On February 9 2012 press release


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On February 9 2012 press release

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASE On February 9, 2012 the President of ACE FUNERAL PRODUCTS LTD President Jim Malamas Honors the Operation Noahs Ark Co-founder Laura Bacon 200 Cremation Caskets.Allowing resources to the local and national communities as a part of its new establishment to theorganization. These are to be used to assist needs to the needy and low-income families and that areaffected by a general loss of a loved one, The charity which is also covering by assisting inEmergency Disaster Relief that is pending with funding for Federal Grants.Operation Noahs Ark is an active section 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization that is based inthe Southern California Ventura, CA area. On February 9, 2012 the charitable organization received an In-kind-donation which is currentlyoffering available resources to families in need of caskets and urns which allows these familiesmeans to offset costs associated with a funeral or memorial and the going prices starts as low as$125.00 (which is not including costs of shipping) based on a sliding scale to give in honor to thefamilies who do qualify for the indigent relief program.
  2. 2. PRESS RELEASEThis program offers families who are income and underprivileged a sense of hope and financialsecurity by allowing meaning of what is given in the honor in the meaning of "proper closure"Bacon said , that when a situation is evolving a time restricted environmental factor for these familiesbattling with the loss of a loved is one thing but to also suffer from financial burdens as well. is thecoldness in truth and reality and it is this is one place they want to ever endure and for some its thelast place on ones mind when associated with these type of items such as a casket or an urn that canhelp in relief.However, as the public charity has been currently developing and undergoing a change within thefuneral industry, its bright beginning some see it leaving some new twist to how the funeral industryhad announced its need in developing in this new "ERA" that is needed within our local national, andeven International communities across the world. And as, there are many other foundations currentlyforming for these families these benefits are never enough to cover and many families are stilllimited to such products granted in the general public for the needy and poor across the world.The funeral industry is soon to be going through changes and many are to be regulated to meetcompliance and strict regulations to the recourses that they offer. Bacon said, that some ofthe funeral and cemetery homes across America are allowing meaning to their services available tothe families rather than operate on their greed. the community they are currently servicing must offerthe needs to the poor who are now able to be granted the utmost respect to those who really do sufferloss.Operation Noahs Ark has given 200 cremation caskets from the funeral industry there is such a needfor each of these family members who are grieving. Bacon, says by granting to another entitiesgiving will be in turn honoring hope, which then is allowing peace, and allows justice to thosefamilies who willing seek this justice for these families who are respectfully dealing with bothcemetery and funeral directors who are providing these families funeral related products and servicesat a astronomical amount over the cost that the charity gets it for and given as a low-cost taxdeductible write off or even for some families free.Which then we must ask ourselves this question do you know the meaning of what "peace" and"Proper Closure", really means to each family member? and really who does only deserve this whenits their turn to face this music are they going to be are faced with the costs associated leaving themin a ruin emotionally and an added financial burden?
  3. 3. PRESS RELEASESo, this point here is in are their means involved with this loss? its always going to either aboutmoney for these family members or friends or even their pets? These are all good questions to askoneself before this could happen to you.Basing on the 2012 statistics in the United States of America these numbers are based facts from theFederal Bureau of census and these numbers are astronomical these number are of who qualify 3.7million right now will qualify for the organization Operation Noahs Ark charity. and the numberswill continue climbing for over the next 5 years especially when the arrival of the baby boomers.So, facts are reality and that its meaning to these numbers are going to continue arising for over thenext 5 years. (Urns in this picture are not available but some like it are available) The charity, also has 10 handmade urns from UrnaMex.com and 200 cremation caskets available fordiscounted and wholesale cost plus the cost of shipping these products to you which are available tothose based on a low income from their 2011 till current tax year bracket and for those who qualifyfor this the charity offers an easy online pre-approval application online or done over the phone.These products are available only on a first come first serve bases only. Please Call our toll free number 1-(888)306-9679.
  4. 4. PRESS RELEASEWe do also honor in kind 100% tax deductible donations " In loving memory and honor of" of yourloved one please dont send cash donations by mail Checks and money orders only made out to .Operation Noahs Ark Charity and were also currently accepting larger items as donations such ascars, trucks, boats and RVs through www.Cars4Causes.org as we are in partnership with thischarity 100% our abilities to accept cash donations is only processed by phone only at this time. www.funeralresources.org (is Still Under Construction). Operation Noahs Ark Organization Co-Founder and President Chaplain Laura Bacon CALL 1-(888)306-9679 Toll FreeVentura CA 93001 (c) Copy Right 2012 Operation Noahs Ark Corporation All Rights Reserved Boulder City /NV Ace Funeral Products Ltd. (c) 2012 Copy Right All Rights Reserved more at http://www.vcstar.com/news/2012/jun/29/ace-funeral-products-gives-200-cremation-caskets-t/#ixzz1zGNTOqfL - vcstar.com