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Enterprise  Search  IBM  Case  Study by Bill Hunt
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Enterprise Search IBM Case Study by Bill Hunt


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Enterprise Search (SEO & PPC) IBM Case Study by Bill Hunt at SEMPO Asia Tour in India

Enterprise Search (SEO & PPC) IBM Case Study by Bill Hunt at SEMPO Asia Tour in India

Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • 1. SEMPO Title Slide S EARCH E NGINE M ARKETING P ROFESSIONAL O RGANIZATION CASE STUDY Bill Hunt Board of Directors, Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO)
  • 2. IBM: Large Corporate Web Site
    • 83 countries, 31 languages
    • Thousands of products
    • Large, medium, small business, and consumer audiences
    • Many "cooks"
      • User Experience: overall look and feel
      • IT: Portlets and operations
      • Product owners, copy editors, graphics designers
      • Marketing: audience-based messages and promotions
  • 3.
    • Driving increased visits and qualified traffic to from external search engines
    • Driving higher propensity leads for our programs and our business units
    • Supporting a customer/prospect’s journey by serving relevant content (is properly aligned to our agenda and) whenever prospects search
    • Search is integrated throughout our programs as part of an end-to-end approach supported by back end systems
    Success with Search for IBM is defined by:
  • 4. 100% Visibility on page 1 Deploying each programs road map around the world as locally relevant. Superior web experience Serving the right page, with the right content and offers, and online assistance in every market. Aligned back-end systems Integrated into the 360 campaigns for ongoing nurturing/live assist, etc. Three steps are required to achieve success 1 2 3 Organic Paid 1 2 3 4 OTM N/R Follow-up Email R Newsletter
  • 5. Building the Case
  • 6. Current State Diagnostics Percent of Target Visitors Search Visibility Ranking Monthly Searches 180,807 Unique Visitors 128 % Visits 0.07%
  • 7. Site Wide Algorithm Compliance Audit
    • Site Fix: Detailed recommendations for changes to make the site more search friendly
    • Page Fix: Detailed page level recommendations for changes to make specific pages rank higher
    • Keyword Modeling: Detailed review of keywords and their ranking and conversion performance
    Diagnostic Area Next Steps Site Spiderability Detect any barriers to spiders Review page inclusion and frequency of updates Link Popularity Quantity & Quality of links to the site Algorithm Compliance Template layout Keyword Prominence Unfriendly design attributes Preferred Landing Page Development
  • 8. Making Templates SE Friendly
    • Only acronym is used full term product lifecycle management searched 100x’s more frequently
    • Keyword phrase is in a graphic which is invisible to search engines
    • Content is not very compelling to a searcher nor does is help relevancy
    • No context to these links
    Before Optimization: Ranked #175 of 1.4 million pages in Google
  • 9. Making Templates SE Friendly
    • Used the full search term
    • Converted image to text so search engine can “read” and score with prominence
    • Content is more relevant & compelling
    • Linked to SWG’s PLM page which helped push it to #2
    After Optimization: Ranked #1 or #2 in all Google and Yahoo countries 85% of all traffic to page is from search engines “ Depth of Interaction” increased 500%
  • 10.
    • SOA landing page was optimized for several strategically-critical terms (“service-oriented architecture,” “soa,” “ibm soa”)
      • Features marketing offers to drive awareness and registrations, including whitepapers, podcasts
    Category Page Performance
    • Capture estimated 42% share of search volume for “SOA” on Google.
    • 300+% increase in quality traffic
    • Significant increase in quality leads
  • 11. Search Optimization Scorecard
    • Insights:
    • Nearly 3x’s more PLP’s in top 4 positions over baseline
    • PLP performance continues to improve; more in the top 4 Google results, less not ranked at all
    • Overall traffic climbing and going to specific PLP’s increasing conversions
    • Actions:
    • Continue optimization of Brand pages; look to link building to enhance pages in highly competitive space where basic on page attributes are not enough to score high rankings
    • Reduce focus on Branded terms; focus instead on Customer Pain terms the products resolve
    60% of the time invisible 13% of the wrong page appears 17% of the time we get it right
  • 12. IBM Results
    • Over 30 million pages in Google up from 10,000
    • 4.5 million support pages indexed
    • Over 5,000 terms in top 10
    • 3,700 terms have exact desired page in top 4
    • Between 27% and 84% of traffic from search
    • Customer satisfaction with search up 68%
    • Organic search visitors convert exponentially higher
    • Integrated optimization best practices into workflow to achieve global economies of scale saving money and resources
    Keyword Ranking Traffic from Search Conversions Pages Indexed
  • 14. Leverage Paid + Organic Data
    • 10 “twists” on the data to gain insights
    • Identify missed opportunities – paid and organic
    • Leverage collaboration of listings
  • 15. Case Study
    • 16/20 highest CPC terms had Top 4 ranking – most had bad description
    • 8/20 highest CPC terms converted 2x more via Organic than PPC
    • 2 of highest CPC terms had no Google rankings
    • $1.3 million increase in clicks
    Combined PPC & Organic Data
  • 16. What happened when?
    • Tested subject lines with PPC
      • 220% increased open rate
    • Paid Search keyword/offer with email retargeting
      • 45% increase in leads going to next step of conversion
    • $700k in new revenue
    Combined PPC & eMail Marketing
  • 17. What happened when?
    • Click rate on combined PPC/Organic results increased 85%
    • Bounce rate decreased from 65% to 20%
    • Depth of Engagement increased 145%
    • 78% increase in conversion
    Intent Modeling & Landing Pages
  • 18. Pharmaceutical Site
    • Executed “searcher focused” Strategy
      • Keyword segmentation as described
      • Conducted gap analysis on current content
      • Optimized current content to rank higher
      • Created 50+ new relevant content pages
    • Implemented Metrics to measure end-to-end
      • Defined the “Quality of Visitor (QoV)” Model
    • Integrated Paid and Organic models to make program more efficient
  • 19. Deployment of Optimized Words CPC reductions from eradication of expensive, low production keywords CTR improvements from focus on high converting words/ engines Immediate increase in click rate and cost reduction!
  • 20. Almost Immediate Decrease in Cost while gaining more qualified visitors Once high rankings appeared we Attracted more targeted people at Lower cost per visit
  • 21.
    • Optimized Pages in Top 5 – 90%
    • Traffic by keyword increased by 45% – 287%
    • Sample Requests increased by 46%
    • Leads increase by 59%
    • CPA reduction by 83%
    • QoV increase by 135%
    • Reduction in words bid by 23%
    Overall Results
  • 22. Q & A