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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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  • 1. Books QtFLR# Title -- Author -- Publisher : Year Bnd 1st Price Extended y0126ZH8 Battles that changed history : an encyclopedia of world conflict -- Tucker, Spencer, 1937- [ LJ BL ] {IL YA, 355.4} -- ABC- HRD 1 102.6 102.60 CLIO, c2011., 655p 0 Provides chronologically-arranged, detailed descriptions of significant battles throughout history, explaining the impacts of the Siege of Carthage, the Battle of Hastings, the American Revolutionary War, and other military conflicts on human history. 154.417013P9 [Multi-Volume Set] Cold War. Almanac 4 Cold War. Almanac -- Hanes, Sharon M {IL YA, 909.825} -- UXL ,Thomson/Gale, c2004. HRD 1 154.4 Presents overviews of fifteen aspects of the Cold War, including the division of Berlin, the Cuban Missile Crisis, espionage, and 4 the arms race in the 1980s, and includes a time line, a glossary, a "people to know" list, and research and activity ideas.14483Q The Crusades. Primary sources -- [ BL WS ] {IL YA, 909.07} -- UXL ,Thomson/Gale, c2005., 179p HRD 1 85.32 85.32X Presents volume two of a three-volume series on the origins, history, and effects of the Crusades between 1095 and 1291 A.D. and includes twenty-four primary documents, speeches, and political statements on the accounts of battles and sieges and the slaughter of Jews in Europe by Crusaders, and excerpts from literature.11174K1 An encyclopedia of battles : accounts of over 1,560 battles from 1479 B.C. to the present -- Eggenberger, David [ WS ] {IL YA, PAP 1 16.96 16.96 904.7} -- Dover, 1985., 533p Provides details of every major battle in recorded history on land and at sea. 174.929046R9 [Multi-Volume Set] Encyclopedia of the American armed forces 6 Encyclopedia of the American armed forces -- Axelrod, Alan, 1952- [ CH RR BL WS ] {IL AD, 355} -- Facts on File, c2005. HRD 1 174.9 Presents a two-volume encyclopedia of the American Armed Forces containing over twelve hundred entries on topics such as 6 military history, special forces, major wars and battles, weapons, key military figures, and much more. [Multi-Volume Set] The encyclopedia of the Spanish-American and Philippine-American wars : a political, social, and military 318.627818Z4 history 0 The encyclopedia of the Spanish-American and Philippine-American wars : a political, social, and military history -- [ LJ BL ] HRD 1 318.6 {IL AD, 973.8} -- ABC-CLIO, c2009. 0 Contains over six hundred alphabetically arranged entries that provide information on the Spanish-American and Philippine- American Wars, along with more than one hundred and fifty primary-source texts; and discusses the campaigns and principal battles, key military and political figures, the impact of the media, and other related topics.23824E1 Facts about the American wars -- [ RR BR WS ] {IL YA, 904.7} -- H.W. Wilson Co., 1998., 750p HRD 1 129.9 129.96 Covers American wars from colonial times to the Gulf War in 1991, including the American Revolution, Civil War, Cold War, 6 Vietnam War and both world wars, discussing its significance, background, causes, and battles, arranged chronologically.01690PX The Greenhaven encyclopedia of the Vietnam War -- Hay, Jeff [ WS ] {IL YA, 959.704303} -- Greenhaven Press HRD 1 65.72 65.72 ,Thomson/Gale, c2004., 336p Contains alphabetically arranged entries that provide information about the Vietnam War, covering notable military and political leaders, prisoners of war, and anti-war activists; key battles and operations; military units, equipment, and weaponry; and related cultural topics. Includes a chronology and a bibliography.
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  • 3. Total Books (Qty.)Total eBooks (Qty.)Total cataloging and processing for BooksGrand total