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  • 1. Benefits of Using Orange Peel Powder
  • 2. Bronchitis CureBronchitis can beparticularly tough to dealwith at times. When onedoesn’t want to mess upwith too many medicines intheir system, they can trustthis age old method oftreating it. Orange peel teais a great remedy for it. Youneed to drink this as muchand as often as possible. Itwill help bring down theinfection eventually.
  • 3. Skin AfflictionsFrost bites are commonfor some people withsensate skin. You don’tneed to rely on chemicalmethods of treating thesame. Orange peel burnt,and powdered can workwell for it, when mixedwith vegetable oils andapplied on the affectedarea.
  • 4. Treats Bad BreathIt’s a great home remedy forpeople suffering from bad breath.Chewing small pieces of orangepeel, directing can help ineliminating bad breath. It alsohelps the PH levels of the mouthand prevent cavities and keepsyour breath fresh for longer.When you are down with ruthlesscough, orange peel might come torescue. A concoction of orangedried orange peel, sugar andginger, will help in curing coughin a jiffy. One might use honeyrather than sugar as well.
  • 5. Skincare BenefitsFor people who sufferfrom oily skin, orangepeel can help. This is avery good beautytool, paste of orange peelapplied on the faceremoves the dead skinoff. It will also meanbenefit in the form oftightening the pores andmaking the skin lookyouthful and fresher.
  • 6. Prevention from skin cancerOne of the most wondrousproperties of orange peel isthat it might tend tosafeguard one form the riskof skin cancer. It is like agreat sun block for the skin.This is beaus it has d-limonene in it, which is avery good substance thatprevents skin cancer. Ithelps in cutting down thegrowth of tumors in theskin.