Case Study Rabobank

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  • 1. Rabobank International provides accomplished customer service with OMNITRACKER Process oriented handling of customer enquiries The road to providing superior and flexibility, but also for the OMNINET customer service organisation’s technical expertise. With the assistance of OMNINET Every month, the Corporate Operations & Cons ultants, OMNITRACKER is Services department at Rabobank implemented to support COS’s crucial International receives thousands of customer business processes. Together with the enquiries. These include requests for new experts at the Rabobank, OMNINETRABOBANK bank accounts and credit cards, information professionals have worked on creating aINTERNATIONAL requests, manual account transactions system that fully complies with theProducts: (including an approval process), changes to objectives of CARE. Furthermore, they haveWholesale– and client information and customer complaints. enthusiastic users who appreciate the valueInternational Retail Bank These requests come in via telephone, of such a pragmatic and flexible system.Employees: e-mail, fax and mail. Rabobank were concerned that there was As part of the introduction of the CARE15,000 insufficient clarity when dealing with these project, a number of Rabobank employeesTurnover: customer enquiries, not just internally but received OMNITRACKER training. In€1,6 Billion also externally. conjunction with this, there were workshops which focused on ensuring that CARE’s goals were clearly being addressed and actions prioritized. Finally, there was a project plan describing how the functionality should work in practice. OMNITRACKER’s Service Desk solution supports various communication channels and integrates with other applications to provide the interface with the end user and the Rabobank International employees. With every new customer enquiry (request) a In order to improve the professionalism of specific workflow is generated which is then their customer service and to improve the followed-up from A-Z. These requests processes involved in dealing with customer receive a classification within OMNI-“An outstanding and requests, Rabobank began looking for a tool TRACKER which automatically determinessuperior service is which could achieve these goals through firstly, where they must be sent to in theessential for our customers. automation. Project CARE was launched, Rabobank International organization andOMNITRACKER supports whereby CARE stands for “looking after” the subsequently, who needs to give in achieving this via the Rabobank customers. Additionally, OMNITRACKER divides everyregistration and follow-up request into service requests (tasks thatof customer enquiries. Objectives of the CARE project: must be handled according to a specificConsequently we can 1. Accurate and process-oriented handling of procedure) and sends them to theadequately support our every customer request and/or enquiry appropriate teams. With OMNITRACKER,customer’s cash including complaints. the management and follow-up of each andmanagement activities.”. a) r e g i s t r a t i o n of all customer every customer enquiry is streamlined and c o r r es p on d e nc e in t h e CO S methodical, allowing a highly efficient andAlexander Zwart organisation effective process.Head Cash Management b) the capability to immediately view theOperations status of any request or enquiry. c) consistent methods of registering andCorporates Operations & handling complaints. Email: sales@omninet.nlServices 2. Cost reduction (ROI) Web: http://www.omninet.nlRabobank International 3. Measurement of COS’s service levels OMNINET Nederland (internal Service Level Agreements) President Kennedylaan 19 through the collection, analysis and NL 2517 JK The Hague Tel: +31 (70) 711 8381 reporting of information Fax: +31 (70) 711 8389 Email: OMNITRACKER delivers on all of Web: the CARE project objectives. OMNINET Technologies NV/SA Following a comprehensive and extensive Remysite-Vaartdijk B 3018 Leuven selection process, Rabobank chose Tel: +32 (16) 498 520 OMNITRACKER not only for its functionality Fax: +32 (16) 498 529