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Education & Advocacy: Working With Youth - Nancy Hale, Chris Lopez, Dr. Sarah Melton, and Jacob Peters

Education & Advocacy: Working With Youth - Nancy Hale, Chris Lopez, Dr. Sarah Melton, and Jacob Peters

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  • 1. Working with Youth Sarah T. Melton, N. Chris Lopez & Jacob Peters Nancy Hale
  • 2. Disclosure  Statements   •  Sarah  T.  Melton  has  no  financial  rela5onships  with   proprietary  en55es  that  produce  health  care  goods   and  services.   •  N.  Chris  Lopez  has  no  financial  rela5onships  with   proprietary  en55es  that  produce  health  care  goods   and  services.   •  Jacob  Peters  has  no  financial  rela5onships  with   proprietary  en55es  that  produce  health  care  goods   and  services.   •  Nancy  Hale  has  no  financial  rela5onships  with   proprietary  en55es  that  produce  health  care  goods   and  services.  
  • 3. Learning  Objec5ves   1.  Describe  the  impact  of  Rx  drugs  on  middle   and  high  school  aged  children.     2.  Evaluate  the  effec5veness  of  these  two   programs  in  reaching  their  target  audience.     3.  Demonstrate  how  to  change  percep5ons   among  youth  and  their  parents  toward  Rx   drugs.    
  • 4. East Tennessee State University Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy National Generation Rx 2nd Place Award Winning Chapter Presented By: Sarah T. Melton, N. Chris Lopez & Jacob Peters Doctor of Pharmacy Panel
  • 5. Loca5on  
  • 6. Demographic   •  Tennessee  ranks  8th  in  the  United  States  for   overdose  deaths  from  prescrip5on   medica5on   •  The  number  of  drug  overdose  deaths  in     Tennessee  increased  from  422  in  2001  to   1,059  in  2010   •  13%  of  Tennesseans  ages  18-­‐25  reported   abusing  prescrip5on  opioids  in  the  past  year  
  • 7. What’s  being  prescribed   The  number  of  drugs  prescribed  during  2010  to   Tennesseans  represents:     • 51  pills  of  hydrocodone  for  EVERY  Tennessean   above  the  age  of  12     • 22  pills  of  alprazolam  for  EVERY  Tennessean   above  the  age  of  12     • 21  pills  of  oxycodone  for  EVERY  Tennessean   above  the  age  of  12    
  • 8. A program developed by The Ohio State University and the American Pharmacists Association along with the Cardinal Health Foundation to “prevent the abuse and misuse of prescription medications.”
  • 9. •  Toolkits   •  Located  at   h]ps://pharmacy.osu.edu/outreach/genera5on-­‐rx-­‐ ini5a5ve  
  • 10. Workplace  Toolkit   h]p://www.genera5onrxworkplace.com   NEWEST   INITIATIVES!!!   Grades  7-­‐12+,   Interac?ve  online   “Trauma”  game  
  • 11. How  We  Started   •  2011  APhA-­‐ASP  Midyear  Regional  Mee5ng   •  Approaching  ETSU  faculty  for  support   •  Adap5ng  already  prepared  Genera5on  Rx  toolkits  for   youth  to  meet  our  communi5es’  needs   •  First  presenta5on  on  May  14,  2012  –  over  6,600  educated   to  date  
  • 12. Goals  to  make  Your  Ini5a5ve   Successful   • Tailor  your  message  to   meet  the  needs  of  your   community   • Inspire  others  to   partner  with  you  in  the   effort  to  end   prescrip5on  drug  abuse   • Always  be  on  the   lookout  for  new  and   innova*ve  ways  to  get   the  message  out  there  
  • 13. The  Media   Reach  out  to  newspapers  and  television  sta5ons   to  let  them  know  what  you’re  chapter  is  doing   and  let  their  coverage  help  you  get  out  there!  
  • 14. Collabora5on   • High  risk  audiences   • Other  APhA-­‐ASP   Commi]ees   • Girl  Scouts  of   Southern  Appalachia   • Other  Colleges  of   Pharmacy   • Other  Professional   Organiza5ons  
  • 15. Provider  Toolkit   What  we  can  all  do  together  as  health  care   professionals  to  prevent  prescrip5on  drug  abuse   ETSU  Academic  Health  Sciences  Center  
  • 16. Provider  Toolkit  Contents   •  Based  on  the  10  Universal  Precau5ons  for   Prescribing  Controlled  Substances   •  Video  case  Study   •  Informa5onal  PowerPoint   •  Useful  Screening  Tools  
  • 17. You  can  do  it  Too!   hGp://etsugenera?onrxprovidertoolkit.weebly.   com/index.html  
  • 18. Tips  to  Make  Your  Message  Great   Engage  your  audience   –  Be  fun  and  interac5ve   –  Ask  ques5ons   –  Be  innova5ve  to  grab   their  a]en5on   Inspire  others   –  Partner  as  Agents  of   Change   –  Be  available  for   ques5ons   Don’t  be  afraid  to  get  on   their  level  
  • 19. Developed by The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy This program is made possible with a grant from the Cardinal Health Foundation
  • 20. Ques5ons?  
  • 21. UNITE Service Corps/ AmeriCorps Nancy Hale Assistant USC/AmeriCorps Program Director Operation UNITE
  • 22. UNITE Service Corps •  1  of  12  Kentucky  AmeriCorps  programs   •  Serves  11  coun5es  in  Southeastern  Kentucky   •  44  ac5ve  members  present  in  42  schools   •  Provide  tutoring  and  educa5on  in:   – Math   – Health  &  Nutri5on   – Substance  Abuse  
  • 23. Impact  of  Rx  Drug  Abuse   Pike  County,  KY   •  6.12%  of  students  (551  total)  enrolled  are   classified  as  homeless   •  72%  of  all  students  receive  free  or  reduced  lunch   •  40  to  50%  of  students  live  with  grandparents   •  51%  of  welfare  or  public  assistance  clients  have   substance  abuse  problems   •  There  is  an  average  of  2.3  children  per  each   household  receiving  public  assistance   •  Drug  abuse  is  intergenera5onal  
  • 24. Youth   •  The  average  age  of  first  5me  drug  abuse  in   Eastern  Kentucky  is  11.   •  Of  804  Eastern  Kentucky  teenagers  surveyed:   – 5.8%  said  Adderall  is  a  safe  study  aid   – 7.7%  of  kids  think  taking  pain  medica5on  not   prescribed  to  them  is  safe   – 10.6%  said  synthe5c  drugs  are  safer  than  the   natural  drugs  they  imitate   – 13.4%  said  marijuana  was  a  safe  alterna5ve  to   pain  relief  
  • 25. Impact  of  UNITE  Service  Corps   From  2010-­‐2012:   – 2,176  students  were  tutored  in  math,  showing  a   32.65%  increase  in  scores   – Sponsored  42  elementary  school  UNITE  clubs  with   4,237  students  par5cipa5ng   – Educated  4,529  students  in  substance  awareness   – Recruited  2,169  parent  volunteers  logging  17,621   volunteer  hours   – Facilitated  1,645  students  through  the  “UNITE  On   The  Move!”  educa5on  program  
  • 26. “Substance  abuse  educa5on  is   my  passion.    I  lost  my   childhood  because  of  an   addicted,  alcoholic  parent.    I   believe  I  must  use  those   painful  years  in  life  as  a  tool  to   helping  others,  especially   children.    I  want  them  to  see  a   person  who  has  embraced  her   past  and  instead  of  following   in  my  mother's  footsteps,  I   have  chosen  to  make  a   difference…they  can  do  the   same."  
  • 27. “I  AM  UNITE”  Scholarship  Program   •  “From  first  breath  and  first  day  of  my  life  I   have  been  exposed  to  the  drug  world…”   •  “Being  a  family  member  of  someone  figh5ng   drug  addic5on,  I  know  how  important  it  is  to   have  a  group  of  people  stand  behind  you  for   support  …”   •  “I  have  lost  family  members  to  prescrip5on   drug  abuse  and  I  have  seen  the  horrors  that   drug  abuse  can  cause…”  
  • 28. UNITE  On  The  Move!  
  • 29. UNITE  Clubs  
  • 30. To  Our  USC  Members:   “Dark  5mes  lie  ahead  of  us  and  there  will  be   a  5me  when  we  must  choose  between  what   is  easy  and  what  is  right.”    
  • 31. To  Our  Students:  
  • 32. To  One  Another:   “It  is  important  to  fight  and  fight  again,  and   keep  figh5ng,  for  only  then  can  evil  be  kept   at  bay  though  never  quite  eradicated.”