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Social Media ROI: The Story


Published on, with OMLogic, started building its social presence in November 2010 with the objective of being the buzziest travel brand in Indian social media. Within a short span of less than two years, it did become just that: the buzziest travel brand in Indian social media.

This case study by Facebook itself bears testimony to the fact that social - if done right - drives revenue and how!

OMLogic is proud to be working with as digital partners!

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  • Such amazing to see this success story. OML uses social media in the best way. way to go guys. :)
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Social Media ROI: The Story

  1. 1. Case Study Results • INR 1.5 million/month generated from Facebook • 150K+ users see content from the Page every day • 1,500 stories are created by Page users each day A leading travel portal in India generates “Facebook has opened a completely new marketing revenue of INR 1.5 million/month from its channel for Yatra to have a two-way communication Facebook Page. with our customers, drive traffic to our online booking application, and promote our exclusive deals. We’ve been very pleased with the amount of new Goals business and revenue we’ve been able to drive from our Yatra used Facebook to: Facebook Page.” • Initiate and engage in conversations with prospective customers Pratik Mazumder, Head of Marketing, Yatra • Create strong brand recall • Source feedback from customers for products and services Approach Build The travel portal built a Facebook Page around the “Happy Travelers” theme: Build EngageConnect • Cover picture is a collage of “happy”Engage pictures sent in by their customers Reach • The Messages feature is used to respond to customer enquiries and emailsInfluence • Tabs are used to run cross-promotions with other brands that deliver added-value to their customers BuildConnect Yatra ran Facebook Ads to create a base of loyal fans:Engage • Specific groups of users who are very likely to be interested in Yatra were targeted with the ads Reach Build • Promotion-based ads directed usersInfluence directly to specific Page tabsConnectEngage Yatra engaged with its fans through its Facebook Page by: Reach • Responding to customer queries within 12 hoursInfluence Build • Posting special offers and promotions on the Page Connect InfluenceConnect • Hosting apps like the “Happy Travel Jigsaw” where fans can solve puzzlesEngage • Posting interesting tidbits about travel destinations is a leading online travel company in India. Reach Yatra amplified its reach on Facebook by: • Targeting friends of fans with its ads • Running sponsored stories to increase Page Likes Facebook: Building Essential Connections