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Josh Mullineaux of - miniTOC Portland presentation. July 27, 2011. …

Josh Mullineaux of - miniTOC Portland presentation. July 27, 2011.

Small devices have taken over our lives and rightfully so! The iPad, iPhone, and Kindle are fantastic consumer electronics, and publishers have taken note, but how are we supposed to publish for all of these devices? Kindle-specific formatting; $50,000+ for developing an app; etc, etc. All are daunting aspects of the ever-changing publishing industry today.

One thing that has stayed consistent and will get even better with the adoption of HTML5, is the web. All of our favorite consumer devices, plus our laptops and home computers have access to the Internet. So what advantages does publishing online have vs creating a device-specific app? Are there any downfalls to just publishing online? Josh will touch on all of these topics, and answer questions from publishers, authors, and the tech-curious about how to publish for that environment.

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    • Canvas (Visual Elements)
    • Video
    • Geolocation
    • Offline Web Applications
    Cool infographic:
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    • +Native to Device +Distribution
    • Expense -Fragmentation
    • -Control
    +Control +Web Based +Less Expensive -Future Control -Limited Rollout
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