Introduction to Metascan Client
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Introduction to Metascan Client



Metascan Client provides a simple solution for scanning endpoint processes, files, folders and drives with multiple anti-malware engines.

Metascan Client provides a simple solution for scanning endpoint processes, files, folders and drives with multiple anti-malware engines.



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  • 1 min
  • Growth of MalwareMore engines are better than 1OutbreaksVulnerabilities in engines What is Metascanwhy use MetascanCurrent feature set Out of box solution: MDTADemo of (local box with wireless access point)Endpoint client (MD4SA)Demo of MD4SA Introduction to the management station
  • What is Metascan online? It is just slightly customized version of Metascan. Of course, it is not all of Metascan and lets dig into further to know more about MetascanOnMetascan is multiscanning solution with different layers and various API which overcome the challenge of using multiple antivirous. Flexible integration options from low level integration to out-of-box solution such as slightly modified version of Metascan.

Introduction to Metascan Client Introduction to Metascan Client Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction to Metascan®
  • Agenda Overview of Metascan Metascan Client Overview Packages Available Metascan Remote Client Licenses Metascan Client and Metascan Metascan Client Demo Further Resources
  • Overview of MetascanMulti-scanning solution
  • What is Metascan?Multi-scanning engineAn API driven server application that allows customers toincorporate multiple AV engine scanning technologies intotheir security architecture Supports 0 to 30 anti-malware engines [and growing!] Simultaneously scans files with all engines Scan directories, files, archives, buffers, and boot sector Automatic online definition updates or manual offline updates
  • What is Metascan?Multi-scanning engine Flexible and scalable API driven solution Many programming Interfaces –C++JavaPHPC#/ASP.NETRESTful (Web API)/HTTPCLI[command line interface] Analyzes files locally on a single server or remotelyaccesses files from Windows, Macintosh, or Linuxsystems
  • Metascan ClientEasy endpoint scanning with multiple engines
  • What is Metascan Client?EndpointscanningA simple executable for scanning Windows systems Nothing is installed on the endpoint Can be run from a USB, CD or DVD or local hard drive No coding required Scan files, folders, drives, and active processes in memory andfiles associated with active processes Requires a Metascan server
  • Metascan Client Features – Technical detailsFile processing sequence:
  • Metascan Client FeaturesOnline DeploymentMultiple Metascan Clientsconnected to a singleMetascan serverThe client is run from aUSB, CD or DVD, or localdrive. It connects to theMetascan server andscans the contents of theendpointUpdates are automaticallydownloaded from theinternet
  • Metascan Client FeaturesOffline DeploymentMultiple MetascanClients connected to asingle Metascan server.The client is run on theendpoints. It connects tothe Metascan server andscans the contents of theendpoint.The Metascan server isoffline [not connected tothe internet] and updatedmanually
  • How should you use Metascan Client? IT Administrators managing endpoints in their network VPN Authentication Process Schedule Scans IT Troubleshooting Independent software vendors seeking to proactivelyaddress issues with new binaries False positives Accidental infections from open source or third party libraries Metascan can be integrated as part of the build process Software releases are checked automatically
  • Metascan Client Packages Metascan Client Standalone Executable File or Process Scanning GUI or CLI Windows Only Metascan Client Connector Windows, Mac, Linux versions File Scanning Functionality CLI Metascan Client SDK Windows Only Process Scanning Functionality
  • Metascan Remote Client Licenses Two types of licensing, concurrent and non-concurrent Concurrent restricts the number of remote clients connected at the same time Non-concurrent restricts the number of unique remote clients that have everconnected to the Metascan server Every Metascan Server license includes 1concurrent remote client license
  • Metascan Client and Metascan Server Metascan Client is included in Metascan 3.7.1 Included download page allows users to download a customizedMetascan Client tied to that Metascan Server Administrators can edit Metascan Client configuration on the MetascanServer and generate the download package Download is a self-extracting application that runs immediately fromthe download directory
  • Metascan Client Demo Available for download from Demo is restricted to the ‘lightest’ scan level. Full system and customscans are disabled. Scans files using the Metascan Cloud server Full-featured Metascan Client can be trialed by downloading andinstalling a trial version of Metascan from
  • Further Resources Metascan Client product details and demo available at Metascan Server demo installations (including Metascan Client)available at (requires creation of a freeOPSWAT Portal account) For further questions on Metascan Client, contact