How to use Pinterest for marketing!


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There's a new social media kid on the block. And everybody's talking about it. What is 'Pinterest' all about?

This presentation talks about the various advantages of Pinterest in brand promotion and how it has come up as one of the most effective Social Media Marketing platforms in a very short span of time.

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  • This is because of Pinterest’s ‘Pin Etiquettes’ which strongly encourage the user to link back to their original source.
  • How to use Pinterest for marketing!

    1. 1. From ‘Pin’ ing to ‘Sell’ ing
    2. 2. Some Facts About
    3. 3. Is generating more referral traffic than
    4. 4. ranks higher amongst the Top 10 social networks than
    5. 5. Facebook is slowing down: For the first time, in 2012, Facebook’sgrowth has been in a single digit.
    6. 6. Has got nearly 10.4 million registered users of which a whopping 97%are females aged between 25 to 54 years.
    7. 7. Why to use?
    8. 8. 155% Traffic fold in just 1 MonthHow many of you have ever seen such a steep growth for any socialnetwork?
    9. 9. Use because it is driving more traffic as compared to other social networks
    10. 10. users spend 15.8 minutes ‘Pinning’ every dayFacebook users spend 12.1 minutes onthe platform every day
    11. 11. How to create account and get started on
    12. 12. Wanna Get An Invite?
    13. 13. Install ‘Pinmarklet’ to start pinning
    14. 14. How to create ‘Boards’ in
    15. 15. Things to be remember while creating your account on
    16. 16. Create a short and simple description for your brand
    17. 17. Since Pinterest is a content propagation site, try to create as many boards as possible and make your profile visually appealing
    18. 18. Do connect your Pinterest account with your official site, Twitter account, Facebook profile (not page) and add location too
    19. 19. Pins allow other users to ‘Like’, ‘Tweet’ and even embed your pin on their siteTry to engage with users by ‘Liking’ ‘Repinning’ and ‘Commenting’.
    20. 20. Do’s and Don’ts on
    21. 21. Do’sCreate the best boards about topics that can attract users. Use keyword specificnames that you often use in your SEO strategy
    22. 22. Do’s•Add ‘Follow’ button to your website•Leverage Pinterest through other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter
    23. 23. Do’sInteract with users… Share their pins, comment and engage with them inevery possible way
    24. 24. Do’sSince Pinterest is a visual content driven site, try to put the best of visualcontent on your website
    25. 25. Do’sStart using clear and high resolution images on your site/blog posts. Ifthe image you use is clear and visually appealing, the user will definitelypin it.
    26. 26. Do’sCreate a ‘Guest Pinner Gallery’ to open up a great opportunity to involvefans and customers in your marketing. Ask your clients to ‘Pin’ theirtestimonials in Imagery form.
    27. 27. Just one Don’tAvoid blatant self promotion. Although Pinterest is a tool for self promotion,know your limit.
    28. 28. Conclusion
    29. 29. Get ready for the new social media revolution because this is