Our Mother of Mercy Catholic School Newsletter                                   From the Desk of the PrincipalWe at Our M...
The business portion of the Open House ended with the principal, Mrs.Wheaton sharing the vision for the school, what has b...
Even though we cannot see                                                                                  our guardian an...
Dear Church Family:As we move forward together through this school year, I see a group of people, a team, working toward t...
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November's Newsletter 2011 Part 1


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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November's Newsletter 2011 Part 1

  1. 1. Our Mother of Mercy Catholic School Newsletter From the Desk of the PrincipalWe at Our Mother of Mercy Catholic School haveenjoyed a great start to the 2011-2012 school year. It is such a joy to greet all the smiling „back to school‟ faces!The faculty, staff, and I are striving hard to be effective leaders and are dedicated to developing the gifts and talentsof all children enrolled in our school. Fulfilling the spiritual, intellectual, and social needs of our students is our on-going mission. Although these key areas of development are crucial to the formation of each student, of no less im-portance, is the area of physical development.At Our Mother of Mercy Catholic School we embrace what you value most in this world, your child and his or hereducation. Since 1927, we have had a tradition of offering: faith-based curriculum high academic standards a commitment to excellence in character formation a welcoming school community teachers and staff who care about children’s educational, moral, and spiritual developmentOur school‟s motto “Enter to Learn-Leave to Serve” is the measuring stick we use to determine the success of ourgoals. There are many success stories of students who have entered the halls of Our Mother of Mercy on BroussardStreet and Sarah Street. We as a faith community have much to be proud when looking at our rich history and pre-sent.Since the year has begun, we have had several very successful events. The faculty and staff began their year with ahalf day retreat led by the Very Rev. Henry Davis. We focused on prayer and our relationship with the Father.Later, we discussed our strengths and areas that required growth. What we continue to find is that our fundamentalthoughts are alike. We all want the same thing, the very best for our children and families. We continue to workon emerging as a stronger team all working toward the same goal.Our next event was our Open House on August 23rd. It was indeed a great success. We began as always withprayer and the Very Rev. Henry Davis welcomed everyone and thanked them for entrusting their children to OurMother of Mercy Catholic School for their child/ren academic and spiritual education. The faculty, staff, PTOboard; and School Board were introduced. Mrs. Bobb, PTO president, shared the vision for the PTO this year; andthat, we were in to the membership drive for PTO and the goal is 100%. Ms. Coquese Williams, School BoardPresident, also communicated a warm welcome from the OMOM School Board. She talked about the upcomingAnnual Gala at the Elegante‟ for the benefit of the school on November 30. Equally important, Ms. Kirtman ralliedthe troops for parental involvement.
  2. 2. The business portion of the Open House ended with the principal, Mrs.Wheaton sharing the vision for the school, what has been done and where McDonald Tripwe are going. I talked about being in the third year of a five-year plan forOMOM. Each month, Our Mother ofThe first year was a year of survival; the second year was centered on Mercy Catholic School has aproviding new tools for the job. I shared that the school has all new text- word of the Month. During Au-books on all grade levels; 3-4 computers in each classroom; fifteen (15) gust, we talked about the mean-computers in the computer lab; the program "Study Island” is available to ing of respect and the chil-all children in grades Kindergarten thru fifth grade, not only at school but dren put it into practice. This isat home; Bibles and Planners for students in grades 3-5; and New Website all a part of our character build-with E-Portal. We are now in our third year; and, this year we will be ing program.strengthening our curriculum. We are introducing AR (Accelerated Each teacher is asked to give theReading) to our students, and buying into the C-Scope curriculum that name of the student in their classwill be customized for Our Mother of Mercy School. We have on board that best exemplified the charac-with us a new volunteer, Mrs. Gloria Cobb. With Mrs. Cobb on board, ter trait of the month.we will be able to visit classrooms and bring more staff development.Where are we going with this movement? We are moving toward a goal “Principal‟s Pride”of Blue Ribbon School in year five. Parents and stakeholders through Way to Go!teamwork understand that we all must work to achieve this goal. Therally cry was “YES WE CAN AND WILL.”Parents were dismissed to visit with the teachers in their rooms. Every-one left knowing what we need to do to make this a successful year forour students. Whether you are a member of our school community,church community, a relative of one of our students, or simply curiousabout what is happening at Our Mother of Mercy Catholic School, pleasefeel free to stop, visit with us and learn much more about us. We are aone of the best kept secrets; but, we want everyone to know that we arehere; and we will be for many more years to come. If you are looking foran excellent education for your child/children, look no further than OurMother of Mercy Catholic School; the Best School west of the NechesRiver.Our Mother of Mercy School and Church Family, you have a lot to beproud of here in your own parish at YOUR school. Education is very im-portant; and, we won‟t allow our students to leave without it.
  3. 3. Even though we cannot see our guardian angels, Jesus sends them to protect us. Stu- dents should remember this in particular when parents might not be around and they feel fear or danger, our angels are there to watch over us. What a blessing! What are some of the crosses that you have to bear in yourWhat Makes a Catholic School Catholic lives, the priest asked? Stu- dents related that it was hard What makes a Catholic school Catholic? to get along with their brothersIn explaining the parables of the 10 virgins and the message of readiness to and sisters and even their par-be with God, a priest tells the young students that God wants us to always ents at times. Father asked ifbe ready to be with Him. homework was a cross and theBut there is a catch, he says “If we want to be with Jesus, we have to be,” hands flew up, both teachersand he pauses. Let‟s see if you can guess how Jesus wants us to be. The and students.priest looks around for an answer – the students are very quiet as they try topull the answer from their minds, eagerly wanting to please Father. God has given us gifts, butLike any good teacher would, Father then says, “Let me give you a hint, it is Father reminded, we musta small four-letter word that begins with the letter „H‟ and ends with the let- work hard to develop thoseter „Y.‟” The hush grew deeper as students again try to think of only one gifts. It is important not onlysimple word! for us individually, but toSuddenly, a kindergarten student jumps up, throws his hands in the air, and make this a better world.shouts, HOLY! Out of the mouths of babes comes some profound thinking. Faith messages are evidencedNo wonder Jesus said, “Bring the children to me.” The church burst into in our Catholic schools notlaughter and applause and Father said, AMEN. only at the Masses but in ourWas this teaching in a classroom? You bet, the A classroom of the church classrooms where religion iswhere students who attend Catholic school go weekly for instruction from taught daily and students ex-our priests and Bishop Curtis Guillory, SVD, who teach as Jesus did. press their faith through ser-… Such instruction embraces both teaching the truths of the faith and foster- vice. In our Catholic schools,ing its practice. The Church sees education as a process that forms the emphasis is placed on devel-whole child and seeks to fix his or her eyes on heaven. This statement is oping the whole child, mind,from the document, The Catholic School published by the U.S. Conference body, and soul.of Catholic Bishops.At daily Masses, our priests share with the students truths of our faith. According to the Code ofBishop Guillory recently spoke to the high school students about steward- Canon Law, “Like a goodship. Mother, the Church offersEveryone is a child of God, he told them, and “although we cannot take our help to families by establish-possessions with us, we do take our character. People need our help mone- ing Catholic schools that en-tarily but even more they need our understanding hearts. We can only stop sure the integral formation ofgiving when God stops.” Develop an attitude of gratitude, he further said, as their children.”good stewardship is about service. This makes a Catholic schoolMartin Luther King Jr. said that anyone can be great because anyone can Catholic..serve. Remember to value each other, to sense our solidarity, to learn to lis-ten, and to accept our brokenness. The bishop encouraged the young peopleto see those around you who are committed to their faith and embrace itwith joy and happiness. He held up Sister Emily, who has taught for 40years in Catholic schools and just celebrated her 60th anniversary in reli-gious life as an example in their midst. At a Mass on the Feast of the Guardian Angels, the students were encour- aged to remember to thank God for blessings, especially blessings of faith.
  4. 4. Dear Church Family:As we move forward together through this school year, I see a group of people, a team, working toward thesame goal which is to provide our children with the best academic and spiritual education. In Ecclesiastes 4:9,it is written that “Two are better off than one, because together they can work more effectively. If one of themfalls down, the other can help him up…Two people can resist an attack that would defeat one person alone. Arope made of three cords is hard to break.” The church and school working together can produce and achieveall that God wants us to achieve. I once read, if you plan for a year, plant a seed. If for ten years, plant a tree.If for a hundred years, teach the people. When you sow a seed once, you will reap a single harvest. When youteach the people, you will reap a hundred harvests.As the principal of Our Mother of Mercy Catholic School, my vision is to provide a safe and inspiring envi-ronment that promotes Catholic identity and the development of the whole child. Therefore, four goals weredeveloped for this school year.Goal I Strengthen the curriculum of Pre-K 3 through 5th in order to maximize achievement of all stu dents to a minimum of 80%.Goal II Reignite a tradition of excellence based on discipleship, pride, teamwork and professionalism.Goal III Our school facilities will be enhanced and maintained to provide a safe and secure environment conducive to learning, growth, development and school pride.Goal IV Stakeholders will insure that Our Mother of Mercy Catholic School is affordable and available to everyone in search of a Christian education.As a part of the team, you can help with the fourth goal by adopting one student. Presently, there are somemembers of our parish family who sponsor a student by giving $25.00 per month. There is one child who re-mains at Our Mother of Mercy Catholic school because of two of our elders who give $25.00 per month that isapplied to this child’s account. There are no amounts that are too small.Also, there are some members with skills and license with those skills that many of you have that would helpthe school and church for that matter. What we can get done by the church family members keep money inthe bank to be used for the school’s and church’s operation.Finally but not least, I sincerely thank you for all you do for Our Mother of Mercy Catholic School from yourprayers to your donations to your well wishes. We are so grateful for your help with the endeavor to keep ourschool on the strong foundation of Jesus Christ . However, I would be remiss, if I did not give thanks to Godpublically for His faithfulness throughout many generations here at Our Mother of Mercy .Peace be with you,Dorothy WheatonPrincipal