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Johanna McEntyre keynote presentation at the ORCID Outreach meeting, Oxford UK, 23 May 2013.

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  • Perhaps will emerge as important as we go forward, built in the context of core databases @ EBI
  • We hope to use this linking tool at the EBI as we move forward with the incorporation of ORCIDs into our own institutional reporting wokrflows
  • Using this in the EMBL-EBI as we go forward in using ORCIDs within our own internal reporting systems and workflows
  • The success story of thecollaboration between journals and databases regarding data management came out of a combination of vision and need in the scientific and publishing communities, combined with direct engagement with the scientists themselves. ORCIDs provide us with further opportunity to further build and make those relationships more apparent, but it is key to engage scientists, most of which will need to see value in order to subscribe and build this behavior in as standard, just as submitting data to sequence databases is now.
  • Mcentyre dryad-orcid_may2013

    1. 1. Europe PubMed Centralattribution and creditORCID - Dryad Symposium on Research AttributionMay 23rd 2013
    2. 2. • Europe PubMed Central overview
    3. 3. • A repository for the life science literature• Built in collaboration with PubMed Central USA (+ PMC Canada)since 2006• Led by EMBL-EBI, with the British Library, and the University ofManchester• Supported by 20 European life science funders, led by theWellcome Trust.• Built in the context of life science databases at EMBL-EBI
    4. 4. Europe PubMed Central• 28 million abstracts• 2.5 million full text articles (600K OA)• Website• Programmatic access
    5. 5. Four reasons to use Europe PMC• Search abstracts and full text in thesame interface• Semantic enrichment of full text• Link to databases that cite articles• Citation counts for articles (and sortorder)
    6. 6. • Credit for Authors
    7. 7. New Author Search Features
    8. 8. • Data Citation in Full Text Articles
    9. 9. genpdbrefsnpomimsprotpfamarrayexpressrefseqensemblinterproDOIsData Citation in Europe PMC articles~125,000 articles (out of 2.6 million)For exampleKafkas S, Kim JH, and McEntyre JR Database Citation in Full Text Articles, PLoS One
    10. 10. Tools for database developers andcurators• When people publish articles, they cite data• When people make data depositions, or curate databaserecords, they cite articles• RSS feed alerts when data is citedand unknown to databaseSenay Kafkas Jee-Hyub Kim
    11. 11. Some observations about data citationin research articles• High precision• Low frequency (5% of papers or less)• Re-use by submitting authors is common• Requirement to parse submission from reuse statements• Well-cited articles cite well-cited data, but on an entirelydifferent scale• Significant proportion of data being cited is not primarydata, but rather views/syntheses of primary data
    12. 12. • Credit for Funders
    13. 13. Clear funding information on records
    14. 14. Search for total articles and full text
    15. 15. API on over 50,000 grants from the 20Europe PMC FundersDeveloped by MIMAS- Enrich grant data in Manuscript Submission SystemsGRIST
    16. 16. • Credit for data mining algorithms• Credit for data sets in repositories
    17. 17. Labs LinkOutText mining algorithmsDatabases and Institutional Repositories
    18. 18. • Managing Credit for Authors andContributors
    19. 19. Start at ORCIDSelect “Link publications to ORCID Using Europe PMC”Use Europe PMC to add Publications to your ORCIDSend to ORCIDLinking Publications to ORCID via Europe PMC
    20. 20. PMC336623 Extended to many other biological data types
    21. 21. PeopleEBIYuci GouFlorian GrafSenay KafkasJyothi KaturiOliver KillianJee-Hyub KimNikos MarinosJo McEntyreAndrew MorrisonXingjun PiPhilip RossiterFrancesco TaloVid VartekUniversity of ManchesterSophia Ananiadou, NaCTeMJohn McNaught, NaCTeMBill Black, NaCTeMRoss Macintyre, MimasVic Lyte, MimasDavis Chaplin, MimasYogesh Patel, MimasSimon HubbardBritish LibraryAnna KinseyLee-Ann ColemanRob RowbothamCraig HawkinsSami MansoorOpenAIRE plus collaborators