Impact of Chemical Fertilizers on Human Health


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Chemical fertilizers can have extensive effects on human health. They can contaminate the quality of surface water and groundwater, as well as cause poisoning in most of the individuals who eat pesticide-sprayed fruits and vegetables.

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Impact of Chemical Fertilizers on Human Health

  1. 1. Chemical pesticides can have far-reaching effects on human health. Theycan contaminate the quality of surface water and groundwater, as well ascause toxicity within most individuals who consume pesticide-sprayedfruits and vegetables. Since most farmers use these fertilizers on theirfarm, animals receive first-hand exposure to these toxins--thus causingpeople who ingest non-organic meat products to experience pesticidetoxicity, too.
  2. 2. Chemical fertilizer is more "hygienic" because natural fertilizercan cause viruses or bacteria in plants which leads to disease inhumans who eats them. It is also much cheaper than naturalfertilizer.The use of chemical fertilizers has a great importance for theworlds food production and food prices. If we didn’t had theopportunity to use chemical fertilizers it would have been higherfood prices. This would have affected poor people the most.Chemical fertilizers are very useful because it works as fast foodfor plants. They can absorb the nutrients immediately and thefertilizer works quickly.One of the benefits with chemical fertilizers is that it’s custom-made for our requirement. If the soil is rich in nitrogen andpotassium, it will need a fertilizer that will take care of the lack ofphosphorus. Chemical fertilizers give us the option of usingphosphorus-rich fertilizers.
  3. 3.  The three main nutrients thatplants needs supplies of arenitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) andpotassium (K). All fertilizerscontain either one or more of thesenutrients. Nitrogen makes sure that theplants evolve and lets the greenparts grow. Phosphorus has a lot to say for thedevelopment of the root systemand the plant quality. Big andstrong roots provide a healthier andmore resistant plant. Potassium is essential for the budplacement and fruit quality.Potassium also has much to say onthe plants ability to endure thewinter.
  4. 4. The biggest issue facing the use of chemical fertilizers is groundwatercontamination. Nitrogen fertilizers break down into nitrates and travel easilythrough the soil. Because it is water-soluble and can remain in groundwater fordecades, the addition of more nitrogen over the years has an accumulativeeffect.
  5. 5. Knowing and understanding the effects of chemical fertilizersdoesnt do us much good without action on our part. Knowinghow to protect our health is what counts. If youre on well-water haveyour water tested regularly by areputable lab. Support organic and sustainableagriculture. Know your farm andyour farmer and understand theirpractices. Take part in safeguardingorganic practices and standards.Visit Organic Consumers fordetails. Learn more about organicfertilizer for your own garden.