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Reading Enrichment

  1. 1. Reading Enrichment ActivityTitle: The Greedy Triangle by Marilyn BurnsTheme: GeometryCurriculum: Math, Language ArtsGrade Level: Grade 6Content Standards:GEOMETRYStudents will further develop their understanding of plane and solid geometric figures,incorporating the use of appropriate technology and using this knowledge to solve authenticproblems.M6G1. Students will further develop their understanding of plane figures. a. Determine and use lines of symmetry. d. Interpret and sketch simple scale drawings.M6G2. Students will further develop their understanding of solid figures. b. Compare and contrast cylinders and cones. c. Interpret and sketch front, back, top, bottom and side views of solid figures.LANGUAGE ARTSELA6R2: The student understands and acquires new vocabulary and uses it correctly inreading and writing. The studenta. Determines the meaning of unfamiliar words by using word, sentence, andparagraph clues.ELA6RC1 The student reads a minimum of 25 grade-level appropriate books orbook equivalents (approximately 1,000,000 words) per year from a variety ofsubject disciplines. The student reads both informational and fictional texts in avariety of genres and modes of discourse, including technical texts related to varioussubject areas.ELA6LSV1 The student participates in student-to-teacher, student-to-student,and group verbal interactions. The studenta. Initiates new topics in addition to responding to adult-initiated topics.b. Asks relevant questions.c. Responds to questions with appropriate information.Students will:*review geometric terms*make predictions about changes to the triangle*show an understanding of the material readDay 1:Introduction/Review – Teacher introduces the Unit by generating the students’ priorknowledge. Students will take the Geometry Pre-Test. Share.
  2. 2. Day 2:Teacher introduces the book, The Greedy Triangle. Students are informed that they shouldmake predictions about what the triangles are going to become as the book is read. Studentsview PhotoStory reading of The Greedy Triangle. As the story is being read, the students list theshapes, number of sides, and number of angles. At the end of the book, the teacher displays anoverhead with the list of shapes, their sides, and angles.Day 3:The students will create book covers using different shapes. Book Talk - Students will sharethe book covers and discuss their creations.Day 4:Students will review class wiki and take Quiz on Geometry shapes. Geometry Shapes Unit PreTest 1. A quadrilateral could have the shape of a. A movie screen c. An orange b. A slice of cake d. A top on a bottle 2. What shape has six sides? a. A triangle c. A quadrilateral b. A hexagon d. An octagon 3. What is not true about a circle? a. It is a ring c. It is a polygon b. It is round d. It is the shape of a lifesaver 4. What is true about a polygon? a. It is a quadrilateral c. It has shapes with curvy line segments b. It has sides that are straight line segments d. both a and c 5. Which shapes has eight sides? a. A triangle c. A quadrilateral b. A hexagon d. An octagon