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Ganeti Web Manager: Cluster Management Made Simple
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Ganeti Web Manager: Cluster Management Made Simple


Looking for an easy, scalable way to manage your Ganeti-based clusters? Ganeti Web Manager provides admins an easy to deploy, Django based GUI that effectively manages private clusters & works equally …

Looking for an easy, scalable way to manage your Ganeti-based clusters? Ganeti Web Manager provides admins an easy to deploy, Django based GUI that effectively manages private clusters & works equally well for providing customers access. With a caching system designed to scale to thousands of virtual machines without decreasing performance, Ganeti Web Manager makes cluster management truly simple.

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  • 1. Ganeti Web ManagerCluster Management Made Simple Lance Albertson Peter Krenesky http://is.gd/oscongwm | http://is.gd/oscongwmpdf
  • 2. About us OSU Open Source LabServer hosting for Open Source Projects Open Source development projects Lance / Lead Systems Administrator Peter / Lead Software Engineer
  • 3. Session OverviewGaneti BasicsGaneti Web ManagerGWM InternalsUsing GWM
  • 4. Ganeti Cluster
  • 5. What is Ganeti?Cluster virtual server managementsoftware toolBuilt on top of existing OSShypervisorsFast & simple recovery after physicalfailuresUsing cheap commodity hardwarePrivate IaaS
  • 6. Comparing GanetiUtilizes local storageBuilt to deal with hardware failuresMature projectLow package requirementsEasily pluggable via hooks & RAPI
  • 7. Project BackgroundGoogle funded projectUsed in internal corporate envOpen Sourced in 2007 GPLv2Team based in Google SwitzerlandActive mailing list & IRC channelStarted internally before libvirt
  • 8. Terminology
  • 9. Components Python Haskell DRBD LVMHypervisor
  • 10. Architecture
  • 11. NodesPhysical machineFault tolerance not requiredAdded/removed at will from clusterNo data loss with loss of node
  • 12. InstancesVirtual machine that runs on theclusterfault tolerant/HA entity within cluster
  • 13. Instance ParametersHypervisor (called hvparams)General (called beparams)Networking (called nicparams)Modified via instance or clusterdefaults
  • 14. Disk templatedrbd : LVM + DRBD between 2 nodesplain : LVM w/ no redundancyfile : Plain files, no redundancydiskless : Special purposes
  • 15. IAllocatorAutomatic placement of instancesEliminates manual node specificationhtoolsExternal scripts used to compute
  • 16. ComponentsAutomatic allocationhbal : Cluster rebalancerhail : IAllocator scripthspace : Cluster capacity estimator
  • 17. Primary & Secondary conceptsInstances always runs on primaryUses secondary node for diskreplicationDepends on disk template (i.e. drbd)
  • 18. Remote API
  • 19. Remote APIExternal toolsRetrieve cluster stateExecute commandsJSON over HTTP via REST
  • 20. RAPI SecurityUsers & PasswordsRFC 2617 HTTP AuthenticationRead-only or Read-write
  • 21. Easy management of GanetiClient facing service
  • 22. ReleasesProject Founded - 9-10-2011Version 0.4 - 12-20-2010Version 0.5 - 02-03-2011Version 0.6 - 03-04-2011Version 0.7 - 06-17-2011
  • 23. Open Sourced LibrariesDjango Object PermissionsDjango Object LogTwisted VNC Auth Proxy
  • 24. Ganeti Web Manager Installation
  • 25. DependenciesPython >=2.5, 2.7 recommendedPip - Python package installerFabric - Install scriptsVirtualEnv - Python virtualenvironmentsGit - Distributed Source Control
  • 26. Fabric Installer$ fab dev deploy$ fab prod deploy
  • 27. Import ToolsFind Orphaned InstancesImport New Nodes & InstancesRemove Deleted Nodes & Instances
  • 28. Cache Updater Imports Nodes and Virtual Machines too$ twistd --pidfile=cache.pid gwm_cache
  • 29. Cache System
  • 30. VNC Auth Proxyallows proxying through firewall / VPNno need for passwords
  • 31. Permissions
  • 32. PersonasUsers can act on behalf of groups
  • 33. Ownership vs. PermissionsOwnership is for book keepingPermissions let you do things
  • 34. Users Tab
  • 35. Editing Users
  • 36. QuotasPer Persona, Per Cluster
  • 37. Overriding Default Quota
  • 38. Future FeaturesInstance TemplateInstance DefaultsAPIAnd much more!
  • 39. Conclusion
  • 40. Questions? Lance Albertson Peter Krenesky lance@osuosl.org peter@osuosl.org @ramereth @kreneskyp http://www.lancealbertson.com http://blogs.osuosl.org/kreneskyp/ http://code.google.com/p/ganeti/http://code.osuosl.org/projects/ganeti-webmgr Presentation made with showoff http://github.com/ramereth/presentation-ganeti-tutorial http://is.gd/oscongwm | http://is.gd/oscongwmpdf