Benefits of good design ct (22.02.12)


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Benefits of good design ct (22.02.12)

  1. 1. The$benefits$of$design$quality$‘promo&ng)excellence’$ $Chris)Twomey,)Chair)of)Design)Review)<)OPUN$22nd$February$2012
  2. 2. Contents$1$$Understanding$2$$Idea$3$$Engagement0Summary$
  3. 3. Why0design0ma6ers...0
  4. 4. Balancing0o;en0compe=ng0needs0and0ambi=ons...00
  5. 5. Design0Process0 Site$$ Analysis$ Planning$ Community/ Policy/$ Design/Access$$ stakeholder$ legislaAon$ Principles$ involvement$ Design/Access$ SoluAons$Informed by relevant best practice guidance and design standards, eg for housing:Building for Life, Code for Sustainable Homes, HCA guidance (HQI’s), Secured by Design,Lifetime Homes, Parker Morris Space Standards
  6. 6. U0 n0 d0 e0 r0 s0 t0 a0 n0 d0 i001 n0 g0
  7. 7. Step010–0 Understanding0the0context0What is special and distinctive Assessment of:about the place? •  Location and landscape setting •  Relationship to surroundings (form, scale & mass of buildings) •  Transport links •  Local facilities •  Predominant building materials
  8. 8. Characterisa=on0 What’s it like?HighlighAng$poor$use$of$space$and$ Showing$areas$of$ill$defined$and$ Drawing$aJenAon$to$random$ Addressing$exisAng$maze$of$fragmentaAon$within$the$exisAng$ liJle$used$green$space$ distribuAon$and$lack$of$ interconnecAng$pedestrian$development$$I$estate$for$cars$not$ coherence$between$exisAng$ routes$to$help$reduce$crime$people$ community$faciliAes$$ and$anAIsocial$behaviour$ problems$
  9. 9. SocioDeconomic0Context0What are the indicators telling us?
  10. 10. I0 d0 e0 a002
  11. 11. 0Step020–00Iden=fy0Design0Principles0 Presentation Contents
  12. 12. Clearly0stated0aims0Presentation Contents •  ‘Housing on the square’ •  Clear distinction between public ‘fronts’ and private ‘backs’ •  Building frontage to define street pattern •  Improved connectivity/pedestrian links •  Elevational ‘rhythm’ to enliven street scene •  Materials to reflect neighbouring buildings
  13. 13. Developing0concepts0 Presentation Contents•  Creation of new ‘green’•  Strong, active frontage•  Articulating ‘gateways’ and corners
  14. 14. 0Embedding0sustainability0•  Re-using land and buildings•  Improving links and connectivity•  Harnessing renewables•  Using energy efficiently•  Conserving water•  Using natural systems•  Using local materials•  Integrating waste re-cycling
  15. 15. Hellerup Skole, Denmark Architect: ArkitemaCreative use of interior space with built in flexibility
  16. 16. The0CABE0100key0points0for0a0well0designed0school0Well-designed external spaces offering a variety ofdifferent settings for leisure, learning and sport. Internal courtyard next to library for quiet study and readingPeacehaven Community Schoolarchitecture plb
  17. 17. The building as a teaching resource to promote sustainability: Sedum roof Habitats & conservation Rainwater harvesting and storage Recycling, composting Students measure energy consumption and rainwater harvestingPhotovoltaics onroof (Retrofit)
  18. 18. The0CABE0100key0points0for0a0well0designed0school0Distinctive new image and identity promotes culture oflearning and community Remote parking provision encourages health and fitnessDarton College, BarnsleyLathams
  19. 19. Distinctive Atrium, ‘art barn’ and sportshall...New focus for the communityFresh start (with academic results tomatch)
  20. 20. E0 n0 g0 a0 g0 e0 m0 e0 n003 t0
  21. 21. Consulta=on0Stakeholder & community engagement –How have views shaped the scheme?
  22. 22. eg.$waterside$design$workshop$(Tewkesbury):$Issues0and0Opportuni=es0Groups:I$1.#‘On#the#Water’#2.#‘By#the#Water’#3.#‘Find#the#Water’#
  23. 23. Aqua$cycles?$ On0the0Water...?0 WaterIbased$market,$CraS$Barges$etc.?$ FloaAng$ Dragon$boats?$ Bridges?$ Art$&$ sculpture?$ Park?$ FloaAng$ faciliAes?$On$river$performance$space?$ Water$taxis$–$park$&$glide?$
  24. 24. By0the0Water...?0 Furniture?$ Art$/play?$ Angling?$ Waterside$terracing$?$Modest$but$iconic$buildings?$ ASer$dark$appeal?$
  25. 25. Find0the0Water...?0 Sculptural$links$/$bridges?$Art$/$wayfinding$/$signage?$ Access$for$all$ Extending$the$ ‘waterside$realm’?$
  26. 26. Be$bold$and$visionary...$
  27. 27. S0u0m0m0a0r0y0
  28. 28. Summary0–0the0benefits0of0design0quality...0•  Strong and distinctive design solutions (supported by reasoned argument) will help to smooth the path to a successful planning consent•  Schemes with a clear sense of identity and ‘place’ help to create a marketing edge for clients•  Developments that are the product of a rigorous design process are more likely to have lasting appeal•  Schemes that are supported by stakeholders and the community will engender civic pride and ‘ownership’
  29. 29. OPUN Design Review Panel – on hand to helpwith advice, guidance, clear and consistent feedbackand encouragement ... How can we help? Thank you