Npg orcid launch october 2012

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  • 1. NPG ORCIDIntegration Howard Ratner CTO, Executive VP Nature Publishing Group
  • 2. Registration and ProfileOn and in NPG eJournal Press manuscript submission system users can create or link an ORCID. Identical wording and workflow 2
  • 3. Registration and my accountinformation text 3
  • 4. Create/link from My Account too! 4
  • 5. Create/link takes user to ORCID 5
  • 6. 1. Register on ORCID2. Authorize data use 6
  • 7. After authorization ORCID isattached in NPG database and noteditable by user Similar both on My Account (shown) and registration 7
  • 8. Manuscript submissionCorresponding Author Corresponding author can create/link an ORCID via NPG eJournal Press MTS system 8
  • 9. Manuscript submissionCo-Authors Corresponding author can search for co-authors using ORCID to pre-populate form (coming soon) 9
  • 10. NPG Customer Service can find auser based on ORCID 10
  • 11. NPG Customer Service view of userprofile with ORCID(note Delete button) 11
  • 12. NPG Customer Service deleting anORCID is non-reversible, so theyare warned! 12
  • 13. Researcher  starts   manuscript  submission  ORCID PUBLISHER Manuscript submission system asks researcher to updateWORKFLOW author profile with ORCID ORCID Tier 2 API passes ID to manuscript submission system Manuscript processed and content published Metadata and ORCID deposited to CrossRef ORCID::DOI pairing submitted to ORCID ORCID record updated
  • 14. Coming Soon from NPG•  Integrating ORCID Call-back API" –  ORCID profile updates alert NPG as trusted partner"•  Completion of the “Virtuous Circle”" 1.  NPG ingests ORCIDs" 2.  NPG deposits ORCID:DOI pairs to CrossRef" 3.  CrossRef makes ORCID:DOI pairs available to ORCID" 4.  ORCID alerts trusted partners about updated profile" 14
  • 15. Thank You! Howard Ratner CTO, Executive VP Nature Publishing Group @hratner Many thanks to Mark Henry and Tara Packer for their contributions.