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Orcid data cite_20130917


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ORCID presentation by Laure Haak at the DataCite Summer Meeting, 2013

ORCID presentation by Laure Haak at the DataCite Summer Meeting, 2013

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Contact Info: p. +1-301-922-9062 a. 10411 Motor City Drive, Suite 750, Bethesda, MD 20817 USA Connecting Research and Researchers DataCite Summer Meeting,Washington DC 20 Sept 2013 Laurel L. Haak, PhD Executive Director, ORCID
  • 2. Why use ORCID? •  J. Å. S. Sørensen •  J.Aa. S. Sørensen •  J. Å. S. Sorensen •  J.Aa. S. Sorensen •  J. Å. S. Soerensen •  J.Aa. S. Soerensen •  Jens Å. S. Sørensen •  Jens Aa. S. Sørensen •  Jens Å. S. Sorensen •  Jens Aa. S. Sorensen •  Jens Å. S. Soerensen •  Jens Aa. S. Soerensen •  J. Åge S. Sørensen •  J.Aage S. Sørensen •  J. Åge S. Sorensen •  J.Aage S. Sorensen •  J. Åge S. Soerensen •  J.Aage S. Soerensen •  Jens Åge S. Sørensen •  Jens Aage S. Sørensen •  Jens Åge S. Sorensen •  Jens Aage S. Sorensen •  Jens Åge S. Soerensen •  Jens Aage S. Soerensen An illustrative example: Jens Åge Smærup Sørensen •  J. Åge Smærup Sørensen •  J.Aage Smaerup Sørensen •  J. Åge Smarup Sorensen •  J.Aage Smarup Sorensen •  J. Åge Smaerup Soerensen •  J.Aage Smaerup Soerensen •  Jens Åge Smærup Sørensen •  Jens Aage Smaerup Sørensen •  Jens Åge Smarup Sorensen •  Jens Aage Smarup Sorensen •  Jens Åge Smærup Soerensen •  Jens Aage Smaerup Soerensen And on and on it goes …
  • 3. What is your ORCID iD? •  Unique and persistent identifier •  16-digit number •  Expressed as HTTP URI •  Compatible with ISO standard 19 September 2013 3
  • 4. Benefits to the community v Unique and persistent ORCID iD can be used throughout career, across professional activities and affiliations v ORCID iD is embedded ex ante (and for existing works, ex post) in works metadata v Embedding improves system interoperability – across discipline, organization, and country •  Reduced reporting workload for researchers •  Automates updates for researchers and organizations •  Supports institutional reporting and evaluation 19 September 2013 4
  • 5. v We provide an open registry of persistent unique identifiers for researchers, and APIs for the community to embed identifiers in research systems and workflows v ORCID is an independent non-profit organization supported by member fees v Data marked public by researchers is published annually by ORCID under a CC0 waiver v ORCID code is available on the GitHub open source repository and we support community efforts to develop tools and services How do we do it? 19 September 2013 5
  • 6. User Privacy •  Information in an ORCID Record has a privacy setting, which can be set by the account owner or proxy. •  Account information (settings, permissions) is accessible by the account owner Accessible by anyone Accessible by Account Owner, Trusted Organization(s) Accessible by Account Owner 19 September 2013 6
  • 7. 0   50,000   100,000   150,000   200,000   250,000   Oct   Nov   Dec   Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May   Jun   Jul   Aug   Website   OAuth   Growth since launch 19 September 2013 7 ORCID has issued over 280,000 identifiers since our launch in October 2012
  • 8. Nature journals authors can link their ORCID to their account in the manuscript submission and tracking system, and they are publishing authors’ ORCIDs in papers. Manuscript submission 19 September 2013 8
  • 9. Grant applications: NIH Import information from ORCID record Link grant application to ORCID identifier NIH launching ScienCV grant application system with ORCID iDs this month 19 September 2013 9
  • 10. Profile system integration Add ORCID iD to university personnel system Boston University is creating ORCID records for their faculty (opt- out) and students (opt-in). They envision ORCID iDs as part of the university personnel system, access management, DSpace repository, thesis submission, and for tracking trainees on grants. Transfer data from Profiles to ORCID 19 September 2013 10
  • 11. Registry use is international •  25 countries >10,000 unique visitors •  63 countries >1,000 unique visitors •  Registry supports multiple character sets •  Content in Spanish, French, English, and Chinese 19 September 2013 11 Country   Visits   %   USA   182085   17.0%   China   96606   9.0%   UK   64884   6.1%   India   56644   5.3%   Spain   50691   4.7%   Italy   45210   4.2%   Brazil   44529   4.2%   Germany   42244   3.9%   Japan   37204   3.5%   Australia   34441   3.2%   France   28591   2.7%   Canada   24568   2.3%   Iran   18683   1.7%   South  Korea   18348   1.7%   Russia   17965   1.7%   Sweden   16841   1.6%   Turkey   15546   1.5%   Portugal   15136   1.4%   Malaysia   15076   1.4%   Egypt   15065   1.4%   Netherlands   14785   1.4%   Taiwan   14372   1.3%   Poland   10692   1.0%   Mexico   10388   1.0%   Switzerland   10310   1.0%   Greece   7787   0.7%   Saudi  Arabia   7507   0.7%   Romania   7420   0.7%   Belgium   7094   0.7%  
  • 12. “Encourage  adop5on  of  unique  persistent   researcher  IDs:     ...  The  ORCID  system  also  will  allow  individuals  to   idenYfy  their  research  output  and  create  a  registry   of  IDs.  SciENcv  will  include  a  uYlity  that  make  it  easy   for  users  to  obtain  an  ORCID  and  to  link  it  to  their   publicaYons  and  grants.” di_researchmanagement/researchinformation/orcid.aspx slutrapport-fran-projekt- forfattarindentifikatorer/ 19 September 2013 12
  • 13. ORCID and Open Science ORCID is one component of a community- wide effort to develop and implement open standards that support data sharing and participation in open science. v EuroCRIS and CASRAI: standards for exchange of administrative research data v ODIN Project (DataCite, British Library, CERN, ANDS, Cornell, Dryad): standards and persistent identifiers for citation of research data 19 September 2013 13
  • 14. ODIN aims to build on the success of DataCite and ORCID by designing an ‘awareness layer’ for persistent author and object identifiers, ultimately to stabilise: •  References to a data object; •  Tracking of use and reuse; •  Links between a data object, subsets, articles, access, and every person involved in its lifecycle 19 September 2013 14
  • 15. ODIN is hosting its first year conference and CodeSprint, October 15-17. Register at: update-on-codesprint-and-1st- year-conference/ Learn More! 19 September 2013 15 Come join us at CERN in Geneva, October 15-17 to learn more about ODIN and our projects to demonstrate the potential of the identifier “awareness layer”.
  • 16. Connecting ORCID and DataCite 19 September 2013 16
  • 17. Workflow: linking with data 19 September 2013 17
  • 18. Workflow: linking with data 19 September 2013 18
  • 19. •Our website: •Membership: •Integrating iD: •Subscribe to our blog and follow us @ORCID_Org on Twitter •Join us at the ODIN codesprint and the ORCID meetings • conference/ • •Contact ORCID at More information
  • 20. Interoperability with ISNI •  Joint statement on interoperation •  3-part technical implementation plan •  link ISNIs with ORCID records (October 2013) •  create tools to harvest document metadata from relevant databases •  implement authenticated search and linkage of ORCID iDs with ISNI records, and test the feasibility of allowing review and validation of ISNI records. 19 September 2013 20