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OPLIN Stakeholders Meeting, Sept. 7, 2012

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  • Welcome Introductions (staff and board)
  • FY2012 Board (officers different now) Period of report is 1 July 2011 through 30 June 2012
  • Mostly a year of bringing old projects near a close, expanding on current services Also a couple of new things
  • Project started in 2006 150 T1s flipped this year We already have solutions for 12 of the remaining 20 and the 2 DS3s Good, because SOMACS ends 30 June 2013 48% increase in bandwidth this year, instead of normal 30%
  • Support center tickets Still doing 70% upgrades (“TSR”) Biggest is copyright “complaints” (developing a new system) But only 1% from law enforcement Email (passwords) also big, but not a problem
  • Project started in 2010 (Ciscos E-o-L June 2010) 220 J2320s, 8 J6350s 45 J2320s delayed by E-rate priority 2, arrived right at end of fiscal year Also – in process of buying 10 Gbps card for the MX480 core router Both these big multi-year projects should be completed in FY2013
  • Extra money from LSTA last year bought trial subscriptions to Ancestry and Mango for Libraries Connect Ohio Huge success, bid process in April, continue to buy those 2 in FY2013 with extra LSTA No extra LSTA after FY2013. So what gets cut? OhioLINK funding supposedly stable, but not going to grow INFOhio has almost no money for DBs, but asking for more So what gets cut? Committee already at work
  • Still growing strong Had problems with messages getting blocked outside AT&T (thanks to libraries that helped us track that down) Have had to go to commercial SMS gateway in April Board decided price – for now – absorbed by OPLIN
  • Had to increase email security in June, too many machines as spambots Split email to 2 servers “ mail” is for regular email, now requires SMTP authentication for outgoing mail “ lists” is for ILS notices and other library bulk mail (no SMTP)
  • 16 websites completed in FY2012 46 in use at end of FY2012 Standard backend, but frontends can be very different Board approved price increase after looking at data from 2009-2012 (meet expenses) and projecting future usage Basic kit now costs $795 (still $300 for extra modules) Annual maintenance increases by $40 each fiscal year until it reaches $340 (many upgrades) – so $220 in FY2013
  • Already talked about some new stuff Two big new items
  • Required by law to assist libraries, earmark in budget Have never found a suitable central solution, have given grants to 40-50 libraries each year Found OpenDNS last fall through an article about Maine Meets our needs, doesn't slow the network, very flexible Have been able to adapt it to existing procedures in libraries Available since January No grants from now on – earmark used for OpenDNS, which will be free to any public library.
  • PLF funding a problem – PLF never equalized Some libraries affected more than others by OPLIN PLF funding (slightly over 1%) Board spent over a year exploring ways to tweak services – impossible with funds available (except OpenDNS) Also came to realize difficult to collaborate when using funds intended to benefit local public libraries. If only thing OPLIN did was serve public libraries, maybe. But you'd think twice about LCO now Board inserted this in April as an objective in strategic plan and re-affirmed resolution OBM/Gov say no – this will be legislative fight
  • Reminder Small services, but can have big value E-rate 470 workshop Thurs Nov 15
  • Internet costs typically end up about $3.1 million, state allows until November to pay late bills Over $1 million received this year from successful appeal of 2005 E-rate denial Want to use some of that to support a statewide digitization project – and would like to work with college libraries (but there's that funding problem)
  • Promised a look at the future.
  • Some things will continue to grow 30% annual bandwidth More website kits (project 120 eventual customer by 2017) More SMS messages instead of email notices More OpenDNS customers (room for all, free for all)
  • Databases will have to be fewer than they are now. “ Equity of access for all” will resonate less Don't compete will commercial (not currently a threat in Ohio)
  • Stakeholders 2012

    1. 1. Stakeholders Meeting September 7, 2012
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