offshore locations to achieve the same productivity as their nearshore locations, which will add extra costs thus making nearshoring more cost efficient. Terrorism attacks, civil war and coups… Doing business safely: Although considered a “non-cost related” factor, this is unfortunately a factor to consider worldwide, but does occur more frequent in certain offshore regions. India for instance came second in recent years rankings of the 50 riskiest countries to do business in…above countries such as Afghanistan. For more information on Nearshoring: (http://home.hccnet.nl/jgm.boersen/paper/paper_v10.pdf )
  5. 5. Hosting Services (Intellectual Protection) direct 100 Mbps redundant link to both Maya and Arcos Submarine cables via a shared fiber optic cable.  Wireless Internet redundancy via a direct wireless connection with RACSA, the country’s largest ISP  Fast Ethernet 100 Mbps full duplex connection between the co-location area, the cage area ,and the internal network via Cisco  Catalyst 5000 and 2900 switches. completely climate controlled by two independent LG air conditioning units with backup units installed.  All servers are connected to an Uninterrupted Power System backed by Liebert Nfinity UPS’s with redundant units installed.  Electricity enters the data center from two independent providers and backup electricity is provided via two independent electric  plants. The primary unit is a Caterpillar and the secondary one is a Modasa. Structured cabling system utilizing category 5e and category 6 cables throughout the data center.  Fully conditioned cabinets (0.80 x 0.80 x 2.2 meters) available for rent.  Cisco Central Routing System utilizing Cisco Catalyst 5000, 3700, 2900 and 3800 switches and routers.  Lucent Technologies Core Security Firewall System (Lucent Brick).  Fire - Lite Fire Protection System installed.  Access to the data center via 4 levels of security:  Security officer at the entrance of the building.  Magnetic key required to access the data center.  Magnetic key required to enter the co-location area or the cage area.  All cabinets and cages have their own locks.  Low level of noise guarantee in the 2 areas.  Dust free environment.  99.90% uptime guarantee.  Technical Support available 24/7/365  Real Estate / Relocation Assistance As of 2008 there are over 50,000 USA citizens living in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica's current real estate boom is driven by investors and developers from around the world who view  favorable tax laws, land affordability, and the country's democratic stability as key drivers for a sound investment. Costa Rica has excellent, affordable health care by U.S.-trained, English-speaking physicians using state-of-the-art  medical equipment. Costa Rica also has solid infrastructure with electricity and clean drinking water throughout the country. Costa Rica  has the best telecommunications in Central America with: cell phone service, internet, 100 radio stations, 12 local TV stations and USA satellite TV.
  6. 6. Client Snapshot #1: At the client’s request, our first example will remain anonymous. They are a South Florida law firm specializing in real estate. When the client had the idea of creating a new business in Costa Rica to target the Latin American market, they spoke to their corporate attorney and were referred to OSS. The client had the impression that they would be able to move right into Costa Rica and start conducting business upon arrival. Immediately upon meeting with OSS, they realized the benefits as well as the absolute necessity of having an intimate and local collaboration to coordinate each effort effectively. There was the need for local representation to assist in the relocation of the core team, new employees for the new operations, and asset protection of new cash flows in the form of offshore banking. This is an ideal client for OSS due to the ground up perfect fit approach that we are able to take in fulfilling clients’ varying needs. This particular client is utilizing a number of OSS resources, including personnel acquisition (web designer, marketer, personal assistant, and customer service representative), corporation formation with bank accounts, data hosting services, and real estate relocation services for employees moving from the US to Costa Rica. In contracting OSS, the client has already saved a fortune in time, energy, and expense by avoiding the many pitfalls of new business in unknown territory.
  7. 7. Client Snapshot #2: Our next example is THD Credit Consulting. The client initially contracted for one full-time telemarketer to call and email client- supplied leads. When appropriate the lead is transferred directly to the client in Los Angeles. We placed a bilingual employee in a desk with computer, phone, fax, and leads. Because this is a working model that is being replicated utilizing the lower cost employee pool of Costa Rica, there is projected expansion of the program within 2 months. Both client and OSS projections predict rapid success with high profits. Another great advantage both to the client and to the success of this particular operation is that the normal Costa Rican workweek consists of 48 hours! OSS replicates your already working business model and/or processes utilizing a cheaper labor force, and the chance for success is therefore very high. We are not trying to change the wheel, or reinvent anything. Instead we simply expand a currently working system, and minimalize cost to the client. For more information on this client, please visit www.thdcreditconsulting.com
  8. 8. To see how your company can benefit from “The Perfect Fit” approach of Offshore Saving Solutions, please, call your consultant or reply via email. Omar Pinto www.OffshoreSavingSolutions.com 506-2-288-25-74 (CR Office) 310-928-3765 (US Office) Omar.OSS (Skype) omar@offshoresavingsolutions.com Plaza La Paco #27, Escazu San Jose, Costa Rica Offshore Saving Solutions is here to create unique solutions for our clients. We can customize a plan for virtually any business in any industry.