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The most basic info to spark the interest of youth to consider careers in health care

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Career X info

  1. 1. QUICK Off the top of your head think of two health care jobs GREAT - THANKS
  2. 2. I bet the 1st thing that popped into your head was NURSE DOCTOR
  3. 3. You are right! BUT….
  4. 4. … did you know there are actually a whole lot more ??
  5. 5. I mean WAY more! Take a moment and just think about it
  6. 6. Who does all the tests to check blood for crazy diseases, and other stuff like that? Medical Lab Technologists They are very careful looking after you and your medical tests
  7. 7. Who shows the doctor that an ankle is broken and not just sprained? That would be a Medical Radiological Technologist (aka X-RAY guy)
  8. 8. Who makes sure that you are not sleeping in someone else’s bed during your stay at the hospital? Hospital Administration They make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be and are getting the best possible care
  9. 9. Surely you know that your mom is not organizing your meals at the hospital - - - that is - - - unless she is the Dietician, Dietitians are experts in food & nutrition. They prepare and oversee the serving of meals
  10. 10. It takes some very special people to do all of these jobs.
  11. 11. An ambulance driver does more than just drive he is a trained professional that responds to emergencies … … he’s an Emergency Medical Responder
  12. 12. After an injury someone needs to help you get back to feeling 100%. Because, you want to get back to playing soccer or hockey During times like that a Physiotherapist or Athletic Therapist can really get you moving!
  13. 13. If you like science and helping people, and have an interest in health issues, Check out the FIELD OF HEALTH CARE There are lots of cool occupations to explore
  14. 14. There are traditional careers – Nurse – Dental Hygienist – Pharmacy Technician There are non-traditional careers – Massage Therapist – Midwife – Reflexologist
  15. 15. Occupations in health care offer a choice of settings from office buildings to private homes to hospitals to shopping malls
  16. 16. The work can involve dealing directly with people in need of physical or mental care – Home Health Aide – Medical Rehabilitation Assistant – Registered Psychiatric Nurse – Social Worker
  17. 17. The work can involve hi-tech scientific, laboratory and computer equipment – Medical Lab Technologist – Radiological Technologist – Optician – Medical Records Technician
  18. 18. If you would like to help others in difficult situations respond effectively in emergency situations, investigate new health solutions or, educate others for healthy living The health care field may be for you
  19. 19.