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ONEIA- OCE Presentation

  1. 1. ONTARIOCENTRES OFEXCELLENCETurning Brown into Green: ONEIA’sBrownfields/RemediationBusiness ForumMarch 3, 2011Balinder RaiBusiness Development ManagerOntario Centres of Excellence
  2. 2. Ontario Centres of Excellence • Established in 1987 by the Ontario government • Five sector focused centres including energy, environment, digital, manufacturing and photonics • OCE added a Centre for Commercialization of Research with federal funds in 2008 • Last year OCE – invested $25.8 million in 503 projects that attracted $40.1 million invested by industry partners. – Worked with 40 academic institutions and connected researchers with 757 companies – Helped create 20 new start up companies that attracted a further $113 million in follow on investment
  3. 3. Ontario Network of Excellence • Build globally competitive companies • Leverage the capacity of research institutions • Build a world-class knowledge and technology transfer network
  4. 4. OCE Mandate • Drive the Industry-Academia Collaboration Program IACP part of the new ONE • Raise the profile of industry/academic collaborations • Move innovation sector from good to great
  5. 5. Commercialization Sources of FinanceGovernment Research Funding Ontario Centres of Excellence Programs IACP CCR Angel Investors Venture Capital IPO / Other Banks Industry Stages of Commercialization of Innovation Fundamental / Applied Technology & Commercial Market Entry & Pure Research Research Product Demonstration and Volume Development Initial Operations Production
  6. 6. OCE Programs Centre for Industry Academic Collaborative Programs (IACP) Commercialization of Research (CCR) Collaborative Talent TechnologyTransfer Commercialization of Commercialization Partnerships Research• Technical Problem Solving • Connections • Technology Transfer • Advisory Services• Collaborative Research • First Job Networks • Embedded Executive• Market Readiness • Value Added Personnel • Proof Of Principle • New Entrepreneur – • CONII Micro Finance • Knowledge Exchange • Facilitated Access to Capital OCE programs funded by the Province of OCE programs funded by Ontario to Colleges, Universities and the Government of Research Hospitals Canada to companies
  7. 7. OCE Programs Technical Problem Solving •Short-term projects that address specific technical challenges or opportunities •Industry-driven, potential for commercial impact •Investment between $25,000 and $75,000 •Typically 6-12 months, maximum 18 months •Matching cash and in-kind from industry (minimum 1:1 leverage)
  8. 8. OCE Programs Collaborative Research •Helps develop commercially-viable technology that can result in new revenues and high-value jobs •Solves tough industry problems while advancing innovative technologies •Investment between $150K - $200K/year •1-3 year projects •Matching cash and in-kind from industry (minimum 1:1 leverage)
  9. 9. OCE Programs Market Readiness •Further development of IP from Ontario universities and colleges •Advancement of IP towards successful commercialization •Technology & Market Assessment •IP Protection •Prototype Development •Business Plan Development •Investment between $10K - $72K per project
  10. 10. OCE Brownfields Projects• Enhancing In Situ Bioremediation at Brownfield Sites• Portland Cement as Soil Remediation Amendment for Metals• Phytoremediation of Chemical Plume• Bioremediation in Fractured Bedrock• Delivery of Reactive Nanometals for Source Zone Remediation• Classification Systems for Brownfields• Tools for Assessing Groundwater Contamination• Recovery of NAPL from Contaminated Soil• Arsenic Removal• Biobarriers and Controlling Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Migration
  11. 11. OCE and IndustryOCE will … • help companies navigate the academic landscape by connecting companies to academic researchers and new technologies • work with Ontario entrepreneurs to help grow research-based enterprises into sustainable global competitors • work with industry and universities to access more of the research dollar pie (e.g., FedDev, NSERC )
  12. 12. ONTARIOCENTRES OFEXCELLENCE (416) 861-1092 x 2425