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All Operating Room Personnel,
Subject: To improve your knowledge and skills and join

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Arman Ali -ORP

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  • 1. ORPs Educational Programme(Farwd by:Nadia Ismail)What is the meant of “We are”?“We are” means that ORPs & ORPs mean that O.T.Technician. ORP is the stand for “Operating Room Personnel”. ORP is the international wording of Operation Theatre Technician. OR is the stand for “Operating Room”. Operating Room is common called Operation Theatre.Function of Operating Room: “The Operating Room functions to provide a Controlled Environment forperformance of (endogenous or exogenous source) of the wound duringSurgery. Hair acts as a filter and collects MICROORGANISM. The major types of Microorganisms include:• Protozoa• Fungi• Algae• Viruses• BacteriaThis is correct regarding the capitalization of organism’s name of disinfectingagents in Operating Room during Surgery.Presentation : Introduction of ORPFascinator : ARMAN ALIDate of Presentation : February 02, 2013Day & Time : Saturday @ 08:30 am
  • 2. (Page # 02)• 6 Feb 2012 Protozoa, their very name meaning “firs animals”, arefound on every continent as they are swept along by tides andcurrents of oceans and streams.• Protozoan parasites are rather well distributed throughout theanimal kingdom.• Protozoa are solitary cells or colonial and nearly all microscopic.• Protozoa are not found in large masses.• A few are large enough to be seen with a hand lens, some evenwith the naked eye.By Norah Faith, an eHow Contributing WriteThe protozoan diseases vary from mild to life threatening. Almost all human beings have protozoa in their body at some intheir lifetime. Acquired human Immune Deficiency Syndrome(AIDS), certain protozoa that once caused mild or no diseaseshave become life threatening. Malaria - an infective disease caused by (Plasmodium) protozoan Diarrhea – an infective disease caused by (Entamoeba) protozoan HIV- an infective disease caused by (Trichomoniasis vaginalis)protozoa Infection is caused by eating contaminated meat, (Toxoplasmosis)protozoa Sleeping Sickness-an infective disease caused by (Trypanosomebrucei)
  • 3. _______________________________________________________________Most species of fungi exist in asymbiotic relationship with a host.While mycorrhizal fungi cooperate with a live host and saprophyticfungi live off the remnants of deceased host,(Page # 03)By Rick Suttle,an eHow Contributing writer Candidiasis is fungus disease that affects the colon Mouth Thrush- also known as oral thrush is a fungus infection Athlete’s Foot-tinea pedis is a common fungus disease of foot. Penile & Vaginal yeast infections usually caused by fungus Aspergillosis is fungal disease that affects the lungs•T H A N K S